The king's midnight lover

The king's midnight lover


Fantasy Romance



"It's not safe to be with me, Nicole, I... I am dangerous so run away from me as far as you can" 
Adrian begged the little naive fairy, the place she was in and the person she was with were both dangerous, he couldn't promise her that he would never hurt her.

 "No Adrian, what you're asking for is impossible, I want to be by your side despite the dangers" Nicole replied firmly, there was no way she could leave him when she was in love and haven't disclosed it to him.

 "Fine, don't say I didn't warn you" He agreed to her decision and left her sight.

 Adrian, The Alpha king of the werewolf kingdom vowed to kill anything associated with magic because it caused the demise of his beloved sister and mother. During his course, he met with the little and naive fairy that was troublesome and stubborn, never in his life had he met someone like her, her innocence seems to draw him in and he couldn't afford to hurt her. 

 But unfortunately, his armies acted on their own because they didn't see the king, they eliminated the fairies which included Nicole's mother.
 Nicole had grown a liking towards Adrian during the little time they had spent together, he was the first male friend she ever had and she liked him at first sight. What would happen when she finds out that Adrian was behind the death of her mother, would she forgive him?

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Status: c10 4d
Ok, I just read a few chapters and it seems that the story is going somewhere but please capitalize your letter and use . or ! too because I noticed sometimes you use it and sometimes you don't. Try proofreading it too as I noticed from how fast you are releasing it. xoxo.


Status: c1 5d
As a fan of fantasies and supernatural books , i got to say this is amazing and i love fairies the most and this a first since most books I've seen are about werewolf's and vamps and witches so this is a first and has my attention. keep up the good work can't wait for more updates yay


Status: c2 5d
I actually really like this novel..I never been a guy to read romance so I thought I was going to hate this novel but wwow was i wrong haha 

Chapter 1: Magical creatures

In a faraway land, there lived a village known to comprise fairies and other magical creatures such as elves and pixies. The most entertaining part of it was that the animals could talk. Flowers could see, feel and move around, the same goes with trees. Wild animals could associate with those magical creatures without feeling their gums itching them to bite them. The planets were visible and the stars danced in the night. The sun was neither too hot nor cold and the moon was very bright. You could imagine what kind of beautiful place it is.

Some creatures are similar to them, the witches and wizards. Those are the wicked ones who are interested in ruining the world. The fairies and witches are often mistaken for each other because they create magic. While the fairies make use of pixie dust for making good things, the witches use the pixie dust in creating their potions-To create chaos in the world.

The night creatures are also settled in a faraway place from these small magical creatures, they comprise demons, vampires, and werewolves. They have their kingdom in which their rulers contain them and ensure they follow the rules and obligations so that peace and order could be attained. For many years, these creatures had been at peace until the leader of the witches felt hungry for power.

She was livid by the fact that they had to watch their backs whenever they were outside their realm. She wanted the night creatures to submit to her so she could control them, but little does she know that her idea was stupid. The night creatures were very powerful.

With the help of the pixie dust she obtained from the fairies, she created her potions and sent her minions to execute her orders, to use the potions to kill people. She succeeded in taking down the vampire kingdom in the north, and the demon king in the east but then it remained one kingdom she couldn't penetrate, when she finally got the opportunity to enter the werewolf kingdom, she killed the king's beloved sister and mother. The King had been livid and had vowed to get rid of any creature that associates with magic. But first thing, he had to get rid of the witches, wizards, and fairies. He cared not whether the fairies are good or not, he wanted them on their knees before him for killing his family members.


"Your majesty, are you certain of what you are about to do?" The king's right-hand man had asked him.

"You dare question my authority?" The king inquired, his voice sounded menacing, livid but his expression remained calm and composed.

"I dare not your majesty," Amon said as he bowed his head instantly. Their king, the alpha was a very powerful man that was feared across the nation. He is ruthless, intimidating, arrogant, and rude, but he has a caring spot and he loved his family. When his sister and mother passed away, his care was no longer there, he killed without batting an eye. He got angry at the slightest thing.

Among watched his words whenever he talked to the king, even though he was his right-hand man and was favored by him. He could never question his authority as he was a mere beta and could get killed by the king easily.

"Good" Adrian mused as he kept a straight face while the maids helped him adjust his coat, their cheeks reddened as they touched their king. He was the most handsome in the entire kingdom. The royal family were all beauties and the theory of how they remained young and beautiful was yet to be discovered. Or was it because they were rich and could afford any skin care product?.

Adrian had short silver hair, his eyes were as dark as midnight but they turned red whenever he shape-shifted, his eyelashes were long and black and they hovered on top of his frightening eyes. His nose was thin and straight. His lips were thin and pale pink. He also has a sharp jawline, in summary, his face was breathtaking. His muscles were strong and his chest was sturdy. He was the dream of so many women but unfortunately, he wasn't interested in any of them.

His motive right now is to avenge his sister and mother's death, which is killing the magical creatures. First, he was going for the fairies as they were the owners of the pixie dust the witches make use of to create their potions.

Once the maids were done, he took long strides across his chamber towards his door, he was going to the conference room, where the ministers and administrators awaited him. His two bodyguards followed behind him just like the servant they were.

The door of the conference room was large, it had some great carvings on it, one made by only professionals. The King's presence was announced and Adrian walked on the red carpet to his throne. His expression was devoid of any emotions as he sat on his throne majestically. His eyes scanned everyone present before him.

"Your majesty" They curtsied while keeping their heads bowed before the king. The King ordered them to rise and get started with the meeting. The meeting lasted for two hours before everyone was dismissed.

Adrian implored his right-hand man, Amon to take care of things in his absence as he was going with the armies to the village where the fairies resided, he needed to see with his own eyes how those little creatures would cry in pain as they were tortured, only then would he be satisfied and then he would go for the stinking witches.

His sword named- Poison was brought before him. It was named that way because of the poison it had, the king had asked the blacksmith to create a portion on the sword where the poison could be refilled. Whenever the king used it to strike someone, the person not only sustained an injury but would also be poisoned, and after two minutes of having the poison in the system the person would turn into dust.

Poison was silver in color and was very sharp, it has a ruby stone engraved at the top and was quite heavy, only the king could handle it very well.

Adrian walked out of the castle, ignoring the maids, and servants who were bowing their heads at him. He went to the stable where his horse named Knight was brought before him. The horse was black and had a dark mane around it, it was also fierce and it suited the personality of its master.

"Your majesty, we are ready," The general said, the king's eyes moved from the general to the armies behind him. His lips curved in a smirk, the fairies would meet with their extinction very soon.

"Let's get going" The king ordered, he rode away and they all followed suit.