A Half Truth

A Half Truth

Moonwriting | Fantasy Romance


"Everyone owns a dark side, hidden from the world" Moon Goddess Moon Goddess is known to be the kindest deity, she is the deity of wolves. She created wolves with her soul and power. She adores every wolf no matter what rank they held. She gifted every wolf in the world with a mate. A mate is a wolf's destiny. Moon goddess blessed every wolf with a mate because a mate held a part of their soul. A mate keeps a wolf calm and composure. Only a mate can tame the beast of a werewolf. Without a mate, a wolf can lose his sanity and take over the human part of the werewolves. But what happen when a wolf decided to oppose her. He rejects his mate and falls in love with a woman from a forbidden clan and mates with her. It's an insult to her. But she didn't punish them because she know fate will punish them severely. True to her words wolf's chosen mate dies while giving birth to two beautiful twin sisters. One of them is taken by the woman clan but the wolf succeeds in saving the elder one "Olivia Hart". Instead of punishing the wolf and his mate, Moon Goddess decided to punish their innocent daughters. She decided to punish them most interestingly. She sees an opportunity in them. An opportunity to fulfil an old promise and her wishes at the same time. It's like killing three birds with one stone. But her selfish way going to ruin some lives. .................................. When Olivia realised all her life she only believe a half-truth. " I hate you, Goddess, I hate you so much. You are even crueller than my mate. He has just snatched my life from me but you even snatched my death." Olivia Hart ( The book contains some mature issues, it doesn't suitable for the reader under 18) ( The cover image is not mine, if it belong to you and you don't want me to use Let me know)

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Dear Readers

Thank you so much for giving your precious time to my book. This is my first ever book. I'm sorry if my book disappointed you in any way.



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1. This story is a work of fiction. All the characters are imaginary. They are not related in any way to any dead and alive person. If they are then it's a pure coincidence.

2. Characters in this book do a lot of good and bad things and I as an author don't promote any bad behaviour. Book characters don't represent authors in any way they think and act as their own.

3. Please restrain yourself to post any negative comments. If my book is not according to your taste you are free to leave.

4. I prefer to Welcome every good suggestion and gladly work on it

5. English is not my language and here you will surely find a lot of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes. I will fix them with your help but for now, endure it with me. PLEASE

6. I don't own any images.

7. It contains some mature content but you will be informed ahead.

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