Vampire diaries: Strange Love

Vampire diaries: Strange Love


Fantasy Romance



A young Vampire who loses her mother at a young age. She's been blamed for it but she can't defend herself because of her sickness "amnesia". She struggles to love because of her experiences.
Will she eventually remember her past?
Will she love again?
Will her mom reincarnate?

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Status: c1 17d
Even the synopsis is attention-grabbing, and I'm really impressed with the characters, storyline, and influence. I knew this was going to be a good book.
I honestly don't know how to express my admiration for your work; I can't believe I read 14 chapters in one day out of intrigue about what will happen next.
Simple Keep up the fantastic writing; I adore it all, and I know that you will too! Go read the book to discover for yourself how nicely it is written rather than reading my review.


Status: c3 21d
Wow! I am speechless. This is awesome.

The synopsis though. It got me hooked and urged me to read this. I am not dissappointed but also so satisfied. Her story is keep takimg my attention. Wish her a better future.

You too author. Keep going. When this support votes, I am gonna vote this for sure. Worthy of the time!👍


The story line is unique, i enjoyed reading it The character design of our MC surfaces through his actions and body language. It's better than most books out their. I was immersed into the story from just few chapters i recomned this. Well done authore keep up the good work. [img=recommend]

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

"Kira it's time to wake up. Do you want to be late for school?" Nathan said shaking her violently.

"Leave me alone, I don't want to go anywhere" Kira said turning to the other side.

"Okay, if you don't want to wake up, I will have to do the TikTok videos alone today" Nathan said.

Kira stood up instantly and walked to the mirror to fix her hair properly.

"What are you doing?" Nathan asked smiling widely.

You said that you wanted to make videos, so I'm trying to look pretty and I'm ready" Kira said standing up from the chair.

"I only said that to stand you up from your bed. Go get ready for school" he said.

Are you kidding me right now? You are just lucky that you are my best friend" Kira said as she walked to the bathroom.

That's why I can do as i like because I know that you won't injure me much" Nathan said smiling to himself.

Nathan knew that it was only him she treated nicely and he considered himself really lucky.

Kira dressed up and walked down the stairs to the sitting room where she met her dad, Ricardo and stepmom, Helena.

She completely ignored them and walked on but she was called back by Helena.

"Didn't you see us sitting?" Helena asked.

"What do you want from me this morning? I'm not ready for your troubles right now" Kira said without turning back.

" Don't talk to your mom like that" Ricardo said.

A smirk escaped through the corners of Helena's lips which angered Kira.

"She's not my mom, my mom died years back" Kira said as she walked out of the house.

"You shouldn't have talked like that" Nathan said as she walked to her Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter bike.

Kira ignored Nathan and drove off.

Nathan was already used to her attitude so he was not angry. He sighed and drove off with his Bugatti Veyron.

After 50 minutes drive to school, Kira parked at the middle of the field because she naturally loved the attention she was always given.

As she got down from the bike and walked through the crowd, everyone had something to say.

Some said "She's so beautiful", "she's hot", "she dresses well which makes her popular", "she's so proud" and "wow".

Kira didn't really care about what they were saying about me, all she really cared about was the attention.

Kira walked into the school and met Norman who helps her to record work at school because she don't attend school until a week to the exams.

Where are the recordings?" Kira asked coldly.

He brought it out of his bag hurriedly. "I will send the money to you later" Kira said as she walked off.

Kira got a call from the principal's office, she already knew that he was going to call her because she hacked into the school's software while she was practicing hacking and she crashed the system by mistake.

It was not my fault anyway, I was eating and typed the wrong code" Kira thought.

Hi, you called for me, why?" Kira asked the principal, Mr Brown.

You know what you did so don't act like you are innocent. But I need you to tell me the reason why you hacked the school's software this time" Mr Brown said.

Are you sure that I'm the one who did it?" Kira asked with a hint of sarcasm.

You are the only one capable of doing it?" Mr Brown said.

Well, you don't have any evidence" Kira said mockingly.

I have called your guardian, go home for a while" he said hurriedly.

What! What the heck is wrong with this man. I wish I could teach him a good lesson but no if I do, I will be in trouble" Kira thought to herself.

Who the heck did you call?" Kira asked coldly.

Me! He called me" A familiar voice said behind Kira.