Someone once asked me: "What's it like to live in heaven?" "It's a little hot," I replied, taking a wide step from the roof of a skyscraper. * * * In a dark cave, somewhere on the planet Silesia, a white-haired girl opens her golden eyes, but instead of hearing "Good morning!", she hears the impassive voice of the system: [Connection Setup...] — Uh-uh?!

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Prologue #1

Boundless space. Billions of stars are shining around, sailing past the planets.

This is a place without time. A place where life lasts for a moment multiplied by eternity, and the concept of death has not existed since the beginning of time.

Ask yourself the question, what does the phrase "the beginning of something new" mean to you? Do you think there is anything after the end? Is there anything after the so-called epilogue?

Perhaps these concepts appear to some of you in the form of something insignificant, for example: a truck that lost control; a bone that got into a bowl of soup unsuccessfully; the royal chambers - a mission to save the world from the evil demon king or the most real challenge.

However... for me, the long-awaited epilogue has always been just the beginning of a new story. And the prologue that sinks into the soul, memorable for the rest of your life, is only a harbinger of the coming end... So, our extraordinary story begins with the most ordinary prologue. Piles of bloody bodies. And one little white-haired girl, who by the will of fate fell into the clutches of the samsara cycle.

* * *

"XXX year according to the chronology of the creators"

A long mesh corridor, lit only by a single torch, burning out the last moments of his life, went somewhere into the distance. The gray patterned walls, looking closely at which one could notice numerous scars from sword strikes, were frightening in their uncertainty. And the bloody ceiling said that the massacre that took place here was truly terrifying.

A lone figure hiding in the darkness raised its bloody hands to the sky.

— Abyss, I'm calling to you! A loud metallic voice burst out of her mouth.

Almost immediately, as if responding to the call of a stranger, the walls of the dungeon shook violently.

A tall iron door, green with an abundance of moss and thousands of years of rust, which blocked the path of the caster, slowly opened.


From inside, at a speed much faster than the speed of sound, a ray of bright light burst out, filling the entire space around with a blue glow.

A strong wind was blowing.

— Br-r-r... I-I should have listened to G#@a and taken an umbrella with me. Kh‐kh. Or at least it's the flying shit I bought at the Sky Auction.

From this turn of events, the person standing in front of the entrance shuddered slightly.

"Kiki, okay, it's your own fault... now it is more important to return "IT" before "HE" wakes up.

Frowning with displeasure, the guy forced his legs to obey his consciousness with an effort of will, taking an uncertain step into the unknown.

Squelching sounds could be heard from all sides of the dungeon.

Crossing the threshold, the figure found himself in the middle of a small hall, illuminated by brightly shimmering blue stones, pleasantly burning the skin. The sounds of bubbling water came from everywhere and gave this place a special charm, and the pleasantly crisp grass underfoot calmed the soul. The atmosphere here was truly peaceful... Was.

After all, the picture presented to a person, after the light of the stones began to fade slowly, acquired completely different colors. There is no trace of the former peace.

The blond guy, dressed from head to toe in a heavy-looking raincoat, looked around in surprise.

The joyful sound of gurgling water, which he heard when he entered here, eventually turned out to be rivers of scarlet blood, rhythmically flowing down from the walls and ceiling. And lying around him, with grimaces of horror frozen on his face, nine bloodless corpses of young girls, under whose feet a frightening meter circle was drawn with their own blood, made it clear that there could be no question of any "crispy grass".

— Ha.

Only here... alas, the stranger who disturbed the sleep of the dead didn't care. Ignoring the hell that was going on around him, and a bunch of scattered organs of half-naked Satanists who covered the entire magical pattern with their guts, his gaze was riveted to the chained coffin located in the center of the circle.

— Found~!

Grinning madly, he did not hesitate for a second, like a ghost crawling out of hell, slipped between the corpses, approaching the tight coffin.

— Say hello to Daddy, baby!

The caster's eyes flashed mysteriously.

A quick movement of the hands, and now a silver dagger, more like a ritual knife, is visible from the bosom.

Looking again at the tomb familiar only to him, he noticed a naked man lying on it. His gaze changed abruptly.

— The stranger waved his foot in disgust, sweeping away the Satanist lying on the coffin and kicking after him the first stone he came across.

— How dare some nudist touch the tomb of the venerable Goddess! This is unforgivable!

Adding a stream of grub to the flight of the corpse, the guy, with a grunt of displeasure, turned back.

Raising the dagger above his head, he took a deep breath.

— You can't get distracted...

The contemptuous look instantly disappeared, as if it had never existed.

The man looked like an indestructible mountain as his eyes slowly closed. Time seemed to have stopped all around...

Completely focusing on the coffin, an unknown dark energy burst out of his hands, enveloping the weapon with a strange black flame, emitting a fetid smell of corpses. The blond man took a deep breath.

The shrill sound of metal echoed throughout the space.

Slicing through the air, his hand in the blink of an eye reached for the chains, green with time... The blow fell exactly in the center.

The coffin trembled. The chilling sound of tearing iron could be heard even from the other end of the corridor.

Dark energy accumulated on the tip of the dagger before bursting out from within, a furious black stream crashing into the space around.

With a speed far beyond human capabilities, she pounced on the unprotected tomb...

— Get up!

The bone-chilling metallic voice was repeated again.

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