The Flames Within

The Flames Within

Domistro | Sci-fi


When Luis becomes the victim of a freak accident, he learns he has the ability to control and create fire. But his fire is no ordinary fire. Unknowingly the accident brings about the creation of many evils. With the help of his best friend Stephen and others, he learns how to use his newly found powers and defeat the evils that stand in his way.

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Chapter 1: Dreams

I'm stuck. How did I get here? Seems like there is no one in the city as well. Ok this is getting a lot spookier and my legs seem to be getting stiffer. "Wait is that fire coming towards me", I asked myself. Gosh I gotta get outta here but the more I try to move the more the fire waves are getting closer Then just then before I was incinerated. I see the light, the heavenly light. It is time finally, time to leave this cruel world. "Is it an angel", I asked myself."Nope it's your mother", a loud but familiar voice said. My eyes opened to see the loving presence of my mum. " Y'know I think your sleep talking is getting worse", she said while opening the curtains. "Morning mum, have I been sleep talking all through", I asked her trying to bring myself back to reality. "Well I don't know about all through but since I came in you've been going on about fire and light", she said packing a few clothes, "Now get up you're going to be late for school." "Oh damn, school, today is the first day of school and I'm going to be late again like last year and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that", I told myself. I jump out of bed and have a 2 minutes shower(record breaking). I got out of the bathroom and mom is still there surprisingly, can't have my privacy these days. I'm almost dressed but I can't find my trousers, I could've sworn I left them beside my cupboard. " Looking for this" , mom said with a smirk on her face. " You took them", I said while she left laughing maniacally.

I rushed downstairs about to head for the door before my annoying sister stopped me at the dining table. "Hey Candicorn, mum said you're taking me to the 'Cup n Shoe' concert tonight",she said scrolling through her dumb phone, "So find something good to wear and don't follow me looking like a drunk clown". Sometimes I wonder how she came to this world, I mean I know how she came to this world, I mean I know how but, ugh forget it. "Alright , but we go on my own terms", I replied trying to ignore any of her taunts. "Just come back early",she replied back. "Yeah right", I scoffed. "Mum I'm off bye", I announced. "Alright sweetie have a nice day", Mom said.

I could've taken the bus but I felt like walking and looks like they've installed the new power core station. " That reminds me of dad it's been a while since I spoke to him", I said to myself. Dad's always been on the move because of work and it has been about two months since we spoke. I think I'd call him later today. I got to school a bit late but they hadn't really started classes yet so technically I'm still early and there at the back was my buddy, the one I share my pain with, my scribble doctor, my pop quiz partner, my one and only desk. Oh and my best friend Stephen, waving beside my desk. "What's up Steve", I asked trying to adjust my seat. "I'm good bro, but you're late", he said. "Sorry bruh, had a very long sleep", I told him, "But I'm here anyway". "Yeah you are", He said rolling his eyes, "Anyway, how was your summer, travelled anywhere?" ."Nope, spent most of my time trying to escape chores", I said trying to zip open my bag."Uhh I know right chores are the worst, I went to my grandma's house thinking I'd finally have some free time but I think I ended up turning into her personal helper at times", he said. "By the way, Stephen I don't see any new student around aren't there any this year", I asked. Normally there'd be a number of people joining our school this year because of the number of people that joins techcity every year but since I came I haven't seen any new face and yeah I have an excellent memory. " Uh yeah I think there is one, some girl I guess", Stephen replied. Just then our teacher walked in with a girl beside her. "Alright class settle down", my teacher said, "I want everyone to meet your new classmate...Samantha".

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