Revenge Of A Crazy Teen

Revenge Of A Crazy Teen





Ruth Sanderson a girl struggling with her mental health after her parents died and only has her elder sister to keep her sane. What happens after she comes back from studying abroad to find out her sister a honest reporter mysteriously kill.

What will Ruth do to uncover the truth behind it all and will she use the journal her sister left behind to uncover the truth or will she just kill everyone she sees as a suspect?.

What about when she meets the handsome detective in charge of the case will she join hands with him or will she play around and keep him in the dark?.

Join Ruth as she solves different cases involved with her sister while hiding her identity under different faces and the most dangerous of all her identity as the crazy bunny girl.

Warning ( violence, abuse, murder and mental behavior involved)

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I like the idea of the story and the first chapter was really captivating sadly there's only two chapters so please update more it's very interesting


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Author here first time writing this genre so please tell me if there's anything you think I should add to my story in the comments and I'll try to make some changes


Status: c3 11d
[{"type":1,"text":"Very interesting story a crazy female lead and mysteries to solve I'm hooked and so far the story is very interesting great job author😌😌😊"},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/a0d2fb9d812ab87e7f17331062e72a1f/tenor.gif","height":124,"width":220}]

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

It was a cold rainy day a girl sat on the floor in a dark room crying at the death of her sister Blair Sanderson, the only remaining family she had left. Now she's all alone like back when she was in the orphanage.

Ten years ago

A nine years old girl was sitting alone in the orphanage, she was a lot smarter than the other children her age knowing good and bad to the point that adults were scared of her sharp tongue and quick attitude. It made it hard for her to be adopted and if she was adopted she would be returned back to the orphanage, making her a loner and a freak.

It was not only that but also the fact that she fought with the other children who tried to bully her to the point where one of the child's body parts was broken. The caretakers and even the director of the orphanage was scared of her, but she didn't care at all because she knew nobody would care for her and no one would understand her.

But one day a man and his wife came to the orphanage as volunteers, they were Mr and Mrs Sanderson and unlike other people they were nice to hear they even called her cute while others called her a troublemaker or witch. And gradually she got close to them but they didn't come every day and after they finished their service they didn't come back for months.

The little girl lost hope again and went back to the way she was before sad and alone. But one day she got called to the directors office and met the couple again but this time they were here to adopt her, it made her both happy and sad. She was happy that she could see them again but sad that they might get tired of her and bring her back to the orphanage.

When they brought her back home she met a girl about four years older than her and she was introduced as her elder sister, they even gave her the name Ruth. Since she didn't want to get her hopes up she avoided them and gave them the cold shoulder but even with that they still showered her with love and affection making her later open up to them.

But her happiness didn't last long because the first tragedy stuck her, the parents she had come to love passed away in a car accident leaving her and her sister behind. After that life wasn't easy for both of them but since was eighteen at the time so she was able to take care of their expenses and also her studies.

But later she found out that her sister Blair wanted to drop out of school so she can be able to provide for her. So she lied to her saying she got a scholarship abroad and that they would take care of her living expenses over there, it made her sister happy that they could both continue with their education.

Ruth was able to go abroad because she had some money she made from online investment, she even gave some to her sister Blair before saying it was from one of their relatives but Blair started getting suspicious of the money so she stopped giving her money and saved it. After flying out she was able to not only finish did she graduate early she also made connection to others under the name of Lady B even people from the underworld (shady people) feared and respected her not knowing she was just a teenager.

Now that she turned nineteen she wanted to go back home to her sister who she missed for the past five years and she wasn't able to contact her for some time now. Now imagine her surprise when she comes home and find out her sister died because she got involve in a case she wasn't supposed to.

Ruth was so furious she cried for hours what if she didn't go abroad and stayed home non of these things would have happened and her sister would have been alive and she won't be left alone right now. Ruth walked around her sisters room it was like how she remembered expect for the paper around the room, Blair was always passionate about her work when they talked on the phone she was always excited about it but she didn't even know about the troubles her sister must have been through.

Ruth stumbled to a journal inside Blair's drawer and inside it were different cases she was researching on and some even had cut outs of newspaper articles related to them, when Ruth realized that it might be the cause of her sisters death she made a promise to herself to make each and everyone involved pay for whatever they had done.

Ruth Sanderson the nineteen year old girl made a promise to do what ever she needs to to bring the crimals to their death bed " it seems they don't know what happens when they get on the bad side of a crazy teenager their about to experience hell ".