Reincarnated Mafia Boss: Heroes Academy?

Reincarnated Mafia Boss: Heroes Academy?

TurtleMaster6319 | Fantasy


The last time you asked me why? I told you that it just wasn't so convenient for me to tell you my plans, those cliche, I'm going to explain to you my plans, I find boring. After all, what villain does that? In my world we called those wannabe sociopaths with big fucking egos. I'm just a man, and I like things done right, so here is the deal, I like you so I'll tell you why I did it hun. I did it because if you actually want something done right. You do it your fucking self. ------------------ Heyoo~ The cover ain't mine, if you're the owner and you actually see my project here and don't like it up here contact me and I'll remove it. Also the art is cool so awesome piece bro! Also last thing, this novel the main guy, our guy goes both ways it will mainly be targeting the female audience for any form of romance but my guy if horny enough will X that.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The New Mafia Boss

You want something done right you have to do it yourself, that's exactly what my father taught me and that's exactly what I had to do today. It was basically checking off a list since no one here knew how to do anything right.

I don't even know why they bother showing up anymore?

I don't even know why Pa left me the damn family to run?

I don't even know why I'm not getting rid of them?

Today started off with a family meeting, it was me, ma, my brother and sister and a few members of the old crew, the ones who ran the family business with my old man.

And just like that, I became the new family leader because my pa left everything behind to me, but the problem was I wanted nothing to do with any of these fuckwits more over my fucking family and their dumb bullshit they do.

The two screwballs I call my older siblings threw a fuckin fit over this and my ma ignored the damn cunts as she was the only one waiting for something about her greedy ass.

Don't get me wrong, my ma, I love her to death, but she's a freakin narcissist and I get annoyed with her a freakin lot. Nothing's funny when it comes to my ma.

After the family meet was over with though, things had to be done around there seeing as those two fuckwits caused some trouble with a naboring family.

Which got them coming for us now.

Fuckin great news.

So after another meeting, which was actually important.

I had to take a taxi to the next city over where I had to pop a cap in the back of the taxi driver's head as he was working for mister Reese the head of the other family.

And taking his uniform and job, I had to pick up some more people that got popped as well, seriously, because of two dumbasses I'm having to clean up after them and now dump a few shot through heads into the woods.

And that wasn't even all of it?!

After "taking" out a few "people," I went on a little stroll and had to go to a local bar in that same city with my hands blistered and dirty, and this wasn't it all.

Because waiting in the back for a certain drunk to come out I got her to take me back to her place where I came in and "took out" her old man mister Reese, in front of her.

Yeah, so that's how my day ended.

Killed a few old men and a family head.

And when I came back home after a long fucking day, I came back to my brother and sister grinning asking how the first day was, I was pissed but didn't say anything.

Leaving them be for now I walked past them.

But as I walked past my sister I felt something at the back of my head, "What do you think your doing?" stopping and saying that as I felt the barrel pressed against my head.

The devil's voice rang behind me, "So sorry little bro, we're just not liking the new management here, so we're going to have to file a complaint to you~" she spoke sarcastically.

And it was pissing me off.

"Then say it already, I'm a busy man"

Saying that the both of them laughed and as the barrel tapped my head and her hand moved a little, I moved my hand to my chest buttons waiting for her response.

"You were always good at telling jokes so here's this~"

Talking, my elder brother came around from the side and glancing at him, I slid my hand into my shirt and ducked, hearing the sound of gunfire she missed by a second.

Pulling out a closed knife I flicked it open and shooting up I stabbed him in the neck, and letting go, I turned my body and grabbed the knife to kill her as well.

But as I grabbed the knife.

Twisting my body the world around me was this white void and as I turned stabbing her, she wasn't there, and instead I stabbed this old man, the knife lodged into his side and as the blade sunk into him, everything blackened.

. . . . .

After everything that's happened today, this is how I died? That's disappointing, and kind of ironic, my father died not too long ago too, I guess they'll probably bury me next to him if they don't decide to make it seem like I ran away.

Hm? Why can't I feel my body, I'm dead and yet thinking?

It'll be fuck'd up if I'm in limbo.

Hell sounds more apparent.

But than again, this feeling, it's as if I'm floating in a sea of black water in the void? Could it be I'm in the void? Hey even through I'm not the best I'm not a bad guy?

Why the hell am I in the void?

Yo God! I'm in the wrong place! Yah hear me?!

Fuck it I'm too tired for this...

Laying in a sea of black, "Marcus... Marcus!... MARCUS!!!" echoes ran throughout the waters causing waves and as it was just ringing in my freaking ear, I opened my eyes to ah see a not so black world, because there was sum light.

Pressing up against a hard surface as drool ran down my mouth, I looked up to see a old woman with a long ruler standing in front of me and she looked pretty pissed.

And looking at her, I growled, "The hell you staring at?" I asked looking at this stupid old lady and saying that she growled back at me, "YOU DARE SLEEP IN MY CLASS AND NOW THIS, GET OUT MARCUS! GET OUT NOW!!!" the old bag screamed in my face, and I got pretty pissed at her.

Shooting up I grabbed her by the caller of her shirt and pulled her close up to my face, "Will you shut the hell up already! Yell again and I'll throw you under a bus!"

And saying all that I then heard a gasp and looking over to my left and seeing what looked to be students and then to my right to see even more of them, I let go of the shocked school teacher looking woman and glared at everyone.

"What the hell? Where am I?!"

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