Two realities apart......

DISTANCE Two realities apart......

DJ_Darkest_side | Sci-fi Romance


Hae-Ran is a lovely, smart, and full of life girl. One day, she plunged into a ditch from a mountain. After being pushed into a ditch, nobody survives. When Hae-Ran falls in, his entire world turns upside down. She reached another world. She fell in love with Kang Min Ho, a charming, wealthy, and caring man, in another world. Min Ho adores her as well. Will the two distinct worlds flourish? What caused her to fall from the mountain? How did Hae-Ran manage to escape after everyone else perished after falling from the mountain?  Is there a link between her birthmark and the other reality? Did she discover her father's identity?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: What happened?

"Good morning, Hae-Ran,

Keep your spirits up no matter what happens because everything will work out in the end." Hae-Ran wished herself a pleasant day.

As per usual, Hae-Ran greeted the day with a radiant smile. She got out of bed, showered, did her skincare, put on the appropriate working attire, and styled her hair. After that, she stood up and got ready to go downstairs for breakfast.

Hae-Ran's lips curled up slightly and her eyes were like crescent moons, giving her a somewhat more innocent appearance as she saw how lovely she was in the mirror with her blush on.

"Good morning mom" Hae-Ran smiled pleasantly as she greeted her mum.

while hugging her.

"Good morning sweetheart," Hae-Ran's mother replied.

"Mom, I must leave for work at the crack of dawn today to avoid being late."

"OK darling nevertheless, eat breakfast first."

"Chan-eol has invited me to breakfast, so I can't have it at home today."

"Chan-eol hmm___"

"What are you thinking, mom?"

"Isn't this the same person you work with at the office?

Who has frequently driven you home."

"Yep, mom."

"He is smart, educated, and handsome.

I like that boy; are you two dating?"

"Mom, why do you constantly make comments when we are simply colleagues and friends?

Furthermore, we are joined there by our coworkers, we are not alone."

"Ok darling, He would make the ideal boyfriend."

"Moooooom," she said teasingly.

"OK bye.

Where is grandma?"

"She is sleeping; you are aware of her propensity for sleeping in."

"Oh yeah, bye, Mom, I love you, take care."

"Love you too child and u should take care of yourself."

Leaving the house, she emerged.

She arrived to find her best pal Aera there.

Since they were little, she had known Aera. Aera has always stood by her.

Aera is a lovely young lady. She flirts like crazy. She enjoys making advances on every other boy. Her dark eyes are mysterious and have shades of brown. Her lengthy ponytail with stunning bangs is how she wears her hair every single time. Her physique resembles that of a model. She used to flirt so aggressively that no boy could avoid her. She has a strong desire for her closest friend to date a handsome, wealthy, and educated man.

"God, I'm so glad you're here.

For the past 30 minutes, I have been waiting for you."Aera uttered

"Sorry mum made me late," Hae-Ran replied.

"Let's get on the scooter now; we should move because we are running late and everyone must have arrived."


Hae-Ran mounts the scooter and the two ride out toward the cafe.

They arrived at the cafe after ten minutes, where everyone was waiting for them.

Chan-eol just continued staring at Hae-Ran after seeing her.

Hae-Ran's eyes were a hazel shade. Whoever looks into her eyes for the first time is truly entranced. Her hourglass-shaped figure was flawless, and his swirl was open enough to drive any man crazy. Her clothing displayed her stunning body. She put on belted pencil pants and a light green crop top. Over the outfit, she donned a trench coat.

Many of the men in the cafe started thumping wildly in their seats when they saw her dressed like that, and all of them turned to gaze at him.

Chan-eol had a crush on her.

But he refrained from saying this for fear of jeopardizing his friendship with Hae-Ran.

"Good morning everyone, and I apologize for holding you waiting so long," Hae-Ran uttered.

"Okay, guys, come on over and join us right away," Min-ho replied.

Ae Cha, Myung Hee, Chin Hwa, Kyong Seok, Tae Yong, and Hae Won are also presented with them in the cafe.

Hae Won was envious of Hae-Ran,

mostly because Hae Won loved Chan-eol and Chan-eol liked Hae-Ran.

Chan-eol paid Hae Won no attention at all. As a result, she despised Hae-Ran even more. She makes constant attempts to annoy her.

"Let's order something.." Chan-eol said

Everyone started their breakfast after placing their orders. All Chan-eol could focus on was Hae-Ran. Hae Won grew even angrier when she saw this.

After breakfast, everyone departed for work. Today at work, they all participated in a crucial meeting.

Everyone was chatting about Father's Day after the meeting and was organizing a big celebration for their fathers. But Hae-Ran had no father. She hadn't even seen her father since she was 4 years old, and the one time she did remember him was blurry. She didn't even remember his father's face. Everyone understood this.

And how did Hae Won fail to exploit it? Why not make her look bad in front of everyone, she reasoned. She started taunting Hae-Ran.

"What a loving father ours is to us.

People are even unaware of their fathers. She has no idea who her father is, has never seen him, and doesn't even have a photo of him. What a disgusting family." Hae Won uttered it in jest.

"Stop it Hae Won you bitch, shut your bad-mouth full of dirt," Aera yelled irritatingly.

"Whatever you say, the truth will always remain the same." Rolling her eyes, Hae Won responded.

Hae-Ran sobbed as she got in a taxi to go home, but instead of returning home, she went to a bar nearby. She proceeded to the bar and ordered two bottles of beer, one after the other, eventually downing four. She had no idea what she was doing. She had never consumed alcohol, therefore today was her first time.

She had consumed too much alcohol and was utterly drunk; she was completely unconscious.

Chan-eol smacks Hae Won in front of everyone after Hae-Ran's departure.

"How can you treat someone like that?

