Meet the Rich Powerful Arrogant CEO who has every luxury in his life... But he still feels Incomplete . Will a simple and kind girl named Anna makes his life beautiful and lovely or miserable? Will their love succeed? #lovestory #hatetolove #officegirl #ourfirstnovel #Newstory #Revenge #Obsession #memories #romantic #mafiavillian #beautifulstory #secondleadsyndrome #Newbiewriters #love #action #tragedy #coldfaith #fatedlove #oppositeattracts #emotional Disclaimer: Image used for cover is taken from Pinterest.

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here story begins


Pitter! Patter! Pitter! Patter! ( raining)⛈️

Mom! Dad! I am very happy today ( a thirteen year old girl dressed like a princess in blue dress with such pretty face and with smile on her face like moon glows).

Dad - Yes ! my dear daughter we are also very happy today as because of my and your mom wedding anniversary and also there is a surprise, I have planned for your birthday..

Really Dad! I am very excited.

Mom - Honey ! You haven't tell it to me also .. what is the surprise? ( whispering).

Dad- I will show you and there is a surprise for you also my darling.

DAD! DAD! LOOK THERE! (small girl says panicking)


A big truck coming with brake failed . HONK! HONK!

The truck driver waving his hand trying to say get aside. Waving his hand...

Her dad tried but he lost control over the car and the car slides results struck a large tree roadside.


The truck also get rolled SCRAPED! SCRAPEDDDDD...!!!!!!!!!!!

There is blood all over her dad body. His head bleeding severely.

The girl and her mom got unconscious. The girl opened her eyes after a while with blurry vision, she saw her dad covered her mom and get all injured himself. There is bleeding from his hands too. The broken glasses spreaded in the car as well on the road.

Dad! Dad! The girl crying ( sobbing) AHA! HA!

WEE ! OWWWW!!!! WEE! OWWW!!!!!! ( Police car siren) .

A police officer look in the car.

Police Officer - Are you Okay Girl? You opened your eyes ! Answer me! Are you okay!

The girl is half conscious.

( hiss! hiss! walkie talkie)

Police officer - ( hold walkie talkie) Hello! Yes sir! On the highway 34 , there is huge accident took place.

In a car a family and a truck driver involved in the accident. There are two deaths on the spot. And the other two, we are sending them to the hospital as soon ambulance come.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!!! ( Alarm ringing).

The time in the alarm 6:00a.m.7 March .

A girl wake up with tears in her eyes and sweat all over her body with breathlessness..HUFF! HUFF!!! turns off the alarm.

She took a glass of water and start drinking..GLUG! GLUG!

Wipe her tears. But there is still tears in her eyes. She wear her bedroom slippers and go to washroom and get freshen up by 7:00 a.m.

She come downstairs and knock the door. Knock! Knock!

Mom! Mom! get up. It is time for your breakfast.

A middle aged woman sleeping in the room.

Mom! I will prepare your favourite breakfast - Sandwich with onions in it and orange juice.

Her mom get up. Okay! I am coming!

The girl goes to kitchen and prepare breakfast. Her mom also get ready and come to the dinning table in front of kitchen.

Mom!Here is your breakfast. You should eat it and finish it also.

Mom- Okay! Anna! she eat sandwich but there is less salt in the sandwich.

Her mom become angry says I want salt! I want salt! I want salt! ( screaming).

Anna - Calm down Mom! Calm down! ( speaking softly) .I am bringing salt.

Meanwhile, her mom throw the sandwich plate.


Anna put some salt on her sandwich and give it to her mom.

Mom! In this sandwich there is salt you can eat it ( Anna says very softly).

Her mom calm down and finish her breakfast while Anna only drinks juice and then cleans up the room ( The broken pieces of plate).

Anna took some medicines from the drawer of a table near the television next to her mom room opposite to washroom.

Mom take these medicines! It will make you strong!

Yes I will! her mom replies ( being childish).

After taking medicine her mom heads up to her room .

Anna says mom! Take rest.

And if you want to eat noddles , that are in the lower drawer left side . And your one tablet i.e. of your favourite colour blue, you have to take it in the afternoon. Do not forget to take it. The tablet is on your bedside table.

I am going mom. Good bye!

Good bye! Anna.

Anna comes out and locked the main door of her home.

Hello dear! ( An aunt from neighbourhood Convenience store).

Are you okay? Today I have again hear those sounds. Is Mrs. Kim okay? ( Anna's mom)

Anna - Yes aunt, I am all okay and mom too. Here are the keys.

Take care. If you hear any sound please check once.

Aunt- Oh! common dear! There is no need to say this. Of course! I will take care. You should go to your job.

Anna - Thank you Aunt.

The aunt and Anna talking to each other. Meanwhile a boy ( thief) is running and a police officer behind him also running.


The thief is running and collided with the boxes outside the aunt store and fall down THUD! and again tries to run.

Anna is seeing all these . She ran a little catches the thief and grab him from behind. Here the Police officer also come and handcuffed him.

Police officer - Thank you! Young Lady.

Anna - No problem sir .

Thief - I will see you young lady!!( said furiously)

The officer slaps the thief on back and move forward with the thief handcuffed.

There aunt is trying to put the boxes in the right position.

Anna - Aunt ! wait! wait! I will do it.

Aunt- Anna! you are getting late. It's 8:45 a.m. already and you have to reach your restaurant at 9:00 a.m.

