Delve into the life of Jenkins Curtis, a clumsy space technologist who's had no dream other than to explore the space in a world aftermath world war |||. Would his dream come true or not?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: PROLOGUE


27 A.R

Here lives us in the Age of flying cars, Robotic pets and Androids, holograms and buildings straight out of Sci-fi movies. A world built on, by and with Science, the new home of manki-



"Watch ouuuuuut!!!"

"Whoa....easy on the Flycycle kid!!"

".... I'm sooooooorrrrrryyyyyy!!!"





Almost hit me there, ha...kids. As I was saying, Earth, our most beloved planet was forsaken at the moment of Retribution....

I, the Author, unfortunately enough, made it into this new home world as they like to call it. We've lost family, friends and foes but alas, we live. We now live in a new world, a Tech-world, where days of mortality are now gone by. What do I mean by that? I'll tell you.

In a world where signs of life is non-existent, a place desolate and devoid of 'natural' Oxygen. Mankind, pushed to the edge, facing extinction that they so despair, had no choice but to resolve to a final solution, Bio-Cybernetic Augmentation. This is, however, by choice for those who made it into this world in one piece. For, some feared losing their humanity while most were just tired of being human. Some were thrilled with the discovery while some scorned at how scientists go about life against their 'God'. Of course, nobody knows who 'God' is up until this date, but we still believe that there is a superior being, somewhere out there in the unexplored cosmos, even after going through 'that' on Earth.

My view? I think humanity went through a necessary evolution. It was no different from being human, which is, living, even if at the cost of losing 'Natural features', as long as one lives. Believe it, I'm not willing to die when it's clearly evident that there's no next life and that it's the end of the line. When death comes, existence is erased and never to be again as newborns are made to fill in the numbers.

Food? Shelter? No, Nature? Yeah, matter of factly, biotic factors have been replicated after several studies and research, but to a certain level, all that's left is time for the new world to grow.

 Despite the tussle, everything is just as it used to be. The good ol' days where a boy hits on a hot girl, where a man comes home from work and beats his wife.


Out here on this roof, looking down at the new world, I'll tell you a story, the story of how mankind evolved.

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