I thought you were good, but you are not at all deserving of my respect, shame on you." Chan-eol said in anger.

After saying all of this, Chan-eol walked away.

"Chan-eol, Chan-eol listen to me…" Hae Won said while sobbing.

She told Chan-eol to listen to her, but he ignored her and departed toward Hae-Ran's place. Along with him, Aera traveled to Hae-Ran's home.

When they arrived at her home, Hae-Ran was not there. Her mother was questioned, but she was clueless.

"Children, what happened? I'm getting worried. Also, where is Hae-Ran?" Mother uttered with a tense face.

"Absolutely nothing, everything is good.

Since the juice ruined her dress due to the incident, Hae-Ran requested that you get her another dress from home."

"OK, I will get it fast."

From Hae-Ran's room, her mother grabbed a dress and gave it to them. They didn't feel it was appropriate to tell her mother after they left the location with the dress.

"We had no idea where Hae-Ran went," Chan-eol said.

"I am aware of her possible whereabouts.

When she feels stressed, she retreats to the mountain where her mother and father first met. Without a doubt, she would have visited there." Aera replied.

"You know the place, let's go there."

On that hill, they both went in search of her. They traveled there, although when Hae-Ran arrived at her house, she was completely incapable of walking. She stumbled as she walked. She entered her home. Her mother began interrogating her when she saw her in this situation.

"What's wrong with you, kid? Have you been drinking?"

"Ohh You already know whose child I am, though. I am the youngster in the entire world who has no idea who her father is.

Who has never even seen a picture of her father.? That child WOW!" she said while clapping.

"What are you talking about, you've been drinking too much, you're losing your senses. What are you doing, saying, and expressing?" Mother replied while sobbing.

"Become calm, my love," Grandma responded.

"Calm! how grandma how,

I'm not even sure whose daughter I am, how strange."

"You withdraw to your room and remain there till you feel sober."

"I'm leaving this disgusting family behind."

She received a slap from her mother, who advised her to leave and never return. While crying she said.

"I don't want to return to this house." She then departed after saying this.

"Child, stop her. She's about to leave but she is still unconscious." Grandma said.

"Let her go, mom, let her go."

She encountered Chan-eol and Aera on the way, but she was unable to walk at all.

Aera brought her to her home. She gave her a glass of lemon water to induce sleep.

Hae Won, on the other hand, was ablaze with rage. Chan-eol slapped her, which damaged her ego.

"Hae-Ran won't see me go, and I'll show her what I'm capable of.

You smacked me for that, and now you're going to apologize to me and take me home as your girlfriend, Chan-eol."

Hae Won was adored by Chan-eol's roommate Tae Yong, who thought highly of her, and she's aware of this.

She dials Tae Yong.

"Hey, I like you and I need a favor from you. If you can do this, I'll become your girlfriend."

" What do I need to do?" Take Yong answered.

"Not very much

Simply send Hae-Ran a message using Chan-eol's phone."

"Which message?"

"I need you to meet me at the mountain tomorrow morning, it's urgent."

"OK, I will send it right away."

Using Chan-eol's phone, Tae Yong messaged Hae-Ran.

"I've already sent the message." During a phone discussion with Hae Won, Tae Yong mentioned.

"Thank you see you tomorrow."

Next Morning,

Janvi awakens from her slumber and says, "My cranium is splitting what happened to me."

"I have made lemonade for you; drink it, and your hangover will go away, '' found the note that was on the table.

She ingested lemonade.

She then picked up her phone and displayed Rahul's message. She read the message and replied "OK". She is unable to recall any of the events of the previous night. After washing her face, she headed up the hills to meet Chan-eol.

Chan-eol never sent him a note like this, she reasoned. There must be a crucial factor. He invites her so urgently because of this. She made it to the mountain.

She quickly realized that Aera is the only person who is familiar with this location.

"He might have known from Aera, perhaps." She whispers.

"Chan-eol, Chan-eol you're there" She yelled, "Loudly!"

Instead of Chan-eol, who did not arrive, seeing Hae Won, she was completely stunned.

"What are you doing here and where is Chan-eol?" Hae-Ran questioned.

"Oh, my friend was hoping to see Chan-eol.


Aren't you glad I'm here to see you?" Hae Won replied.

"Hae Won, is this a prank? Why are you here instead of Chan-eol?"

"Do you believe that yesterday, when so many people laughed at me, I'll mimic you up here on the mountain?"

"I chuckled or you. Now that I believe you are unconscious, let's discuss later."

"How do you feel? Chan-eol struck me last night just because of you. You must be overjoyed."

"You and I are misunderstood, I had no idea that this had occurred to you. I apologize on Chan-eol's behalf."

"Once more, you pretended to be decent."


"I'm telling you, Chan-eol likes this face of yours."

"I don't understand what you're saying."

She retrieved the knife from her bag and dropped the bag to the ground.

Upon viewing the knife, Hae-Ran became frightened.

"Now I'm going to cut off your entire face with this knife."

"What are you telling, let's have a calm conversation as we sit down."

Hae Won begins to assault Hae-Ran. A fight broke out between the two. Hae-Ran was attempting to defend herself as Hae Won tried to attack her.

Hae-Ran tumbled into the ditch from the mountain during this altercation.

As soon as Hae-Ran fell into the ditch, Hae Won was terrified. She put the knife in the bag before running out of the place in a panic.

Hae-Ran closed her eyes and began thinking about her loved ones as she fell into the ditch. She was aware of her impending death.

But that never happened. She was astonished when she first opened her eyes. She wasn't gone. She was unharmed and stood in the middle of the road.

"How do I get from the ditch to the middle of the road?" She talked with herself while scratching her head.

She was astounded to see everything, and suddenly a red sports car called "Porsche 911" sped up from the front, causing an accident.

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