Anna - It's okay! aunt . I have done it. It hasn't taken more than 2 min. okay bye!

She rides her scooter and head up to the restaurant.


She park her scooter fastly and hurry up to the restaurant.

A middle aged lady with silky brown hair Bob cut with high make up on her face ,black goggles on her head and making angry face is Anna's Boss - Mrs. Sim.

Mrs. Sim - You are late again !

Anna - Sorry! Sorry! ma'am. It will never happen again.

Mrs. Sim - No need to say sorry. Although you are such a mess always. I tired up listening to your sorries. If you do any one more mistake again ! You will be out ! Understood! ( screaming)

Okay! Start working! customers start coming..

Anna start making coffee and serve coffee to the customers there .

Mrs. Sim- Anna change the channel on Television.

Anna - Okay Ma'am! ( Anna changing channels) .

Mrs. Sim- Stop! stop!! Do not change. I want to see this show and maybe everyone else here .


Reporter - welcome to our show Let's Talk . Today we are going to LEE & GROUPS COMPANY to take live interview of the CEO - LEE JOON.


Good morning sir! Good morning sir! Good morning sir!

The CEO Lee Joon- Good Morning Everyone.

Get Back to your work.

( He is the one with chocolate brown hair, bristly eyebrows , almond shaped eyes, hawkish nose , titan's shoulder , leopard like grace with sea rover blue eyes, wearing ritzy black coat pant and black shoes ( worth 10 million won) and lastly the round spectacles on his face making him the most handsome man . --- He is the CEO LEE JOON).

Lee Joon head up to his cabin .

Now , the Reporter also reaches there with her cameraman .

Reporter - This the cabin where CEO Lee Joon works. Everything here is in so much symmetry, see how much maintained.

Lee Joon - Have a sit.

( Everyone sit on the sofas in the cabin . Lee Joon sit in front of the reporter cross legged).

Reporter - Welcome to Our Show Sir! As we all know you are a business tycoon and how much success your company achieved in the past two years since you are the CEO of Lee company.

You are of 28 Years , at such young age .

what is the reason of your success ?

Lee Joon - My Success is result of my hard work and smart work as well. I do whatever I have to do achieve my goals. I am self made.

Reporter - Okay! that's a good answer. My next question is - what are your

hobbies sir?

Lee Joon - My Hobby is Business.

Reporter - Yes , we all can see how much you are passionate about your business, which is making you a business tycoon of this generation.

My next question to you - Is there any someone special in your life ? I mean any girlfriend or like that ?

Lee Joon - No! Not Really! And also I do not believe in such stuff . This is a waste of time for me. I am at peak of my career . And to maintain it I have not any time for such stuff.

( Lee Joon answering all the questions very seriously and has not a light smile or even a fake smile on his face).

Reporter - Okay sir! You have a different point of view and you are honest with your opinion. That's pretty good.

Last thing what is your closing comment like you want to give any message for youth of this generation.

Lee Joon - Yes ! To the young generation I want to say that you are the only one for yourself. And you have to walk alone on the path to your goals. So , Work Hard . Do not Waste Time.

Reporter - Thank you Sir! For your precious time. Good bye friends! Let's meet in the next episode of your favourite show - LET'S TALK.



Mrs. Sim - Oh! Wow! what the interview it is ?

How handsome he is? His shape of eyes , his nose, his face glows like a sun. Everything was so excellent.

Oh! God! I wish. If he will be my son in law . I will be the luckiest. He is the crush of every girl.

( By the way my daughter works in his company , her chances are high...yeah he! Mrs sim whispering in her mind and becoming happy).

Anna - what a fool! ( only my and me ...Is he done all the things himself without any guidance and without his co-workers. How arrogant is he ?)

Mrs Sim - shut up! I have listen what are you blabbering? Stop it! You don't know anything you little brat! Head up for the delivery . There are 17 orders recently. Hurry up and pack up the food and go.

Anna - Okay Ma'am! ( with long face).


Interview got over.

Reporter - Sir! Thank you for your time.

Lee Joon stand up and says okay!

The reporter like him so much . And after the interview she get impressed as well ( as she saw him face to face , she is thinking whoever be the girlfriend of Joon will have so much money and a handsome boyfriend as well . Let me try )

(The team manager there ordered coffee for all reporter and staff).

(The Reporter) she tries to approach him by giving coffee and put an act of accidentally dropping coffee on his pant.

Reporter - So sorry Sir! ( she took her handkerchief) .

let me clean it up . she was about to bow down...but..

Joon said I know these cheap tricks. So, it is better for you to stay away from me ha!! ( screams)

Leave ! I said Leave!

The Reporter leaves her team blabbering who the hell wants his attention?

Joon sit on the chair and put his phone on the table and said to his secretary to bring him up his another coat pant.

Secretary Park - Okay Sir!

Joon's phone popping up notification. His mom calling again! and again!

Notification - Pop up! - 13 missed calls.

Joon said why is she calling me again and again ?

What does she want now ? ( angrily thinking in his mind ).

He become so much angry that without changing his clothes. He leaves his cabin and head up to parking area where his car parked.

This is brand XXXX CAR ( most expensive racing car in black colour). It is Joon's car.

Joon rides the car and drives fastly very fastly.

(Mom calling again)

As he bows downs to pickup the phone.

A girl driving scooter is on his right side.


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