Utilizing a mafia boss

Utilizing a mafia boss


Realistic Fiction



"Love is a strange emotion it hits you most unexpectedly"

Sebastian king is the second name of the "God of death" in the mafia world. He owns the infamous name "Lucifer of the mafia world".

He is not only the mafia of the Southern region, he controls the entire Europe in his palm.

 People forget to breathe in his presence. They know it's better to choose death than cross paths with the King of the mafia. 

His words work as legislation in the mafia. He was born in this mafia world but hates its manner. He hates how they use innocent girls/boys for their pleasure and trapped them in an unbreakable circle. 

This game is called Auction. But one day changes everything. He met a girl name, Erika Carter. She is fearless, smart and innocent. He is not a womaniser but something in her makes her desirable for him. He is confused about her so he purchases her.

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Status: c8 13d
I haven't read anything mafia or gang themed in a while and I am loving it. I can't wait to follow this "family" on their journey. Can't wait to read more


Status: c4 1mth
the book has a good start. You can use Grammarly to edit and there were little typos also .The main character is quite superb and I enjoyed reading


It was a nice read. The plot is very interesting. I would suggest you to work on your Grammer and sentences though. It can make readers want to leave the story.

Chapter 1: Traitor

Sebastian p.o.v :

Sitting over a majestic cushion chair in my stone wall dungeon, I'm entertaining myself with the punishment of a traitor.

The metallic smell of blood lingering in the air made it more intoxicated.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!! please master, ...please

l....l beg you...please master have Mercy on me ....please forgive me, master"

He was tied to a chair. His upper body was naked and he was bathed in his blood. He was begging me for my forgiveness, unfortunately.

And for the last two hours "Alexis" my right-hand man was interrogating him by slicing him limb by limb.

I poured myself a goblet of whiskey and grab a cigar from the box placed on the table beside my chair. l lit up the cigar and starts smoking it.

Alexis adjusted the camera again to record the suffering of the man.

While holding a goblet of whiskey in my right hand and clutching my favourite branded cigar in my left hand, I'm enjoying his torture.

His screams were like a melody to my ears.

After all not every day you find a betrayer in the "family" (gang) that rules over the mafia world. 

I called my gang a family because I believe in a "gang", members should strengthen each other like a "family".

I picked them up from the streets, feed them, clothed them, give them a roof over their head, skilled them and educate the deserving ones and this was how they paid back to me by spying on me or using me. 

Just looking at the man, my anger surpassed the sky. Because of this traitor, I didn't only lose thirty million dollars but forfeited two loyal men too and this damage meant more for me than money.

I built this mafia organisation with my sweat, blood and tears and nobody flu*#ing have the right to ruin it.

All these thoughts penetrating through my head made me more furious.

"Aahhh!!!!!! Alexis please man....we grow up together, please don't do this to me"

The traitor pleads with Alexis, but just like me, his eyes were also filled with disgust. I smirked over the man's stupidity.

All of his beggings were falling on deaf ears.

After a while, the traitor finally eased our curiosity. By pulling out a gun from my waist belt and I shoot the traitor directly in the head.



The loud noise of a bullet resonates through the region, making the traitor silent forever. I didn't feel anything, no pain or remorse. My heart gets void of emotion from a long time ago and I'm used to it.

People called me "Lucifer" for a reason.

A splash of blood gets over the walls.


The walls of my dungeon were already painted with the blood of numerous, now received a new tale to add to their collection.

" He doesn't deserve a burial, feed him to my pets"

I ordered Alexis, as I raised from my chair and come out of the basement, where my dungeon was situated. I pierced through a luxurious hallway towards his study.


I opened my study door with the help of a fingerprint sensor.

Then, I ambled toward my swirl chair behind a majestic table. It was formulated with the finest oak wood and placed near the glass window.

My study was filled with books and bookshelves that were made of wood and glass attached to the ceiling.

I take a seat on the leather chair and opened my diamond cufflinks, I rolled up my shirt sleeves to my forearm.

Tattoos engraved beautifully over my muscular arms always remind me of someone.

I turned on my laptop and started to work on the contracts, they were getting complicated day by day and because of that traitor, I lost a lot of time and resources.

Although we were in the mafia but still need paperwork.

Even though these contracts were a headache and you can't afford a single mistake but it's still integral to do so.

An hour later, someone enter the study. Without lifting my eyes from my laptop I know who was he.

Only two people other than me have access to my study and the third floor. First was Alexis and the second was my cousin's sister Rmeta king and they don't need to knock.

"Your wish has been fulfilled, Master"

Alexis informed me and placed the camera on the table, without waiting for my response, he bow his head and turned on his heels.

I'm a man of few words and everyone around me knows this, thus they don't mind if I choose to stay quiet, they respect it. 

" Take it and play it every morning over breakfast for a month, they should remind their souls that's what happens to traitors?" 

I ordered him from behind and he halt his feet. He comes to my table and picks up the recorder.

 "And inform Sofia to get ready for me around nine" 

 I further instructed him to observe his expression. 

His face was stoic but cold, his fists curl around the camera and his jaw tightens. His eyes were filled with hurt and pain but he didn't say a word to me.

This kind of loyalty, I demand from my men. This is, what we need. 

For a while, I know something going on between them and I even wait for him to come to me but he never confessed and this show he cares more about my choice rather than his wishes. 

" Yes, Master"

He replied to me in a cold voice while bowing his head as he take his leave. I throw my head back on the swirl chair and travel to my past where my happy memories were located.

Sometimes they hunt me. I closed my eyes to ease my pain, but a single tear escaped from my left eye leaving a wet tail behind. 

The train of my thoughts stopped with the vibration of my phone. I look at my phone screen and it shows " Ryan" over it.

l pick up the call and a cold but concerned voice answered from the other side.

"Seb, arrangements are completed and invitations are sent to everyone. I know you hate it but it's organised once in five years and you need to show them who is the real BOSS."

Ryan is the one and only friend I earn in this mafia world. He is the one, whom I can trust with my life.

He earned my friendship too, without him I'll never be the "king of the mafia" today and without me, he would never own the entire Italian mafia. 

He is the only one who can call me seb, see my tears, bear my frustration, drink with me like no tomorrow and listen to my rants without judging me. He was like the brother I always want. 

"Okay if you say so, I'll attend the banquet "Happy", Now hang up. I need some rest." 

I responded to him coldly and cut the line. He will get the hint, I'm feeling down. Now I'm forced to attend a boring Fu*$ing game they called "Auction".

After this, I get engaged in my work again.

I check the timepiece on my table it shows seven in the evening.

Dinner was always served around six, so it was already an hour late. I shouldn't let everyone keep on waiting for the meal, I hastily strolled toward the dining area. 

Everyone was sitting in their respective seats but nobody touch a single grain.

These were the rules they follow, my squad of twenty best assassins, one from them down today.

His chair was vacant and I need to fill it in shortly.

Everyone raised from their seats respectively after noticing me. I take my position as head and without exchanging a single word we started our dinner.