When the solitude fades

When the solitude fades





The Soldiers of Darkness are here.Curses have infiltrated many worlds.Can anybody stop the unstoppable forces ? What are the curses and who is their king ? Learn about the clashes and a mysterious world .
Read the novel to get answers .

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Status: c11 12mth
The story is really growing.It will be a masterpiece once it completes.Iam very happy to wrote this and mu friends are enjoying too.Please read this.You won'regret .


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Status: c14 1yr
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Chapter 1: The Soldier of darkness

( Dear readers just continue .Just give it a shot upto 5 chapters .You will get into web novels.I will try my best.Iam kind of new in writting.But i will write with all my best experiences.Please forgive for the mistakes )

In an unknown land on the top of a snowy mountain one on a full moon night a man with a strange mask on his face is surrounded by five other men with each person having a fiery looking sword .

The leader of the group of the men told

," Well you are good runner but looks like the chase end here "

The man replied ," Yeah looks like it.This is the end but not for me" (He whispered those words in a low but confident voice).

The leader told the man " Do you have any last words you want to say before you die ? "

(With the mask on his face turning dark and the sword in his hand turning dark too he says )

:They say that light shows up after darkness and darkness is at extreme point just before dawn. Once I was hopeful too about light saving me from darkness too but what I was unaware about was that Darkness is absolute. Darkness never fades. It can be hidden but eventually after everything even after the end of Universe, end of stars the only that can never be destroyed is Darkness. Light is only a hope for people to overcome fear of darkness , but darkness is not a thing to fear. The whole Universe is dark and for many people like me

darkness is their usual world.

They say light is good and dark is evil.

Surely they haven't seen the Uninverse carefully and neither they saw how happy creatures of darkness are .

By calling it they dont know they are calling The absolute Universe Evil because light is not present everywhere.Light may contain darkness but darkness is itself dark and nothing.

I hate people who judge everything

and don't expect me to judge them. They have always irritated me . I don't want to clear darkness like you because I have seen the truth.

Nobody can remove it neither from this Universe nor Human body.Darkness is Ultimate and omnipresent and i just want to mingle with it.I want to mix with it peacefully and I wish you would understand this too."(Strange soumds occur suddenly and the men are surprised )

Oh looks like some creatures have arrived and it seems like I will soon turn to one such creature or maybe i am one already .

(Strange blue light starts coming out of mask .The men suddenly started feeling fear)

The leader of the men told in fear

" You bastard , You will pay for this .You can"'t stop us with your tricks.Our blades are going to tear you and these badly."

All those man suddenly tried to attack but suddenly froze.

The leader said ," What are you doing ? Stop doing this.This is insane and madness. Just remember my words "Darkness will always lose in the end to light.""

Suddenly the leader's mouth was freezed too .

The masked man said ,

"I was not complete yet. Please let me finish. (He said those words calmly) Well you know why I don"t hate darkness . Because It has saved me when i was drowning in the solitude .When everything finished only darkness was there. It has offered me Power and peace in exchange for myself.

Oh common now its not like you get things for free in your world of light. You see Darkness is what gives meaning to my life now. I don't want a rebel ti break darkness like a follower of light and bring colourfulness . I want to flow with darkness and mix with it , after all I and we all originated there. I was like all other people searching for colours in this world but at the end I found that is useless .It is impossible to change sorrow , misery and any bad things in this world as long it os connected with light .I gave dark a chance and found Peace in darkness . It would be good if you did too.Dont judge me.If you do its your choice and you knkw that i dont like it.You are prejudiced to believe that Iam evil. Iam mot evil I can't change your mind if you have already made up.your mind.:

Out of nowhere with a blast a dark portal opened and ten dark colured wolves with red eyes

appeared behind him growling at the men).

"Welcome my friends

I am not judging you and iam not telling you are bad and iam not asking you to join me . You can think it like Iam just destined to be here. I have seen enough. Iam not blaming anyone. Iam just who I am .At this moment I will just be delighted and happy to see the brightness I always wanted to see . Don't think it will change my mind . I am now just delighted to fight the ultimate warrior of light.

Well Iam different than you and I announce today

Darkness will prevail"

Suddenly the soldiers started movements again.

"We are free now .Lets teach lesson to this maniac."

One soldier said

(Five men with swordS in their hand)

One said

" You are speaking too much .At this point you are just bluffing.These creatures are nothing infront of our fiery swords .They will burn in the light , You just see and most importantly

You will die today."

Suddeny the masked man ran towards the five men without any sign of warning and before the five men could react the masked man with his sword attacked four men except the leader and in an instant they all died and fell on the ground and the masked man stood tall.

The masked man said , " So now what's the last thing you want to tell leader? "(in a cold voice )

Tears fell of the leader's eyes and in anger he tried to attack the masked man.The masked man dodged and flew upwards and suddenly disappeared . The leader was surprised and tried looking for him. Out of nowhere the masked man appear infront of him .

The leader shouted in anger ," You will never see peace in the end . You will be hit back by your own actions . Just you see and wait . "

The masked man and chuckled a swung his sword at the leader and the leader died and fell on the ground .

Standing there he said,

"Goodbye my friends.I appreciate your courage to protect your ideals and your belief but

You will never see or feel them again because Your concept of good doesn't exist.

You will mow understand that only darkness is the ultimate truth and peace.

The people and society has created the wrong image of good and bad.It time to change it and its time to change the world.Follow me

my soldiers(He told pointing his fingers towards the wolves .The wolves started growling) .The new world of happiness is near.

Only reason people didnt achieve happiness in this world only because of their wrong interpretation.

I will show people the truth and I will turn the world as I wanted to be "

The wolves start eating the corpses.

Red light seems to come out from the mask .

(in a maniac voice he says)

"I will see you all again in the afterlife in darkness and i will show you how wrong you were ."

Rainfall starts .

-to be continued