Legend Of XiuYing

Legend Of XiuYing


Historical Romance



Shang, Jiang, Xu and Nan are the four kingdoms of the North. 

Young emperor Haoran of Jiang, is forced into a marriage alliance with Princess Yan Li of Xu kingdom. The Xu clan members are known for their evil ways. The Xu Emperor devises a plan to disrupt the Jiang Kingdom, through Yan Li and use its power to find the Huo stone which has been hidden for 200 years by the Immortal Fire master. When the Shang emperor receives a spy report about this conspiracy, he wants to stop the Xu Emperor. His daughter Xiuying, known as the heart of Shang, famous for her brave nature, skills and kind heart decides to help her father with his mission. The Shangs successfully capture Yan Li on the way to Jiang Kingdom and Xiuying takes her place with a mission of finding out about treachery going on inside Jiang Kingdom and also conspiracy about Huo stone being somewhere inside Jiang land.  

Haoran who hates Xu kingdom for personal as well as political reasons, is very unhappy with his new concubine and decides to give her a hard time unaware of the fact that she is Xiuying in disguise. How will Xiuying succeed in her mission when she has to face Haoran's cold nature and bias against her for being a Xu princess at the same time?
 As Xiuying spends more time in Jiang palace, she finds out that there are so many traitors around Haoran and he is not at all aware of it. She decides to protect him. At the same time she meets Nan Chief Yul, who also wants to take revenge against the Xu kingdom.  Her disguise as the Xu princess causes of lot of hate towards her from Yul too. Xiuying gets caught up in love, betrayal and conspiracy. It's important to protect the Huo stone to protect the four Kingdoms. 
How will Xiuying manage to protect the kingdoms while dealing with hatred from a lot of people?

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oh my god! its so beautiful... such a lovable story... ❤i sincerely recomend this story to everyone.... please do read.. epic one🔥🔥


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Wow!!! I Love this!! I love historical dramas and this is exactly my type!


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An exciting book to read. Like the book cover and everything. [img=update]

Chapter 1: The Kingdoms

In the ancient kingdom of the North, it was made up of people from 4 clans. Shang , Jiang, Xu and Nan.

The four clans existed in unity. They considered the Immortal Fire Master Sai hu, a powerful cultivator, as their chief advisor. Sai Hu, who originally belonged to the Shang clan, was said to possess even the power to control air, water, wind , and fire. He took the chiefs of all four clans as his disciples and taught them powerful cultivation techniques. They had to protect the Huo stone which possessed a lot of powers, even the power to show people their past lives.

Unfortunately, the chief of the Xu clan tried to use his powers against other clans to possess the Huo stone . This led to a lot of Chaos and disagreements between the clans on who should keep the stone. Sai Hu decided not to pass on cultivation power anymore, hid the Huo stone and disappeared. Nobody has seen him since then. Ever since Sai Hu left, the disagreements between clans became severe and reached a point that all the four clans decided not to interfere in each other's matters any more by remaining as four separate kingdoms. The Nan clan decided to terminate all kinds of alliances with the other three kingdoms and occupied the prairies, away from the capital.

and that's how you have the four kingdoms as you see today... 200 years later. Do you children have any questions?" asked the Shang emperor, looking at the three young children who were eagerly listening to his story.

"Father, is Sai Hu still alive?" , asked prince Wang Jun, Shang emperor's firstborn.

" Haha, he is immortal, so he can't be killed." , he replied

" Then where does he live, Father?" asked princess Xiuying, the kings second born.

"My dear, Xiuying, nobody knows that. But some say that he lives on top of the tall mountain that can be seen if you look towards the west of the Shang land. but no one dares to climb it, those who have done it before have failed!" he replied.

"Don't you have any questions my dear Li Xin?", the king asked looking at the third child. Li Xin is the son of Shang emperor's most trusted minister Hong.

"No, your highness", he replied.

"I guess that's it for today, why don't you all go to sleep?. Maid servant Xue, take them", the king ordered.

"But father, tell me what happened when you went to help the Jiang Kingdom from Xu Kingdom. I have heard your royal uncle talk about it with you before", little Xiuying asked with curiosity.

"My beloved daughter, you are too young to understand things now. When you grow up and are of the age to understand. You will definitely find out" the Shang emperor said, hugging his daughter.

Before going to bed, from her window, young Xiuying looked at the tall and mighty mountain with awe. "What if One day Sai hu comes down?" she wondered.

20 years later....

"It's the competitions of the decade, we've all been waiting for and the most anticipated archery game for over 15 years and I am proud we are having it again here in Shang land. Whoever manages to shoot an arrow at the target while riding his horse, will be the champion. Isn't it really exciting as we have warriors from the Jiang, Shang and Nan clan all together after all these years?" , the Shang emperor announced to the crowd.

"I happily welcome all the kings and officials to this event", he said.

Officials from various clans walked in. An official came up to the king and handed him a letter. He was young and looked about

"Your majesty, I am Tuo Jing, the advisor of Jiang King. I'm sorry to tell you that he couldn't attend the event as he is not well", he said.

"Are you the son of Tuo Feng?" The king asked.

"Yes your majesty. Did you know my father?", Jing asked.

"Yes! He was indeed a respectful man", the king replied. "I hope the Jiang king gets well soon. It's a pity that we don't have him here today. I have heard that he is very skillful and was looking forward to seeing him play the grand archery race. Is anyone else from the Jiang clan participating?" , The king asked.

"Yes your majesty, we have the king's royal cousin, Ho Yin participate ", Tuo Jing said.

"Very well then. Looking forward to it", the king replied.

