The adventures of my isekai life

The adventures of my isekai life



The adventure of my isekai life is about a guy named Dev Sharma. He experienced failures after failures his whole life because of his illness. After so many lost chances and failures, he then decided to do suicide, but he reincarnated in a different world. This world has magic and different kinds of species. And all of them use magic as their power source. I just arrived here and saw that I have a younger body than in my previous life. Not only that, but I also do not have any illness or injury anymore. "Now that I do not have to worry about my illness anymore, I will make full use of my mind and conquer this world" Follow the adventures of Dev Sharma as he travels across another world and conquers any kind of situation in front of him.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chapter - 1: A new beginning

The world is a complicated place, but if you seize a chance and push yourself to get there, you can succeed. But if you don't take advantage of that chance, then you may lose your opportunity and fail.

But this is not where it ends. Yes, there are second chances in life. These opportunities appear in your life as a plan B or as a surprise.

When you take advantage of them and move on, things start to go more effectively. These are like wild cards.

However, as I've already said, these are wild cards, so if you don't take advantage of that opportunity, then you will fail for sure.

However, there are no second chances after that. You live a life full of compromises if you are unable to seize your second chance.

Of course, it doesn't mean the end of your life, but what sort of life is it when you have to give up even the smallest amount of happiness for the compromises in the future?

All of this is being said because it happened to me.

Dev Sharma is my name. In my 24th year, my life is what I said.

I ended up missing both of my chances and was labeled a failure by both my friends and family.

They say the mind has no limits, but it's all a lie.

I could've done something meaningful in my life if it wasn't for this ailment. This is a burden I have carried since my childhood and, unfortunately, there's no cure.

When I was younger, I was quite ambitious and proud of myself. I had the idea that I would become very wealthy and well-known. However, I have repeatedly failed and wasted all of my parents' money.

Since my family doesn't have any more money, I gave up after missing all of my opportunities and started to make accommodations for them. They shouldn't waste their money on a loser like me.

I, therefore, began to give up on my dream. On the other hand, if I visit my friends or family, I feel empty inside, as if I am nothing, just sitting by myself and nodding along to their discussion.

I often question where my pride is when someone makes fun of me while remaining silent.

While I sit by myself in my house playing video games and doing nothing else, I frequently wonder where my enthusiasm has gone. I then realize that although there is nothing more I can do, I no longer want to compromise.

So, after mustering up my courage, I decided to commit suicide. I didn't want to live a life of concessions and criticism. I don't want to live a life where I have to swallow my pride to survive.

As I neared the end of my life, I ascended to the building's peak and began to look down at the earth below me.

"Ha..... Ha....."


As I jumped off the building, all I could remember was my parents who raised me all these years.

"I am sorry everyone... Mom... Dad..."

My eyes welled up and tears started falling down my eyes.

As I descended to my death, I closed my eyes.











"Wake up my child"

A sweet whisper echoes inside my head.


I slowly opened my eyes.


"Damm... My head, it hurts like hell, fuck!"

I looked around.

"Where the hell am I?"

I realized myself lying under a large tree. There is a large grassy area in front of the tree, and I can make out a mud road off in the distance.

In addition, a river ran from my back and crossed the road in the middle. There was a bridge at the intersection as well. A forest with enormous trees was located beyond that road.

"Where is this place? I think I have never seen this place before" I muttered under my breath.

And suddenly I realized something

"The last thing I remember is going to the top of the 50-floor building and....."

"Bleggh....." I threw up

When I realized that I couldn't possibly be alive if I had jumped from that height, I puked. And I do recall jumping from up there.

"This place....., is it heaven or hell or someplace else where lost souls congregate after dying?"

I wondered, but when I was thinking about that I noticed a wagon coming at me from the bridge. I tried to approach that wagon. When the wagon driver noticed me, he stopped right away.

