The Great Witch of Magic Academy

The Great Witch of Magic Academy

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~An age of Fairies, Humans, Gods, Giants, and Elves.~ All races are separated in their own separate realms, and they all maintain peace for the better of the world, in respect of King Arthur and Thor during their fight in a great battle known as an “Ouroboros Duel”, in order to prevent an great disaster from an unknown witch. Peace forever reigns along the world of Midgard now, as the age of Legends is no more, and the gods no longer are corrupt as they were in the past. Now with the world at peace, the main character Grimhild Yorgana must keep her identity a secret in this new era and let no one know that she’s a witch. Witches are said to be born once every One million years, and are even able to rival the power of the gods or more. Grimhild wishes that no one finds out that she’s a witch, thus she masks her appearance, while simultaneously stopping cataclysmic threats in Midgard, and even Yggdrasil the world tree. Many other threats await Midgard, and Grimhild and her friends seem to be the only ones stopping them, with the help of other foreign powers as well. The world is run by an world government that controls big parts of the world. Since humans and gods live together, they all can plan with one another to form the perfect world in respect of King Arthur and Thor, however there’s a lot of corruption also going on in the government that caused havoc to the world in most cases.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Prologue [The Age of Legend]

Long ago during the age of Legend, despair danced along the world of Humans.

The greatest despair of all, and it was caused by nothing more than the Gods who existed in the world of Asgard, sitting in their thrones and laughing at the chaotic world which was constructed by their hands only.

However they had one Witch who was born, and said to be that of a myth.

The name of this Witch was, Grimhild Yorgana, and her very existence threatened the gods.

"This world is only ruled by that of gods! No Human, fairy, Giant, nor Elf poses as a threat to us! Watch your tone before you speak to us ~BOY~!"

Sitting atop his throne was Odin, a drunken fool who was masked in his delusions, believing that lower life forms should only follow the way of the gods despite the gods themselves enforcing corrupt laws upon the world.

Odin was speaking to a young man, his facial features seemed handsome while his getup consisted of ancient armory only that of heroes wore.

"Odin you must hear me! She is powerful, she can defy the will and laws of the gods, I speak the truth."

The young handsome man bowed down, resting upon his knee.

"I... as King Arthur, the leader of humanity and sole protector of humanity, will hereby challenge your son Thor into a Ouroboros Duel."

The young man announced himself as King Arthur as his bravery changed the atmosphere of Hliðskjálf, the Throne Room of Odin.

The other gods gathered inside of Hliðskjálf all gasped, believing this man was nothing more than a fool.

"As all Ouroboros Duel's go, if the other party accepts the challenge, then an contract must be setup, and the winner takes what they offered."

The Mighty King stood up once more and took a deep breath, his sword hoisted at his hip.

"If I win the Ouroboros duel then the gods must stop their corrupted laws and let the lower life forms live without the worry of having to deal with random diseases and random changes in the environment, all because of the Gods pitiful boredom. We have feelings as all others inside of this very room."

Arthur spoke boldly, he had no choice in the matter but to only speak in such high might.

"Tell me Arthur, why would you want to go forward with this duel? What is your true motive here? You've always been such a loyal cub, following the orders of the gods, and in return keeping humanity safe."

Odin leaned forward on his throne, sitting at such a height to where he made average Giants look small.

"I have followed the Gods orders for many eons, yes. But In order to keep balance I must win this duel and stop the gods plans on tampering with lower life forms. Because if I don't... then she will."

Odin brushed his beard with his hand, humming to himself.

"Hmmm, if there's one lower life form I trust, it is you King Arthur. You have done a great service to us gods. Very well, I will not interfere with this duel."

Odin risen his arm from the armrest of his throne and summoned a magical circle in the middle of the room. Soon as the magical circle formed, a deity would spawn right inside of it.

"Yes father?"

His voice deep, as his black cape fluttered in the winds, ice surrounded his boots and his blonde hair was smooth as silk.

"Thor, have you received the contract of Arthur?"

The Deities name was soon known to be Thor. the Son of Odin crossed his arm, glaring over at Arthur.

"Yes father I have, but I haven't accepted the contract yet. Are you telling me I must fight some inferior life form?"

Thor questioned his father, and in return Arthur given a glare right back at Thor.

"Do not underestimate us humans. You may be the god of thunder, but I have a role of something much greater."

Thor frowned at Arthur's comment.

"You insolent swine, you dare badmouth that of a god?"

The Son of Odin's eyes would flicker with brimming electricity.

"Ahahahahahahaha! This couldn't get more interesting!!!"

Odin slapped his knee laughing at the two in front of him, both Arthur and Thor. Even the other gods chuckled as well.

"I'll take your head Insolent human, and show the might of my Thunder!"

Thor would now raise his hand, casting forth an transparent Contract, with King Arthur's name written in light blue.

"I as Thor, the God of Thunder, accept the Ouroboros duel, and will partake in a battle of either death or forfeit. If I win the duel, then I want all of humanity dead."

The Gods inside Hliðskjálf laughed, some mumbling to one another.

King Arthur would now realize how much of a scum Thor was, as he wanted to cast humanity into Valhalla, the afterlife all Humans ascend into after death.

