catalysts of war

catalysts of war

Moxhi_storm12 | Contemporary Romance


Akilah a young black Brecolian chemical engineer get recruited by the government to create bombs to end the war against her and the neighbouring country Alaidonas but falls in love with her enemy. Will this love be doomed from the start or prevail through the trials of conflict?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Akilah

"Akilah, the prime minister wishes to talk to you. Come to the reception immediately!" said my boss peeping in through the lab door. I took off my gloves and made my way outside.

the air was cold and refreshing compared to the stuffy heat of chemicals and deep cleaning in the lab.

The campus was dimly lit by the street lights overhead displaying the campus's beautiful layout and prestige.

A few people walked by wrapped up warmly with their books and notes in hand presumably going to night lectures or parties, despite this it was relatively quiet. I liked the quiet, makes it easier to think and gather your thoughts.

Finally, I made it to the reception building. It was small and quaint but stylish and attractive perfect for newcomers to get a glimpse of the college. I made my way to the desk where I met a slightly tired receptionist

"How can I help you today? ", she chimed in with a friendly Cockney accent." I heard the prime minister is here to see me, is there any chance he's here? "

She flipped through her notes for a few seconds to check

"Ahh, yes he is here to see you he is just in the cafe "

"Thank you" I replied.

I made my way out of the reception and back into the cold. It took me around five minutes to get to the cafe on campus.

Outside the front stood two bodyguards guarding the entrance, they were tall and stoic, unwavering in their position. I slowly walked up to them till I was at arm's length between us.

"Umm, hello I was told to come and see the price minister."

The guard on my right opened his mouth and spoke, "identification pls."

calmly I reached into my left front pocket and pulled out my driver's licence. I handed it to the bodyguard on my right to verify.

A few seconds went by and he gave me my licence back, both the bodyguards stepped aside giving me space to walk into the cafe.

In the middle of the room, the Prime Minister sat down sipping what seems to be black coffee .two more of his bodyguards stood beside him with their arms by their sides.

"Hello Alikah, I've been expecting you, there is something I have to talk to you about."

"Yes", I take my seat in the chair opposite him

" I want to recruit you to the team of chemical engineers that I've put together to help end this war between Brecolia and Alaidonas, will you join us and become a national hero and save your country?"

" I'm not sure maybe, this seems like a lot to spring on a person but ill think about it."

"Oh ok but we don't have long there has been speculation between our spies that they are planning to strike in a few months so we need to get started in a few days so let me know by tonight, aside from that I chose you because I believe you have potential to blow the enemy out if the water, here is my card if you want to join "

"Thank you", I accept the business card from him and get out of my chair and make my way out of the cafe

I had a lot on my mind after that talk like,' is it worth it to join this operation 'and,' what if I mess up and jeopardise my whole country and end up killing all my loved ones ', but on the other hand 'what if I don't do this and all my loved ones are doomed but I could have done something to prevent it.

My thoughts are cut off when I reach the lab with Daniel waiting out front for me," hey, how long have you been here", I ask

"oh, not long, anyways how was your big important chat with the Prime Minister?"

"It was ok, nothing much", I shrugged off

" k, if you say so."

We begin to make our way back to the uni accommodations across the campus.

We walk back in comfortable silence, not the awkward kind that you get on first dates but I guess it's cause we've been friends for so long. Every so often he asks a few simple questions about my day but most importantly doesn't press for answers about my chat with the Prime Minister.

Before I know it we make it back and he hands me the stuff that he helped carry for me, then we both began to go our separate ways which are he goes to boys' dorms and I go to girls.

"see you tomorrow, bye" I wave as I begin to turn to enter the building, "You too" he reciprocates.

I enter the building to its normal dingy setting, I check my post box for any mail since I get quite a lot of it. I insert the key and open my post box to my usual mountain of posts. I stuff it all into my handbag and lock the post box.

Since I'm feeling in a lazy mood I take the elevator up to my floor(which is the 8th). After a long day, I just slump against the wall of the elevator waiting for it to take me up to my apartment after a brief wait, I arrived at my floor.

I sluggish shuffled my feet to my door and open the door to my apartment. At this point, I wish to do nothing more than fall asleep on the couch but from previous experience, it's a really bad idea. I dump all my clothes, handbag and letters along my journey to my bed.

I flopped backwards onto my mattress, my 4c hair cushioning the fall.

on my bedside table, I grabbed my bonnet and tucked all my hair into it, then drifted off to sleep.

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