The driver then got out of the wagon and said

"begahu heshu masuhasu latuma ratanika ma ki rati naka nisa"

And I definitely don't have a clue what he said.

"Um... hello, it's nice to meet you" I replied bluntly.

"You speak Mothiro, I see. I mistakenly believed that you were a villager who did not speak the local tongue, but you are so fluent in it!" he said.

If my assumption that Mothiro is referred to as English in this world is correct, then let's stick with it for the time being.

"Uh yes, but can you tell me where I am right now, I kind of lost my way."

"Yes. You are on the outskirts of the town of the beginning Rogerberg town in Cilicia kingdom."

This is the first time I have heard so many fantasy-like terms, so I was a little confused. Well, whatever, let's get out of here first.

"Um....., can you take me to this Rogerberg town, I kinda don't know which way to go" I replied.

"Well, why not my child? My name is Walter Roland and this is my wagon. Come on get on in" replied the driver.

" Yeah, and I am Dev Sharma. Thank you very much, sir"

After that, as I approached the cart, I noticed a bizarre animal that resembled a bull and was something I had never seen before.

Then I climb aboard the cart, which has a roof over its top. Inside, there were about 6-7 people; at first, it was dark, but after I headed inside, my eyes adapted, and I can now see their faces.

A family of three was seated in front of me, but what startled me was that they all had animal tails and ears. For once, I mistakenly believed that they were cosplayers, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that they have sharp fangs like wild animals, and it also appears like their ears and tails are perfectly attached.

Then I thought that this world might be home to a variety of lost souls like me. I don't, however, feel like a soul looking for a vessel. I believe that right now, I feel alive as if I also have a physical body that enables me to perform a wide range of activities.

"Uh..... wait a minute, why do I feel different?"

I got a good look at my body for the first time after reaching here.

I kind of feel light, like a huge burden, has been gone from inside my head. When I get a closer look, it feels like I have got younger. I no longer feel any beard on my face nor do I feel much hair on my body, but it feels like the hair is still growing, and I am not out of shape anymore. And it also feels like I am in the body of a teenager.

I no longer feel pain in my shoulder, which got dislocated some time ago. And all my injury marks are also gone. And the most important thing I feel right now is, that I don't feel any kind of mental resistance anymore which I feel when I have that illness(all of a sudden my emotions get the better of me, and my tears started to come out when I thought about that disease being gone, which makes my life miserable)

"No.... not right now..... it could also be my imagination. You should not make a scene here."

I said to myself, holding on to my emotions, and then a person who was sitting next to me called me and said:

"Are you alright, my child?"

With a heavy voice, he asked me. Now, when I looked at him, he looked like he was in his 60s and had a big beard and long hair, his face was covered with bruises and his height was small, and he also had pointy ears.

"Yes, I am alright, just thinking about my parents back home."

"Don't think too much, my child, I am sure they love you and are proud of you no matter where you are."

"Thank you very much, I hope I can do something to make my parents proud of me, as you said" I replied in a depressed tone.

"Yeah you should, when I was your age I stood strong. Whichever kind of hardship comes my way"

"Haha, yeah, I will take your example as my motivation and move forward in my life"

"Yeah, you should take some lessons from your elders... By the way, where are you from? I don't think you are from around here but you speak Mothiro fluently."

"Uh.. yeah I come from a faraway land from here and my name is Dev Sharma, but in my hometown, Mothiro was the common tongue."

There is one more possibility that I thought of when I was thinking of this place, a home for lost souls. It was when I realized that I am in a real body and that is, it can be a different world or dimension just like the web novels I read illustrate, but well, I just told them I came from far away.

"Oh, is that so? By the way, I am Gandalf Dockherd. It is rare to see well-mannered kids such as you these days."

"It is in my family to respect my elders"

"I am not that old to be in the elder category."

"Haha, is that so..."

And that's how my journey continues together with the old man.

I don't know a thing about this world, but I sure as hell know this will be one heck of a journey.

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