The Nan clan chief walked in and the crowd started murmuring. Nobody has seen the Nan clan members visit the mainland for many years now but this year they accepted the invitation from the Shang emperor. People were interested as the Nan clan dressed differently as they lived away from the capital in the grasslands.

"Greeting, Shang King", the Nan Chief greeted the Shang king.

"Greetings and welcome Nan Chief Batu. I'm thankful that you accepted the invitation", Shang emperor said.

"Well, we are also interested to see the grand archery race and also excited as my son himself wanted to participate this time. Let me introduce him to you. This is Altan, my third and youngest son . He is very skilled. My other sons are busy hunting, so excuse their absence.", Batu said.

Altan, a handsome, well built man about 25 years old greeted the king.

"Well! This makes me more excited too as my own children are also participating. It will be interesting to see the heirs of the clans together", the king said smiling.

"Let the race begin", the king announced.

The participants started riding their horses. The one leading now is Li Xin. He is very fast. Behind him the other participants followed. Midway to the race Want Jun and Ho Yin began to advance and to their surprise Altan was very skillful.

"They are all competing to take the lead, " said minister Hong.

"But it's not actually the one who can be ahead of everyone but the one who can shoot at the target even if he is the last person in line, who's going to win this race." Said general Zhang of Shang clan.

Altan advanced and took the lead. The crowd was very excited and started to cheer him. He took aim at his Target but before he could fire he saw an arrow go past him and hit the target.

The crowd was silent in awe. Altan turned around to see who it was.

"It's the princess!! It's princess Xiuying! Hurray", shouted the crowd.

Altan saw a woman on her white horse in her early twenties, with beautiful eyes and the smile of victory, way behind Huo Yin and Li Xin, with her hands firm on her bow.

Li Xin and Wang Jun were not surprised but smiled happily and cheered for her.

The crowd started cheering loudly as it's won by the Shang princess herself which makes Shang kingdom the champion over other kingdoms.

"Princess Xiuying!" Tuo Jing was surprised.

"I won the bet, now give me my money, General Zhan. Didn't I tell you it's our princess who is gonna be the champion, haha" said royal cook Zhao happily.

"I had hopes on the Jiang King, who didn't participate. So technically, I didn't lose the bet", said Zhan.

"You liar .." They started arguing.

"Her archery skills are amazing", said Batu

"yes my chief, in Shang she is known for her smartness and swordsman skills. As she was kind ever since she was young, she is also known as the heart of Shang" , said Khunbish, Batu's most trusted assistant.

The officials from the other clans were amazed and the Shang king was proud.

"Well that marks the end of the competition. Congratulations Princess Xiuying. "

"Thank You, Your Majesty,'' she replied.

A messenger soon came in and handed over a letter to Tuo Jing and also the Shang king. Tuo Jing bowed and left the place. The Shang king's face looked as if something worried him. Xiuying noticed this.

"Now I request everyone to participate in the grand banquet in the evening to make this gathering special", king said .

"Well done GongGong", Xiuying said petting her horse. She got down from her horse.

"Congratulations my dear sister. " , Said Wang Jun.

"You owe us a treat", said Li Xin.

"Ofcourse young men", Xiuying laughed. They left the stadium.

Atlan was watching all this and still couldn't accept his loss. He was so close to winning.

"You've done pretty well my prince. It's just that she was luckier this time. I'm sure you are better than her." Said Gan, Khunbish's daughter.

"But still she won!", Atlan replied. The disappointment was evident on his face.

Xiuying met with the king.

"Father, why do you look worried? What was in the letter?" , She asked.

"Xiuying, it's nothing. It's something I have to deal with myself. Don't ask any questions. Just enjoy the banquet ", he said and left in a hurry

"Chun Li, don't let maidservant Xue find out. I'll just sneak into my father's chamber and find out what's in the letter. It's something serious or else he would've said it. No one would know as everyone would be at the banquet. ", Xiuying said.

But be careful princess", Chun Li replied.

Xiuying wondered what her father was hiding.

Xiuying managed to sneak in and she started looking for the letter. But she heard someone walk in. She hid behind a curtain.

The Nan Chief , Shang king and some officials walked in.

"I hope you have already guessed that I have a specific reason to come here today other than the event. " , Said Nan Chief.

"Indeed. You have not accepted any invitations for many generations. There must be a reason for you to accept it this time." The Shang king replied.

"I have something important to discuss with you regarding the Xu clan and Huo stone and what happened 20 years ago. Although you successfully managed to defeat Xu officials in the Jiang palace, 20 years ago and get them out of jiang, some of the Wu Shu practitioners escapes away from the capitals and moved near to the grasslands. We started spying on them and have found out that they are planning something big. Tai Ji is not gonna remain silent forever. He will come after the Huo stone no matter what. I guess the new marriage alliance with Jiang king is something like what happened 20 years ago. This time we have reports claiming that there are traitors in Nan. The Nan clan is ready to help you if you agree to stop their plans as we are also worried about our safety. ", Said Batu.

"If you don't kill a snake, it's gonna come back for revenge. That's exactly what Tai Ji is! But is the Jiang king mind controlled like his father was?" said Minister Hong.

"I don't think so. According to what Tuo Feng told us then, the mind control portion could only be used once and it does not exist now. I think there's something more to this for the Jiang King to accept marrying the Xu princess as he also knows how evil they are. These evil plans from 20 years ago cost Jiang Haoran his own family. I'm sure there's a serious reason for him to accept this.", The Shang emperor said.

As Xiuying was listening to all this she accidentally knocked down a pot.

"Who's there?"

The Shang king opened the curtain.