The world was on the brink of extinction, mankind was slowly reaching its extinction. Would you say that the world was purged of its sins?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Prologue

You know, have you ever thought how your dear life would be like without flowers? Yes, by flowers I mean that beautiful thing you see on plants. Well think of this scenario. Yes, I command you. Close this book immediately if you do not want to enter a state of mesmerism. You are lounging on your ever comfy couch, watching the news (you are so boring). Then, on the news, the reporter publicizes cases of flowers, of all forms begin to die. "What is happening?" You soliloquize in shock. Even I, wonder.

The researching spirit in you has overcome your soul and you begin to think of the different things that could ensue.

"Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, it also produces pollen for pollination. Now butterflies or bees or whatever take this pollen. They also provide sweet nectar which are butterflies favorite food. Bees require both pollen and nectar. Pollen provides protein and nectar provides carbohydrate. Protein is a body building food and it replaces and repairs worn out tissues, carbohydrate provides energy needs of the body. If we lose flowers, we lose pollen and nectar which bees, pollinators require. Flowers won't be able to produce fruits." This thought sent shivers down your spine.

"If we lose flowers we lose pollen and nectar which bees require, meaning that bees would die. They pollinate certain plants, which means these plants won't be able to reproduce. We cannot live without bees. Einstein stated we would have only four years left to live. Consider the food chain, if bees die, the plants they pollinate would die too. Animals that eat those plants would die. Animals that feed on those animals would die and so it goes on."

You knew what could happen if action was not taken. Taking matters into your hands, you contact the whole group asking them if they have seen the news. The risk and bold undertakings to be taken during this journey is pitiful. Turn a page and read how this tragedy will be overcome. No, how these pitiful humans will survive. No! That's not right. You know what, just read along.

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