NICOLE (Book one of BROKEN series)

NICOLE (Book one of BROKEN series)





when all she ever had was finally gone with just a blink of an eye.
 Thrown into the life of mystery, pain, betrayal, and rejection, her desire to live or not was taken away, with her trust issues making her doubt those who could help her.

 what happens when she escapes from her pack and unknowingly trespass into the territory of the most feared pack in the whole world and finds out she has a second chance mate not one but two and are both the most feared twin alphas and is seen as a threat to the pack at the face meeting .with trouble always making its way to her.

 what will she do to survive? not everybody always gets a happy ending
But the question is would she get one?

let's find out on this journey

This book is now part of a series called BROKEN
Nicole (Book one)2022
Her broken beta (Book two)2022
His Angel or Mated to the devil(book three)2022-2023

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Status: c4 4d
Very long paragraph, good enough writing but some advice is I think you can put the first and second chapter into chapter 0 and let your story start from 01 is better.


Status: c8 1h
[{"type":1,"text":"This book has everything you could ask for, I mean the author even took her time to explain to us every character. That is so wonderful, I hope the author can keep updating so that we can read more"},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/614030149dc2d26ac0aaf29d89b303a9/tenor.gif","height":220,"width":220}]


Status: c4 46min
Author, you are going good, the story plot is good and interesting, made me feel sorry for the MC, and hope she takes her revenge, keeps up the good work author.

Chapter 1: Intro

Mate-soulmates given by the moon goddess

Pack- a group of wolves deciding to live together

Alpha-leader of the pack, either by birth or given to through fighting.

Omega-lowest of them all, they are the weaklings of the pack, who also serve as help

Beta- second in command to the alpha

Beta female-mate of the beta second in command to the Luna

Gemma- Alpha's third in command

Gemma- female- Luna's third in command

Warriors- just like the army, they help protect and fight for the pack per Alpha's orders

Deltas- supports and leader of the track team

witches and warlocks

head of the coven: Leader and ruler of the coven

Powers: magic and lots of potions and spells {it's obvious i know nothing about witches and warlocks

Hybrid: child of either a werewolf and vampire or a werewolf and a witch and has both genres

King of the vampires: leader and ruler of all vampires around the world.

Rogues:lone wolfs or wolfs banished/kicked out of the pack for one thing or the other