The Idol's Wife

The Idol's Wife

Tea_Tae | Contemporary Romance


Kwon Jiwon, also known as KJ, is the nation's heartthrob. Voted the most handsome and talented idol of the nation, KJ has achieved everything he ever dreamed of. Together with his group, EXOTIC, he is the rebellious idol who is a royalty in the music industry. But deep inside, KJ is hiding a dark secret, which can threaten everything he worked for. His decade long secret, for which he literally erased time and his past, to achieve the success he has today. Despite his success and fame, he is still pained by the past which only he knows about, making him feel isolated from everyone. His only companion is a mysterious talking cat, Jade, who made a dangerous deal with KJ years ago. However, fate intervenes when KJ is threatened by a criminal cartel. His past re-enters his life in the form of the beautiful but feisty Jung Mirae, the founder of the mercenary group Abyss who is hired to protect him. Despite having no recollection of her memories with KJ, Mirae is entangled with the lonely idol who is determined not to reopen the wounds of their erased past. To top it off, Mirae gets involved with Jiwon's best friend, Ash, unknowingly breaking Jiwon's heart in the process. What is KJ hiding? What is his connection with Mirae? Will they ever reconnect with each other in the present? A/N: This is my first attempt at writing a somewhat adult romance. I might be sloppy at it but please bear with me ;-; NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE BELOW 17 The cover is borrowed from google/pinterest but has been modified to suit my characters. Thank you. JOIN MY DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/Yh5c2xj

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The Cold Man---- R 18

Soft moans echoed around the room. Clothes were scattered around the floor. On the large king sized bed, the man was thrusting himself into the girl beneath him. She was fully naked with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. She moaned as he roughly inserted his member. The sheer amount of pleasure was driving her crazy until she let out a loud moan as she released her juices. The orgasm threw her into a state of euphoria.

In her sheer pleasure, she did not notice the man's movements were mechanical. His face did not show any signs of pleasure nor displeasure. He was just fulfilling a bodily need. As he released his fluids, he got off the girl to the other side of the bed. They were both sweating and gasping for air. The man took off the wet condom off his member and discarded it.

"Ready for round two?" the girl asked seductively. She was still high on her orgasm. It was still hard for her to believe that she had sex with KJ, every girl's dream idol.

KJ ignored her and got off the bed. He started to put on his shirt, when the girl's hands grabbed his member from behind. "Come back to bed," she whispered in his ears, nibbling it. She started to stroke him down there but KJ pushed her aside.

"I'm done," he said nonchalantly. "I have to go back to the studio."

"Oh come on!" the girl exclaimed. "Your performance is tomorrow. Surely, you can stay the night?"

"No," KJ said coldly. "I thought I was clear that I won't be staying over. We both wanted to fulfill our body's desires. And now I'm done with it."

The girl threw a pillow at him but he calmly dodged it.

"You're so cold!" she shrieked. "You could have at least taken me out on a date!"

"I don't date anyone," KJ replied coolly. "Surely, you know that much about me, Ms. Jiyoon?"

Jiyoon fumed in anger. She thought getting him to sleep with her would be a good opportunity to start dating him. But the man really had no interest in her.

"Why did you sleep with me then?" she demanded.

"You offered it yourself," he stated bluntly. "You came to me and expressed your desire to sleep with me. I happened to be horny and agreed."

That shut her up. Jiyoon could not counter that. She was silent, inwardly cursing herself for her dumb actions. KJ had the reputation of being detached from any romantic relationships. Many women bedded him but none were able to capture his cold heart. As if the man had any!

"If you're done cursing me in you thoughts," KJ's voice cut through her mind. He was fully dressed. "I'll be leaving."

Leaving the naked girl speechless, KJ walked out of the hotel. He got into his car and drove off. Instead of going to his studio, he went home.

After half an hour, he pulled into the parking lot of a high rise apartment building. He owned the property and it was home to many famous celebrities of South Korea. His penthouse was located at the topmost floor. He took the elevator up.

Getting off the lift, he noticed stacks of boxes were lined in the corridor outside his home. A short, wiry man came running towards him.

"Mr. Kwon," KJ bowed to the elder man. "Why are these boxes lined up here?"

Mr. Kwon was KJ's building manager. He took care of all the issues related to the inhabitants of the building. Even though he worked for KJ, the latter always showed Mr. Kwon a high level of respect for his hard work.

"Sir, a new tenant moved in to the empty apartment next to yours," Mr. Kwon reported.

"Why are they moving next to my apartment?" KJ asked coldly. "I was clear on the fact that no one else should move to any of the houses on this floor? What if they hamper my privacy?"

"Err..." Mr. Kwon hesitated. "The orders came from your agency. They requested this particular tenant must move in to the house next to yours."

KJ frowned. Why would the old man Nae Sang put forth such a request?

"CEO Nae Sang requested it? Why?" he asked.

"He didn't elaborate," Mr. Kwon replied. "He said, he will tell you everything tomorrow. For now, the tenant must live in the house next to yours. Besides, the tenant is not staying for free. The down payment for the house was paid and the tenant also paid the rent for six months in advance."

KJ raised my eyebrows. The new tenant must be very influential. Living in KJ's property was not cheap.

"What is the tenant's name?" KJ demanded.

"I don't know," Mr. Kwon admitted. "CEO Nae Sang said he can't disclose it. He will talk to you directly about this. The new tenant will move in tomorrow."

KJ scoffed. CEO Nae Sang was probably setting up his own love nest there. The man was notorious for his various mistresses.

"Whatever," KJ scoffed. "I'm off to bed."

He dismissed Mr. Kwon and entered his apartment.

"It is very noisy outside," a nasal voice came out of the kitchen. KJ slowly walked towards the source of the noise. There was no one there, except a tabby ginger cat. It was licking its paws. KJ filled a bowl with milk and put it in front of the cat. The cat lapped it all up.

"It's noisy outside," the cat said. "What's going on?"

"Someone's moving in," KJ replied as he helped himself to a sandwich. The night's activities made him very hungry.

"Moving in?" the cat asked in surprise. "Aren't you worried that the person might be a stalker."

"CEO Nae Sang ordered the move," KJ informed. "Something is not right."

"That perverted geezer is probably hiding another one of his girlfriends from his wife," the cat said lazily.

"Hmm..." KJ agreed. "You gotta stay extra careful then. If anyone hears you talk, they'll ship you off to some research lab."

"Chill," the cat assured him. "I'll be careful. Meow."

The cat purred. KJ rolled his eyes. For the past ten years, the only company he had in his house was this cat, Jade. It appeared to him all those years ago at a time when KJ made the choice to change his fate...

"Whatcha thinking about?" Jade asked, licking his fur.

"Nothing," KJ lied. Jade looked at him with suspicion but decided to let go of the topic. After finishing his snack, KJ retreated to his bedroom. The cat curled up on top of is stomach.

"Hey KJ," the cat called him quietly. "Do you remember the words I told you all those years ago?"

KJ stared at the ceiling, his expression was unreadable. "Yes," he finally answered. "Once the time is removed, it cannot be gained back."

"Do you regret removing it?" the cat asked in a cautious tone.

KJ closed his eyes. The memory of that night flashed through his head. "No," he said in a determined tone.

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