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There is no synopsis. It is to give you extra kick by directly reading the story. You can read Upto chapter 20 for basic understanding, after reading those if you don't like the book then it is not for you. But I hope You all read anyway. "r-18" This book will be full of violence, gore, blood, strong languages, sex, and other disturbing scene which may not be good for all Most of the chapters have side stories which run parallel to the main story. They are their to give side character's life among other puppets of my hand. It is not necessary to read side stories, you can skip them. But if you want to enjoy and live this world, I recommend reading those. Chapter will be written as Chapter "Chapter no" : "Chapter name" Side story will be written as Chapter "Chapter no" : SS "SS no" : "SS name" SS = Side Story. #replaceable_part Hope you enjoy reading. First 30 chapter's will be released erratically, these chapters are for character and world building. After that if this book get good response then update schedule will be released according to the demand. DO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO LIVE ANOTHER LIFE IN ANOTHER WORLD.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: ??????,Emilia and the Boy

Tap tap tap tap

With small and steady step, an individual wearing a dark cape with a hood over his head covered in silver brown armour and a sword dangling in his waist walked toward a large apple tree near the bank of river.

The tree was full of red ripe fruits. Stopping infront of the tree he took a long and tired breath. Lifting his face which was still covered with a hood he took a look toward the tree. More importantly toward the small tomb which was just below it.

In daze he stared at the name engraved in the tomb for a long time and he slowly closed his eyes. He seems to be remembering about the past long forgotten, past filled with happiness, past filled with the person who was now long dead.

He couldn't calm himself for long, his breath became haggard and he dropped on his knees and eventually unable to control his emotion tears finally dropped. With uneven breath and trembling voice he managed to gather enough courage and shouted.

"I can't take it anymore."

"Why did you leave me behind all alone?"

"All they care about is how to get 'that' and for that they are willing to do anything."

"why Why WHy WHY??"

Unable to control himself he started crying. His voice echoing in the vast and dark forest. His sobbing reach the top the large mountain beyond the clouds and down toward the core of the planet. Nothing but his cries covered the surrounding. Animals, insect, bird everything seems to be influenced by him as they too started to cry. The whole forest was covered with gloom and sadness.


"Young lady. We are here." looking toward the back of the car the driver said.

A young girl of about 20 years was sitting with her leg crossed reading a book. Her long and beautiful purple hair which almost reach her waist, green eyes full of benevolence and love, obsidian black long eyelashes, soft and tender red lips, her well defined curves and valleys, and her innocent gaze. Her charm was even comparable to that of goddess of beauty, even god would be enchanted from her beauty.

She took her eyes off the book she was

reading titled 'Theory on Elementals' by Mfinger. Nodding she covered her face with a mask which slowly deformed and change into that of a normal yet still beautiful face, she checked looking at mirror if everything was right, happy with her above average face, she got out of the car.

"Be careful young lady, this trip maybe dangerous." the driver reminded, worries painted all over his face, but trusting her lady, he started the car and disappeared over the horizon.

::::::: Beautiful girl's POV

I got out of the car and nodded to the driver to reassure him that everything will be alright and he didn't need to worry. I took another look at the name of the author of 'Theory on Elementals', shaking my head I put it in my dimensional ring. Tilting my head from left to right, I observed the surrounding. It was bustling with students of first year, some were talking with their friends about today's trip, some were talking about the grand battle between 'Three Horns' and 'The Scholar' which took place yesterday in the arena, whereas some were talking about the recent findings of the ancient ruin by 'THE ORDER'. I look all around, finally noticing my friends, I walked toward them.

Along the way many were taking glances at me. Those eyes full of lust were disgusting. ignoring them I soon reached to my friends who along with me joined the academy this year.

Our academy, unlike others was both a mage and knight academy which was one of the major reason for its popularity all over the empire. People from all over the empire and even neighbouring empire would apply for the entrance that was held every year to study magecraft and knighthood to fulfill their dreams. Like all the others we too applied this year with different goals and aspirations.

Every year more than hundred thousand would apply but only thousand would get selected. So even if one looks like a idiot every one of us present in this academy was a monster among mortals. This included my four friends.

"Emilia! You are finally here." Snapping me out of my thought Monica called me. Her deep black hair and black brown eyes, her long and slender arms and legs, her round and large butt and breast made her look like enchantress.

"Oh!! Yes. How are you guys?" I replied.

"Why are you late?" Josh interjected.

"What do you mean I am late? From the looks of it I am still early" looking all around and not noticing any professor I replied.

