The shadow of dead.

The shadow of dead.


Fantasy Romance



It's the story of Ruhi's reincarnation, Ruhi a female offspring of a well-heeled family raised in the big apple, whose oldsters gave up the ghost twelve years ago.

 currently, she lives in New royalty along with her uncle. Ruhi is a news reporter, and in her work, she reaches an area wherever the unfinished story of her previous life is getting ready to be finalising this life. 

throughout her time in India, a boy, Siddharth, worked with Ruhi on a historic project. Sidharth continues to be with her, as he's extremely smitten with Ruhi. Nevertheless, Ruhi's love was somebody else in reincarnation, that took Ruhi close to death. 

The Devil shouts," You're getting ready to DIE, therefore die peacefully ".

 Ruhi says with bifold hands, "Please leave, what's my mistake?" :(( 

 The dreadful Devil said, "You are going to be penalized for the sins of the past life, you may need to become mine, solely mine from heart, body, soul" 

what is going to Ruhi's preference, the love of her reincarnation or the eternal love of Siddhartha during this life? In the end, what's the reality regarding Ruhi's past? Who is Ruhi and what is the truth of the place "Rani Ka vav"?

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great concept with vivid details that allow one to get fully immersed into the story. 

The pacing seems appropriate for the length of the novel so far and I think it has huge potential!


Great story , the writing style captures your eyes and ignites your passion to keep reading . The characters and plot are very well written . Hoping to see more chapters soon .😊😊


fantastic story and good characters.....in this story I really like the novel recommended for others👌👌👌❤❤....and it's interesting....the description vivid and it's like you are dragged into the story as you read each line of the book..all in one novel...

Chapter 1: Introduction "Queen death pool"

"The shadow of the dead"

A very thrilling tale approximately a female who nevertheless laughs and stretches from the incredible global to an area that's a terrifying horror. "in which there's no human soul indwelling via way of means of the compassion of the evil of the dreadful soul, virtual method sacrificing people with blood "

I am going to inform an authentic tale, we are going to pay attention to the complete table from the beginning.

Ruhi is a 23-year-old girl who lived in New York with her uncle following the death of her mother and father 12 years ago

Ruhi is a thrilled female who lived existence immensely. She used to discover delight in each little factor, she has lots of perception in God, however never in soul and non-secular strength, if her pals additionally speak approximately any horror movie, then she used to mention what nonsense do you men maintain doing that factor which would not exist (exists)). What to waste time in its conversations?

Shivani says to Ruhi, "Ruhi in case you do now no longer accept as true with in spirit, it's going to now no longer be a lie that nondenominational non-secular strength additionally exists, Science additionally concludes that they have a unique global which we cannot identify.

Ruhi.., "We'll, "Let's just do it, guys, let's go check out the historic site, haven't you forgotten we have to report to the professor after a couple of days".

Everyone sat withinside the cab ... That vicinity turned into 14 km away precisely the semi-darkish internal place which turned into very withinside the city. Ruhi and her pals leave there, Siddharth and Ruhi have been very excited to make the record of this vicinity because they'd heard that until nowadays whoever has come right here has now no longer lower back alive.

Sidharth and Ruhi couldn't justify themselves in these kinds of matters. About the stash's mystery of the vicinity whilst travelling within side the cab.

Shivani starts evolved to examine approximately this ancient vicinity via way of means of browsing the internet...,

"It turned into constructed via way of means of King Bhimsen in 1760 for his queen Padmini. It is stated that King Bhimsen was a completely decent king of his time, For his queen Padmini.

As Padmini was like a lioness, whilst there has been an assault on the king, she boldly faced the enemies withinside the country and killed them together along with her swords. used to move.., queen Padmini had the delight that her bathing vicinity have to be very special, which have to be so sizable that at least 20 ladies can take bathe at the equal time. There have to be Turkish carvings at the partitions of that valve, provide a dome manufactured from marble so that the place internal it could stay cool and its home windows have to be made so brilliant and small that most effective air can by skip thru it and no small fowl additionally.., Queen Padmini turned into fond of Lotus Flower, she turned into very a whole lot in love with it, That's why there has to be a white and red lotus withinside the pool, the whole thing turned into advised to King Bhimsen...

