Whispers Of The Crown

Whispers Of The Crown





You may have heard a lot of people fighting for the crown but have you heard a crown fighting for the king?

A Well that abandoned people choose to cherish one, six kingdoms on land but one that doesn't exist.

One that should have been in the dark but isn't, and one that should have been hidden but isn't.

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Status: c2 7h
It is a great book. Each chapter makes you curious for the next one.The story is filled with mysteries everywhere.
 Great work Author. Hope you upload more chapters soon.


Status: c4 7h
Very nice premise and a very mysterious start as well. I can see by the stats that this book will make it big someday. One thing you can change though is the book cover. It can be better. Try using canva for free or commission an artist you know, it will give this novel the push it needs :) 


Status: c2 7h
I love this story if they will make series of this story it will get more famous than Harry Potter. I'm in love with this writer writing skills  Fabulous ❤️

Chapter 1: Of the six, one was a tragedy.

" Why did you open the door?" Dressed in a maid's clothes a middle-aged woman shouted, slapping the young girl in front of her.

It was raining outside at night, a well-managed mansion was in the middle of the forest, with a humongous door to enter, inside was as luxurious as it could be.

A pair of large stairs were in the front hall, and a beautiful door between the stairs, the floor was decorated with gold in a flower pattern, and pillars with gold lining, and the furniture was embedded with gemstone.

A ruckus was in the room to the left above the stairs, nobody could say that something was happening in it as not a single sound was coming out of it except the sound of a baby's cry.

A bunch of maids surrounded a small bed with a baby who was weeping, laying on his back, in that room, the sound of the baby's cry echoed in the whole mansion.

"I thought it was the nanny," crying a young girl in her teens said in front of the head maid.

" It will gonna cost you your life," Waiting at the slightly opened door of the room another young maid said looking outside as if she was looking out for someone.

" But I didn't do anything," Trembling the young girl said again, wiping her runny nose.

" Enough with all these, try to cover it up," Signalling the head maid shouted.

" Ma'am....." Terrified another young maid said.

" Close the windows first, pick up these sharp glass pieces, wipe that blood" the head maid instructed the other maids in the big luxurious room, she couldn't hear the young maid calling for her.

" Ma'am the prince....." Almost tearing up she said again.

This time the head maid listened to her because the sound of the baby prince's cry stopped, she stopped the other maid as she walked toward the young girl who was the only one besides the bed of the baby, as others were busy cleaning the after traces of the incident.

" What? What happened? why are you looking at the prince like you have seen a ghost?" Walking further she said.

Finally reaching her side as she saw the baby whose weeping sound was echoing almost in the whole mansion, now is no more, it can't be heard now even at the near distance, the child was still whimpering but not a single sound could be heard.

A strange scar appeared on the baby's beautiful white chest, indicating a shape no one can tell.

As soon as the head maid saw the baby prince, she fell to the ground in shock, trembling and sweating.

Other maids ran over as soon as they saw the response of the head maid, seeing the prince one of them scream, moving backwards she stumbled and fell.

After a few minutes...

" pit- a - pat" footsteps of people coming.

The door bang opened by some knights, they opened the door and stepped out of the way for a breathtakingly beautiful woman with long black silky hair, big eyes, purplish irises with a slim and weak body, she came forward with an aura of an empress.

" Your Highness " all the maids greeted as they compose their posture.

"What's with the scream," Empress said in a stern voice.

All of the maids stayed silent, which made the empress confused.

" where's my son? And I can't see the head maid too, where is she?" Again she asked.

Without answering all the scared maids cleared the way toward the bed, revealing the head maid on the ground and the baby prince on his bed.

Empress started to panic as she saw the movement of the baby without any noise and the head maid on the ground, her throat started to dry as she trudged toward the baby's bed.

With her trembling body, she kept striding forward and as soon as she saw she let out a howl filled with grief and rage.