In her past life she was chased two hundred years, in her past life she was too weak and foolish, in her past life she lost her family and her place in society. But she was given a chance, to start a new life, to protect her father...in this life she would chase her chaser, in this life she was be the strongest and the smartest...after obtaining a space crafted by the great demon king himself..Her power would grow insanely. But there a setting prince who has his eyes on her, Southern empire third prince, formerly known as Prince Jin..Feng Haoran.. Has already set his eyes on our fl and comes of with different tricks and ways to trap her by his side. My discord https://discord.gg/XSZnzK8U

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Chapter 1: Reawakening of the Phoenix

Ye Rushang woke from an unbearable pain, as she looked at the familiar room,it was her old room in ye residence.

Ye residence was big and large due to its large number of disciples and elders, it had exactly twenty-four elders, six branch masters and two hundred disciples,

if one didn't look closely they would think it's a small sect, to enter ye residence one must be of good endorsements, they only allowed from orange roots upwards, the highest was a blue root youth and the lowest was a yellow spirit root, he was the only exception as he was the son of one of the branch masters, in the martial realm one must be powerful to survive,

the ranking were from heavenly god,heavenly priest, heavenly paragon, heavenly venerate, yang lord, Gold Qi realm , true warrior realm, martial Qi realm. Realms higher than heavenly god were still unknown in this mainland, she had seen a lot of powerful people, that a heavenly god could be belittled.

It wasn't really a easy task if you desire to be strong, the ye family only had one heavenly priest and he was the great elder, her grandfather.


Ye Rushang got up from the bed, shocked! how could she be alive, she had clearly died and luo yun was the one who killed her.

Hatred and hostality filled her eyes, luo yun was the one who killed her.

For two hundred years Ye Rushang and luo yun fought endlessly and luo yun was the one who emerged as a victor, Ye Rushang still remember her proud smile when she finally won,

Ye Rushang had already guessed she must have been reborn, and vowed in her heart to get even with Luo yun and the other people who humiliated her, Ye Rushang wasn't a good person but neither was she bad. She just followed her instincts.

Walking out of her courtyard she left for her father's study, after leaving the Ye residence and entering yuxun sect, she never saw her father again he was assassinated by yang lords sent by luo yun.

Ye rushang did not know how she offended this Luo yun, she kept hunting her Phoenix bloodline,

Ye rushang was a heavenly master when she died but luo yun still surpassed her as she was already a heavenly Asura and thus it was easy her to kill Ye Rushang .

Luo yun I'll repay you one thousand folds just you wait, Ye Rushang was at first heaven third stage martial Qi and her spirit root was good, so she was very sure she could enter yuxun sect again,

but the three stages assessment test is very perilous and some participants die in the process, pushing the door open ye rushang heard the familiar but distant voice,

it was her father Ye xianchen,


Her emotions came flooding in as all the grief she kept for years came flooding in, ye xianchen rushed to ye rushang side alarmed when he saw her crying,

" ru'er what's the matter, why are you crying"

Ye Rushang smiled and wiped her tears

" it's nothing father i just miss you that's all",

Ye rushang looked at the other person in the room, it was her third uncle," greetings third uncle" Ye Rushang bowed.

He third uncle was a very powerful cultivator, he had been in a bottle neck for some time, when a cultivator had reached the realm of yang lord they get to the bottle neck at yang lord realm seven, most cultivators are not able to break it and thus remain in the seventh realm for a long time, only a few manage to break the bottle neck and reach the heavenly realm.

Ye rushang had lived for two hundred and knew many ways for one to break their bottle neck, some where gruesome and some where bearable, Ye zhihan had been in the bottle neck for quite some time and it would be hard to break it. " ru'er how about you consider going to yuxun sect, their sect assessment test are hard, but I'm sure you can make it."

Ye zhihan was very caring towards Ye rushang and was always encouraging her to cultivate with him, Ye rushang smiled and said " ru'er shall listen to third uncle and try out for yuxun sect."

Ye rushang said and continued, "third uncle I have a way for you to breakthrough into heavenly realm."

Ye xianchen and Ye zihan looked at each other perplexed, Ye rushang was a lazy cultivator how could she know anything about breaking the bottle neck, " ru'er don't joke about, how can you say you know how to break the bottle neck."said Ye zihan.

Ye rushang smiled and brought out a Flamin suxian pill and a black tortoise shell from her space ring and gave it to her uncle. "Third uncle, i collected this item when I stumbled into a cave in the mountains."

Ye zihan stared at Ye rushang in shock, that was the Flamin suxian pill it was rumored to have the power to let a cultivator breakthrough four realms,

" uncle please soak the tortoise shell for half a day and take the Flamin suxian pill when you get into the water." Ye rushang said and turned to give her father a bow, " father i am heading back to my courtyard to cultivate."

Ye xianchen nodded absentmindedly, his Ye rushang was going to cultivate what had happen to her after she woke up,

Ye Rushang was stunningly beautiful and thus all the male disciples fell for her,it was only the strongest among the disciples who was yin wei, would approach her. who was already at true warrior realm stage three

he was the only one who had a blue spirit root. Spirt roots like: blue, purple, indigo, white and some who were unknown in this mainland. Speaking of yin wei " greetings eldest young miss."

Ye Rushang looked a the handsome youth in front of her, who looked about sixteen to seventeen. " yin wei how can i help you."

Ye Rushang already knew what Yin wei wanted to ask her. Yin wei smiled proudly seeing that Ye rushang answered him, he knew his looks attracted many of the female disciples and Ye rushang shouldn't be any better,

" i was wondering if eldest miss would like to cultivate with me?"

Yin wei flashed a smile right after, Ye rushang smiled in disgust.

She had seen a lot of handsome men in her life and Yin wei wasn't even on the list,

" Yin wei are you trying to seduce me"

Ye rushang flashed a cold smile, Yin wei face darkened when did he ever say he wanted to seduce her,

" No.. no eldest miss you have gotten it wrong. I did not mean to say anything that sound like that."


Yin wei nodded and tried to touch her


Ye rushang flung his hand. " touch me and I'll cut your hand"

Ye rushang said coldly and walked away, leaving the star struck Yin wei.

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