King Bhimsen cherished Rani Padmini very a whole lot, so he constructed the equal bathing and named it "rani ki vav". Rani ki vav"...

Ruhi, announcing "wow, Siddharth this type of top-notch tale, isn't always it? When it's so a laugh to pay attention to it, then consider how top notch it's going to come after seeing it? ".

Only at that second did Shivani say, First pay attention to the complete tale, the actual tale is now. ,

Then she is going on to mention that Queen Padmini used to move there each day to bathe with herself and her pals and maids.

. In 1778 there has been a conflict wherein the adversary additionally assaulted the dominion of King Bhimsen.

The king turned into killed at some point during the attack due to the fact Queen Padmini turned into now no longer on the battlefield. And the king had collapsed at each turn.

A message turned into additionally despatched to the Queen, however, the loss of life of the infantrymen averted the message from attaining the Queen. The invasion turned into made., after which some infantrymen come going for walks to the queen and notify her of the king's loss of life.

Queen Padmini turned into greatly surprised to accept as true with him and determined she could relinquish her existence via way of means of drowning withinside the valve created via way of means her like a king.

As the blow moves and he or she determined that she desires to be together along with her like,

Since then it's miles stated that even nowadays the soul of the queen roams in that vicinity and whoever attempts to move there, considers it as her opponent, killed them after which threw it away withinside the pool(rani ka vav).

human beings do now no longer pass even in lots of days until nowadays no village has settled round there.,"

Ruhi laughs and says, "many individuals are there to rob it truly is why they People maintain writing such memories so that nobody can come there and those human beings can do unlawful crimes there, is it now no longer Siddharth"?

Sidharth says..," yes this is done to keep all the people away from that place, anyway, we are walking don't see how I and Ruhi expose those people., take this all Somebody eats something, it's going to take 2 hours extra time to reach".

Shivani stated, "you usually live with Ruhi, Siddharth, you'll do something you need to aid Ruhi, permit me to devour a few noodles I am very hungry".

The Cab reaches close by at Bhandupgar, then all of sudden there's a completely robust typhoon and The wind begins off evolved blowing very fast.., one factor begins offevolved blowing the opposite and the opposite on the other area.

The driver says, "Ma'am, the cab may not be capable of proceeding, the typhoon may be very robust, and it could additionally harm us".

Raj says, "good day how this typhoon turned into so hard? proper now! I turned into feeling hot, did I nap?

How a long way in the vicinity from right here driver "...

the driver says, "sir, there is another manner of 20 mins from right here".

Shivani.," yes, let's go right. There is a skimpy storm, nothing will happen, close your side glasses, everyone. Anyway, we are very tired, after taking some rest, we have to go to work, the driver".

the driver says hesitantly," however ma'am.., you do realize the outcomes of the typhoon of this place we have to prevent till it stopped, It could have been true however in case you men are announcing then it's miles okay"!

Shivani says. , "Ruhi you are too near your window and also you have to now no longer get harm".

But Ruhi takes her face out of the auto glass with flaring each her palms she turned into playing the air via way of means of spreading it,

," no man, not anything will manifest to me, Don't Worry God is with me, you recognize Shivani. I experience as though those winds are blowing for me. It is making me experience cool; I do not experience like this vicinity is a stranger at all., do not know why all and sundry is feeling like their own".

Shivani pulls her withinside the cab and says," simply do it, Close the lead, you similar to the whole thing which you see as your own, ".

Ruhi, " No greatly, I am feeling very thirsty to byskip that gentle drink".

What secrets and techniques are buried below the mansion?

Is what human beings have visible and heard genuine or is the fact something else?

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