Born Again To Save Myself(BL)

Born Again To Save Myself(BL)





Noah was the youngest child of the richest family in the city. When he grew up, he became a beauty everyone admires. He was loved by everyone around him as if he was a treasure.

His parents, two brothers and two sisters were his whole world. His family was the only thing he always relied on. So he always listened to them. So listening to their plan for him, he was engaged to William. Even though he had no feelings for him, he didn't have any objection though.

When he thought he was going to start a new life, he was a little happy. But when his marriage life continued Noah started to feel fishy about a lot of things.

William ignored him, unlike the days when they got married. And then Noah found out that William had other affairs outside. He felt a little sad, but not too much. He thought it was okay and always coaxed himself with that.

But soon, Noah realised that William have other intentions. William pointed at Noah for nothing he did. When Noah reached his limit, he didn't expect that would be the last day of his life.

He was not hurt from getting blamed by him. But what he saw after that, made him lose his mind.

His brother's dead body was on the ground.
He heard his whole family was killed.
And also he understood that not only he but also his whole family was played by William.

William had planned everything from the beginning. He just wanted money and power. So he murdered Noah's whole family.

Noah was too late when he realized everything. When his last breath left out of his body, that was full of regrets and hatred. His only wish was to get another chance and change everything.

God also really loved him.
His wish came true.
He was reborn.
He came back to the days when he was still a youngster.

He didn't waste this chance. He didn't let William ruin him this time. Instead, William got ruined by Noah.

When Noah thought he completed his revenge, he met up with a boy named Michel. When they got close, both of them seem to realise that they were meant to be together.

Both of them were carrying a lot of secrets which were related to each other. Yet hiding from each other. And also both of them were unaware that they were destinated.

"Noah, I love you. Will you be with me forever?"

"Of course! I love you so much"

They went through a lot while loving each other endlessly. 
Want to join their life journey? Then come with me.

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Status: c6 1mth
While this review is early, I found this to be a lovely read. The character started out weak and pitiful, but it is clear that he's on the road to change all that. There's also some cruelty at the start that I personally enjoyed, and it served as a fuel for the character's determination.

It'll be interesting to see how this story develops.


It an amazing’s story a complete work of art i must say its wirth reading, so check it out and dont forget to add to your library🥺🥺🥺🥺😘😘


Status: c6 1mth
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Chapter 1: Regretful Last Moment

"I will not let go of this", A young man in his 24s was on a bed naked. His body was full of bite marks which seemed to be like he got abused. Tears kept falling from his cheeks. His eyes, which were full of tears, showed that he had a lot of regrets.

In front of him, there were more than five men who looked the same age and younger than him with fierce looks. All of them were looking at the pitiful young man on the bed who was near to die.

"You are already married to me. So I can do anything I want. You have to accept all, I give you since you are my wife." A man with a well-built body and a handsome face who was among them said and came near to him.

"I never asked you to marry me. It's you who planned all of this." He said while looking at the person who kept coming toward him.

"Yeah, you got it right. It's me. But it's too late now. As I wished, your family must have already gone to heaven now. So all of these are mine now. Oh! Don't you think that if you are also with them, they will be happier there? Aren't they, my love?"

As he said with a cruel smile he took a pillow aside from him and pressed it on the man's face blocking his breathing. Even if he struggled to get rid of him, it was clear that he had already given up all his hopes. He was already prepared to die when he heard his family had already left him alone.

Eventually, the struggles lessened. His hands which were clenched loosened. The whole room was silent. He was already dead. The man didn't take the pillow away. He still kept it on and got off the bed.

"Clean this up, there should not be any evidence for the police or those dogs."

He ordered some of the men who were watching the scene excitedly. Then he left without even looking back at the man who became his wife and lived with him for more than two years. He didn't feel guilty or sad. Because he married him to achieve his goals which were already planned by him ever since he started to love money.

As he went away, the men moved to clean up the dead body. Under the pillow, the beautiful face was a mess. Even though it was a corpse, his eyes were still open. His face was cherry red. Tears which were on the way to fell were still flowing from his cheeks. His eyes were full of sadness and regrets. And anger also showed up there wanting all these guys to get killed.

The death of his family, his betrayed trust, his pure love and the regrets of the last moments made that man's soul get another chance again as he wanted in the last moment of his life.

"I will never let go of this. Please, If I could get another chance, I am gonna make them pay for everything"


Not only in that room but also in the living room of that luxurious house more people also died from getting gunshots. The guy who came down after killing the man ordered them to clean up that too. He said that so casually as he was a professional killer who was not moved by seeing blood.

"Haa... Now, this all is mine. Ha ha ha. I am the best. Anyone could never get near me" He sat on the sofa which was covered with some blood.

The dead man in the bed could still hear his happy screams. As he heard them he wanted to get up. But he couldn't.

'I am sure I was dead. But why am I still hearing those things in my ears?'

He remembered that his eyes were still open when he let out his last breath.

'But why is it that my eyes are closed? Did they close them? But, I am dead. How come I can breathe? Wait!"

As he thought he suddenly opened his eyes. It was blurry. He couldn't see clearly. He wanted to wipe his eyes and make his vision clear. Eventually, it got clear.

That was a familiar place. He was still in his room where he died.

"Did I become a ghost?"

He was shocked that he could feel the wind and fresh smell of his room unlike at that moment.

When he tried to get up, he was pulled back by something. He wasn't that shocked by that since he trusted that he was a ghost. But he was terrified to see what pulled him back.

There was a hand, full of tattoos running around his waist. He could tell who was that in one look. That was what made him furious. It was the guy who killed him in this room a while ago.

'Why am I with this guy?'

He felt his body trembling in that man's hands. So he tried to get away and clear the situation. When he got off the bed, He looked around his room which was still the same as before and the man who was lying on the bed as if nothing happened. He was so angry that he wanted to kill him there. But he was confused about what was going on.

He reached for the door and wanted to leave the room.

"Noah! Where are you going?"

A voice came behind him. Even though that was not a threat or a cold question, his cruel laughs came to his mind. He could feel his whole body trembling. But that was not because of fear but also because of uncontrollable anger.

"I am thirsty"

He said and left before the man reached for him. He closed the door and looked around the house which was full of love. The lovely and familiar scent of his family was still there. For a moment, his heart stopped.

'All of the things that happened were dreams? No... They were real. I saw death. I faced death. But now I am here again. Am I reborn?'

His mind was still not clear because he was still in that old unpleasant and scary scene.

"Yaa... Why are you walking like a corpse? Just walk faster, you dummy fool"

Suddenly someone grabbed his neck. This startled Noah. He looked back angrily to see who it was. His eyes widened and unknowingly tears kept coming from his eyes, when he saw that person.The one who grabbed his neck was a girl. She had white skin and she was so pretty. Her hair which was made into a high bun kept jumping around as she moved. She let go of him when she saw Noah crying.

"Hey, Don't scare me. I just grabbed it lightly. I am sorry... " She was so apologetical. She got upset when she saw Noah cry.

But she didn't know he was crying, because he saw his sister who died to save him in front of his eyes.

"Sis!" He hugged the girl who was trying to coax him.

"Sis, I missed you so much. Please don't leave me ever again."