"Well! You were indeed late but for some reason professor Burnos is absent, so the academy needed to find someone else to replace him. Otherwise we would be gone long ago " Yunika said.

"Eh? Whatever aren't I here." I replied

"Yes! Yes! I think princess here kidnap the professor so she could come late. Wait for a while and we can all see professor Burnos running through front gate." Josh said in mocking tone.

"Y..You!!" I almost tripped hearing that. Does he have any concise? How dare he accuse a gentle beauty like me.

"Stop you two!! Professor Berlin is here" just as I was about to make him regret being born in this world Monica said holding me by my shoulder.

"And you Josh what bullshit are you spouting. Is yesterday's beating not enough?"

glaring toward Josh Monica said her voice cold and icy.

"Tsk" Josh clicked his tongue and ignored us.

As we were arguing with each other, Professor Berlin along with other professors responsible for today's journey gather infront of the main gate and signaled us to form a line according to our assigned class.

"Cough! Cough!" Professor Berlin tried to get student's attention toward him but as all were busy with their chitter chatter, nobody gave him face.

"SILENCE!!!" pissed he shouted. Stroking his small beard like some sage he continued "Professor Burnos is unable to attend today's programme so Professor Binod will do the honour. And you all, Don't take this as some fun trip, Even though the 'Tear' is of 'Green' grade, Since it is your first time entering any Space Tear so be careful don't go running anywhere or you will be dead before you know how you died. Follow your 'Class Professor' advice. Dismissed!!!"

After Professor's speech, everyone followed their professor toward their assigned bus. We too followed our professor. After short while, sound of bus engine marked the start of our journey.


A tall and large mansion stood in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by large hills from one side and forests from all the other. The architecture of building was a true art of the professional. It was a mix of old European and Chinese buildings.

The large garden at backyard of the mansion was full of beautiful and intoxicating flowers, ripe fruits and cute pets. Some flowers were blue, some were red and some pink like beauty goddess lip.

Infront of the garden was a small training ground paved with some obsidian black rock. Different weapons like sword, spear, mace, bow and arrow, shield were present on the table at a corner.

On one side of the field was about 20 years old youth of dirt brown hair and light blue eyes, his body was covered with muscles like some metal fibers, he was wearing a light black training uniform which further added beauty to him.

On the other side was a teen of about 14-15 years old with black hair and deep blue eyes. Unlike his older brother he seems thin and frail but his movement and action says otherwise.

Gripping swords with their right hand, their eyes locked on one another, pointing their swords toward the ground, they moved in a circular path still staring their opponent and not giving them any openings. They were slowing closing on one another and BANG!!

Both of them disappeared from their original position.

Little one ran towards his brother whereas older one jump high in the sky and slashed downward. Just as his blade was about to cut little one in two half, latter blocked, his sword emitting blue hue. They stared at each other then again disappeared.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Only the sound of two swords striking could be heard. They were so fast that eyes could not catch their movements.

The older brother gripped his sword and his sword started emitting orange hue. He appeared infront of little one out of nowhere and slashed diagonally from left shoulder. Seeing this little one didn't panic, side stepping he blocked his brother sword, sliding his sword he knocked his brother sword and thrust his sword toward his brother's chest. His brother in other hand grabbed incoming sword with his bare hand and pushed him backward.

"Not powerful enough."

Glaring at his older brother, he disappeared from his position and appeared behind him and thrust the sword again at his chest.


He dodged by side stepping but at the right moment instead of thrusting the sword sliced horizontally, his older brother smirked for this little strategy but blocked with sword, sliding his sword toward hilt of his brother's, he twisted his hand and broke the sword right from middle.

His younger brother was dumbfounded as he gazed at his only remaining sword's hilt.


"Alright let's go breakfast time. And your swordsmanship is still pathetic as ever. You need to practice more instead of playing around if you want to succeed the throne." Snapping him out of his daze his brother said.

"Yes brother." little one replied.

"Remember! You are the heir of Stozgak family. Sword should be your another limb. Since you inherited our family's eyes in this generation, you better inherit our swordsmanship as well. Don't disappoint us." he reminded the importance to his little brother.

"..." little one bowed but didn't replay. He knew all of this and that's why he was practicing hard day and night. He didn't wanted to disappoint his family. But he still needed some time to comprehend all that family provided. Seeing his brother walk towards the mansion, he too followed, hopefully one day he will found about the secret of their swordsmanship that even their parents didn't know and make them proud.


Space Tear Rank from least to highest danger







Mage/Knight Rank from lowest to highest








Note China and Europe doesn't exist in this world. It is only used to give viewer context.

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