Arthur gritted his teeth, and would take an silent sigh.

"Very well, those are the rewards of our duel, Thor."

The god of Thunder would grin, now turning around to make his way towards the exit of Hliðskjálf.

"The Duel starts today, don't be late or it's an automatic win for me."

He opened the large doors in front of him, as they weighed more than the largest stars in the sky, now leaving the room. Gods were powerful beings, perhaps the most powerful in the world, not any race rivaled their absolute power.

As the cosmic-weighing doors shut closed, Arthur would too make his ways towards them.

"I must win this fight..."

Arthur was preparing for death for the sake of balance. Suddenly a voice spoke from behind him.

"Arthur, my son is powerful, there is no way you can win this battle, you know?"

Arthur would stop in his tracks hearing this, but blocked out the voice from behind, only replying with a tone of Grim.

"It's for balance of the world. If I don't win this, then she will make this world a living chaos..."

King Arthur making his way to the large doors in front of him opened it with a single hand, stepping his way outside into Asgard.


It was only hours later when they started to fight.

Arthur stood his ground against Thor, they were equally matched with one another. Humans from Midgard came to see this battle as the gods in Asgard were already there to witness it.

They fought for hours, until days, until weeks. The humans didn't need food nor water, their very willpower was enough to keep them cheering Arthur's name until he won.

The Gods were immortal beings, they didn't have the need for anything such as food or water, they could watch this for eternity.

Their battle was known across Yggdrasil, and remembered to be the most Epic battle of history.

The elves, Giants, Fairies, and Humans watched the battle as it projected into the sky in their realms, they even cheered King Arthur's name on.

They all cheered for him to win.

In the end... King Arthur fought to his last breath...


Arthur dropped his blade Excalibur, falling to his knees.


Lancelot, one of his knights of the roundtable yelled from the stands behind.

"My love... n-no..."

Guinevere shocked to see her love on his knees, and Excalibur on the ground.

"You... are one powerful Human... King Arthur. How did you obtain such... power?"

Thor was nearly slumped over, but he stood his ground. Blood was scattered all along the arena, and Thors Hammer, Mjollnir, was even shattered in certain areas.

"I used this power in order to protect... humanity- Couhhh!"

Arthur would throw up blood, falling to his palms as his head bowed to face the ground.

Thor had blood leaking from his mouth, and he too fell back, landing on his behind.


Thor gasped in pain, feeling close to defeat as Arthur was.

"Ahahaha... ahahahahahaha!"

Thor started to laugh out loud, his stomach rising highly.


His laugh gotten even louder.

"Pffft... baahahaha! Baaahahahahaha!"

Arthur would laugh as well, as both of their laughing caused confusion among the crowd.

"Th-They're laughing?!?"

The gods jumped at such a sight, some even jumping to conclusions.

"Has Arthur used some spell on Thor to make him brainwashed? Perhaps he tampered with his mind!?"

The Humans watching this would start to laugh soon after, as the entire arena was filled with joyousness after constant screaming of despair and chaos.

"So you realized, Thor?"

Arthur slowly stopped himself from laughing, still on his hands and knees while Thor sat on his butt.

"Yes I have realized, Arthur. Your blade Excalibur is truly a wondrous treasure isn't it?"

Arthur would sit up to his knees after returning from his palms, wiping the blood from his forehead.

"Yes... it indeed is."

Thor stood up now, his bones heard cracking.

"As we fought, I believed this would be a mismatch. No human weapon can harm gods, not even their magic or other lower lifeform's magic. The only thing able to harm a god is an conceptual weapon bestowed to someone, and you have one."

Thor would slowly start to spin around Mjollnir in his hand, lightning building up around the arena.

"Excalibur is the blade of Triumph! It always leads me to victory no matter the situation! That is its embodiment, as my conceptual weapon!"

Thor would grin as Arthur stood back up on his feet, grabbing Excalibur again.

"Then let's test that shall we, King Arthur?!"

Thor and Arthur were preparing their final attack.

Mjollnir gained more momentum as Excalibur had fluttered with a spiraling fiery gold.

"This is..." (Arthur)

"My last..." (Thor)

"Attack!!!" (Both)

The two mighty Legends charged forward once more, clashing their conceptual weapons and forming a blinding light that scattered across the entirety of Asgard, temporarily blinding any god, or man.

The realm shook, things turned to ash and dust in Asgard, and thus... the battle concluded.

"It was a tie, as both Thor and Arthur died in their final attack."


As the teacher closed the book, she finished teaching the class the legends of the world, leaving them stunned.

"Is that seriously how... Humans and Gods are living together now?"

One of the classmates asked the question, confused on the entire conclusion.

"Yes that is why the Gods are now living in Midgard. In respect to Thor and Arthur the humans and gods decided to make peace out of respect, allowing humans to live in Asgard and allow for transportation there, as the Gods can live in Midgard, in their own territory with the humans."

The teacher would make her way over to the door and open it, showing class was over.

"You may now move onto your next classes. Make sure to study plenty tonight and be nice to the new transfer student, Grimhild Yorgana!"

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