The Werewolves of Iddris

The Werewolves of Iddris

Joana_Godwin | Fantasy


Rivers had the lone wolf persona about him. He was the Beta of the Iddris pack, a tortured boy who fled from his past to find a new home with an Alpha, Philip and his Luna, Morgana. Things would change at Philip's death, loyalties and friendships in the pack are tested by the actions of a common enemy; Witches of the Tramir coven. Rivers finds his heart beating for one of them. ------------- Darting a hand, Anahi sent a huge log flying in his direction. It threw the big wolf to the ground crushing it. She stood over him as he tried to hide his pain, a smirk now on her face. "Not so funny is it?", she asked. He had a better look at her as she stood so close. The Beta was back in human form and stark naked, but the log she'd thrown at him gave cover to his midsection.

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Chapter 1: PROLOGUE


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