Students who have a special beast appearance and special powers and then become mages...A high school that teaches magic to those students. A young boy who didn't awake his beast form like others finally awakened at the magic school with the help of his teacher. With that little support, he will go to the top place in the future. After he faced many things, he will become powerful. When the world he loves fell into the dark abyss, he will become the light for everyone. All the people will be waiting for their light to bring them out of the dark. " Let's wait for him. He is our last hope. " .....' WAITING FOR THE LIGHT '...

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Chapter 1: Invitation From The Magic School..

The Galhand High School

A little world for beginners to learn magic. But some people in the outside world were still unaware of that. It's a place that has a lot of secrets and incredible things.

The Galhand High School was one of the most popular high schools in Corlond city. It's said that the students didn't have to apply and the school selected them by itself.

So there was a saying that only talented students were able to get into Galhand high school. Because of that, the noble families in the city wanted their children to be a student at Galhand High school.

But it was not a school that was normal. There were a lot of mysteries behind that school.

Only the students of the college knew them and the secrets of this school were always well hidden. While the whole city thought that only talented children will be nominated to be students at Galhand, only several people knew that's not the reason. They knew the secrets because they were the people who graduated from Galhand High before.

Galhand High was a school that educated magic. The children who can learn magic will be chosen to study there. Apart from the normal educational syllabus, there was another magic learning education system.

All the students who study there were special. They all have a hidden beast form other than their normal appearance. That was the speciality.

They were like people from another world. They were not born like that. Their beast form awakens generally at their thirteen. Since then, they should be careful and practice how to organize their beast form and their unique abilities.

After they reach 17, they will be invited to Galhand High School to learn more and improve their powers. As this Galhand High, there were more high schools in every city. Not only in every city but also all around the world.

The current principal of the Galhand High School was known as the third richest person in Corlond city. His name was Clerk Jackson.

Everyone called him Mr Clerk. He ranked 49th among the most powerful magicians. These top 100 ranked magicians were the principals of these magic schools.

This month, the students who were selected to enter the Galhand High school would get their invitations. So a lot of students were waiting for their invitation.

While some of them were eager to enter a great high school, there were some people who didn't care about these things. It's because they had no expectations that they would get to enter one.

Normally, the children who got talented in magic would be born into rich families. That's how things happened. For the past 30 years, there haven't been any records about students who entered Galhand High when they had financial problems.

That's why everyone concluded that poor students can't enter there.

But this year, a boy changed the records.

On the first day of the month, every student who got selected for Galhand High would got an invitation. So the second day of the month became a noisy one due to all the rumours and gossip.

At a restaurant, some women were chatting about the school while hiding that they envied the children who got invited.

"I heard the son of Mr Jacob also got the invitation yesterday," One woman said.

"Oh! I heard Mr Jonathan's daughter also got that. She was so lucky ''

Then the woman next to her said,

"Haa….Rich people sure get everything they want ..Our poor children will never get a chance to go to a high school like that. What should we do? We are so unlucky " another one also joined.

Then a lady appeared from another table and said proudly "who said if you are poor you can't go Galhand High? People who don't have money also can get into there"

"Don't spout nonsense. Only the children of noble and rich families can go there. Can you even tell one person who got there like that? Just get lost''

They had been living in a society where everyone thinks what they said was the only one which is correct.

''Why should I lie? There is a boy who stays alone in my apartment who also got that invitation. I am the one who delivered that letter. I saw the seal of Galhand High school.''

That lady from the other table was furious.

''He should have done some kind of prank. Poor students can't get any invitation. You are a fool if you are gonna believe that is true. He must be some kind of trash who is trying to be like a noble family member''

Meanwhile, in an old apartment, the trash they were mentioning was in a daze even without blinking. A normal boy who was in his 16 looked handsome, but all he resembled was his poor appearance.

He looked confused. The letter in his hand said that Benjamin Clark should come to the Galhand High School and continue his studies.

He was speechless. That boy, Benjamin, was an orphan. He ran away from his orphanage a year ago and lived in this apartment while he was doing a part-time job. He also knew that only rich people got in there. With the letter, there was a small note. It told him that he must come no matter what.

Even though that was unexpected since they said that Benjamin felt proud of himself.

"There is nothing wrong with going there. I can't stay here like this. I must take this chance to learn something"

His mind was already celebrating his entry into high school.

Without knowing this college was going to open a new path for him, The lonely boy silently cheered himself up and started to read the invitation again and again.

"I am so lucky"

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