Blood... How is it possible for blood to be spilled in broad daylight?... Rosie brought up her finger to look closely, yes she was certain that its blood. she should have known that coming to this haunted university was a dead end. She would have to report to the office right away. "And where do you think you're going?" He asked, his voice sounding deeper than it already was. Rosie didn't like this guy, his voice and everything about him seemed like a bad vibe to her, she always felt chills running down her spine whenever they came across. She gulped softly, "Uhm... I... I think I need to see the counselor" she noticed the corner of his mouth twitch in annoyance, "What for?" she heard, then she showed him her finger which was smeared with someone else's blood that she found on the railings. "I need to report this, it isn't the first time I'm seeing something strange like this" she answered. He chuckled darkly as he took slow but steady strides towards her, he noticed she was moving backward and backward until she was trapped between the wall and him. He leaned closer to her, exuding that sweet and masculine scent of his. His Irish eyes held hers and his hot breath fell like a waterfall on her face. He noticed her face turning redder yet he didn't stop intimidating her, his hands move to cup her face and he leaned in to speak directly into her ear. "If I were you, darling, I would keep my mouth shut" "B-but" she wanted to protest but her lips tightened when he placed his thumb on it, his eyes coming to stare deeply into her blue ones. "Do as I tell you and you'll live longer" With that, he turned around to leave. Rosie stared at his retreating figure until he was out of sight, she looked at her finger. would it be better to just obey him? --- Rosie Miller got a notification that entails, admission into the most prestigious university. She would have been happy if not for the rumors surrounding the school, saying it was haunted because the number of deaths of the students was more than a thousand. At the last minute when Rosie would have stopped herself from going to that university, someone tampered with the research she had found out about the haunted school- who is that? All her pleadings to not go to the school fell on deaf ears and Rosie ended up going. But things soon changed for the better when she met the Irish-eyed senior who would make her brain stop, her heart flutter in her ribcage, and blood rush up her neck. However, would she find out the secret of the school, and what about the mysterious secret of the dark Irish-eyed senior? Enslaved by the vampire prince- written by Dcutie and Euni bae. This book will have three updates per week and two chapters daily. 500 power stones- Mini release of three chapters 1000+ power stones- mass release of six chapters 500 golden tickets- Mini release of five chapters 1000 golden ticket- Mass release of ten chapters. This book would need a lot of comments so readers be prepared. The cover isn't ours, gotten from Pinterest.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Admission notice

Rosie looked at the notice of admission that appeared on the screen a moment ago, and she was certain that if it was someone else, they would probably be jumping in the air by now but her... impossible.

She has recently been admitted into the most prestigious school in country DEX. The willows university.

The name of the university not only made her spine shudder, but the rumours she heard about it also added to the chill that washed down her body.

Rumor had it that Willows University was the best, it was like a Dreamland to anybody who was admitted but, There was something fishy, the number of students who died at school every year was more than a thousand.

The more bizarre thing is that the government has turned a blind eye to it, Which awakened her suspicions, did the school hypnotize everyone?

Rosie wouldn't have to go anywhere near that school but the witch living in the house wouldn't let that happen.- Her aunt, Mabel. Rosie wasn't sure what she did to the woman as she was very polite, obedient, and tolerant towards her nasty attitude.

The woman would in turn send her a menacing glare and she never for once spoke to her nicely, she never treated her nicely, all these attitudes of hers, Rosie never questioned until when Mabel forcibly told her to write the school's examination and being a brilliant child since she was a kid, she passed.

Rosie had one thing in mind- she had to speak for herself, now or never.

Her aunt Mabel was jealous of the uncle-niece relationship so she often poisoned Blake's mind regarding his niece Rosie, things Rosie didn't do were reported to him and soon he lost interest in his niece, he saw her as a bad child that doesn't heed to instructions.

"Sigh... Uncle must have seen the notification by now, I wonder if he's going to send me there" she said, turning off the phone, she lay flat on the bed with eyes facing the ceiling.

What good excuse was she going to make for her uncle not to send her there?

"I must discuss this with him in the library where his wife wouldn't be present," She thought as she stood up from the bed and paced around the room trying to cook up something before her uncle gets back from work.

In the end, she was able to get nothing. Her uncle would definitely shun her, telling her that she was lazy and didn't want to attend school.

Moreover, she had no proof that the school was... perhaps haunted.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard a ding on the wallclock, it was on five, her uncle would be around the house somewhere by now.

She hurriedly changed her small gown into a pair of jean trousers and a white shirt. she soon heard the honk from the car and she realized that her uncle was back, she dashed out of the room to welcome him.

"Good evening uncle, how was your day?" she inquired, reaching for the suitcase to help carry it into the house.

He smiled at her, for once Rosie would have thought that her loving uncle was back but when she heard his next statement, she knew that was the reason why he was smiling.

"It was great, I saw the notification, you got admission to willows university. I'm so proud of you dear" He said happily.

Rosie wished she could say the same but the situation wouldn't let her, how would she be happy to push herself to a place of no return? It was very obvious to her that she was going to get killed there.

"Here, I got you a new phone, I hope you like it," He said, he handed out the latest Samsung Galaxy phone to her.

Rosie faked a smile, "Thank you sir" she collected it from him.

As they entered the house, they were bought greeted with the aroma of food coming from the table, Rosie looked around and saw her aunt arranging the dishes on the table.

The scene would look like a perfect family picture of three but Rosie knew it was far from being like it, her aunt must be celebrating her success of driving her out of her house.

"You're here, come honey" she walked forward to kiss his cheeks, pulled him towards the seat, and made him sit on it.

Mabel looked over at Rosie and her lips quirked up, "Have a seat, Rosie, I prepared all of these because you passed your exams and would soon be going away from us"

Rosie wanted to roll her eyes at her but she refrained from doing so. she sat on the chair opposite her uncle.

"You made so many dishes Mabel, I hope they taste as nice as they smell" Blake joked.

Mabel chuckled, "Of course, they do, eat quickly before it gets cold... Rosie, I prepared most of your favorite dishes, help yourself to it"

"Thank you aunt" Rosie replied meekly.

Rosie didn't touch most of her food as her brain was working faster than her hands were, she needed to come up with some excuses so that she wouldn't go to Willows university tomorrow. Blake noticed her unusual behavior, he cleared his throat and asked, "Rosie, is anything bothering you? you don't look happy"

Rosie's lips twisted nervously to fake a smile, "I'm happy uncle" she replied.

'What will I tell him?' Rosie thought deeply.

"If you say so, let me know if you have anything in mind," He said before drinking up the chicken soup in his bowl.

Rosie nodded, "I do have something to say uncle, but..." she looked at her aunt who scowled at her, "I think it would be best if we discuss it in the library"

Mabel raised a brow, her expression looking as though she was hurt, "What's there to discuss in my absence? you know your uncle is busy a lot and he wouldn't have time for those chats, why not say everything now?"

"Right Blake? what do you think?" Mabel asked, caressing his arms slowly.

"Ah... yes I think it would be best if we talk it out now"

Rosie clenched her fist under the table, why does her aunt always get what she wanted? was it because they were married and she was just an outsider?

"I don't want to go to willows university" she blurted out.

Her uncle raised a brow at her, "Why if I may ask?"


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