In a world of elves, vampires, demons, sirens, changelings..there’s so much drama and chaos untold, Rutherford being the safest kingdom, how did it become the safest kingdom? Why did the demon and vampires and other creatures mysterious vanish from that kingdom, Damien Lafayette the present king of Rutherford has set his eyes on Madeline, the daughter born of a elf and angel, two odd pair...join Madeline and Damien in their quest to save humanity...or if they would survive in the mysterious and conceited world. ————————————————————— “The only mistake I made was coming in contact with a devil like you...” A dark chuckle escaped his lips, making her shuddered. “That’s tough love maddie...in this world you belong to only me, no man can have your or I’ll have his head instead...”

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Chapter 1: Madeline Rothschild


"Maddie Maddie...get up or you'll be late for your embroidery classes again."

Byron yelled from the kitchen as he went to knock on Madeline room door.

This was their morning routine, Madeline was so good at embroidery, yet she join a embroidery class, was it to anger the poor instructor.

"This child....lady Brianna will throw a fit if you don't get there on time."

Byron sighed this child why was she taking the class anyways, she was already so good at it yet she went there to anger the lady.

Madeline yawned as she looked out the window, bright and warm sunlight lighting up the room.

Madeline always felt the sun shines brightest whenever she looked at it.

it's morning already, she thought to herself as she rinsed her face with warm water and went downstairs.

"Father ...good morning."

Madeline greeted with a bright smile on her face, she must have woken up on the right side of the bed.

Most times Madeline woke up cranky, due to nightmares and visions keeping her away at night, lately she seemed to be waking more earlier and happier.

"Maddie....come come..lady Brianna would be throwing a fit by now, have some breakfast."

Byron served a plate of egg Benedict,with bacon and sausages, also there was French toast and pancakes on the side with fresh warm milk.


Madeline smelled the delicious delicacy placed on the table, her quiet stomach began to rumble just by looking at it.

Madeline was a lusty eater she enjoyed eating delicious food, she ate everything quickly and went to wash the dishes.

It dumbfounded Byron, her ability to eat food made Byron wonder if he wasn't feeding her right...he was right..?

"Leave it..you are already late..."

Madeline wanted to protest but Byron waved his hands signaling for her to go.

"Alright take care of yourself, I'll be back soon."

Madeline said softly as she walked out the door.

She wore a yellow gown that fell at her knees with her favorite black sandals .

She was considered the village belle, with her emerald eyes and red full lips.

Thornbury was bustling during morning's like this, you could see the baker selling freshly baked bread to customers, filling the air with vanilla and strawberry scent.

The fishermen coming back from the rivers, holding barrels carrying fresh fish to the towns, carpenters, the messengers, the chimney sweepers, everyone playing their everyday roles in Thornbury.

"Hey Madeline are you heading to Lady Brianna's."

Thomas who was said to be the village hunk ran up to Madeline.

Thomas was tall, with dazzling blue eyes,dirty blonde hair neatly packed into a pony tail, chiseled jawline and pointed nose. They weren't blind when they called the village hunk.

"Yes...do you need anything, I'm running late."

Madeline said politely as she started walking again. She wasn't a fan of this so called village hunk, they all had this belief that beautiful women should be with handsome men like them.

"Are you busy after this..."

Thomas asked, a woman like her should he his, he flashed a saccharine smile, making Madeline uncomfortable.

"It depends..i might help my father later..."

Madeline father owned a dress shop, he was very famous for his gowns and suits as even dukes and Kings came to place orders.

"Alright I will come to look for you if you're not busy."

Thomas knew Madeline was avoiding him, so he did not drag the matter. And left quietly, going to seduce another young girl he found by the stall.

Madeline continued walking for some minutes before getting to lady Brianna's house.

"MADELINE!!! You are late, this is the fifteenth time... do you even take this class seriously."

Lady Brianna scolded her face distorted in anger, the other ladies present also looked angry.

Who could blame them..

"I'm very sorry lady Brianna, that's why I've come tell you I'm leaving the class and going to help my father."

Madeline said politely as she stayed on the side silently, letting lady Brianna cool off.

"Leave...you're my best student, I want to make you my assistant."

Lady Brianna anger had disappeared as she looked at Madeline expectantly.

"No..no....this is my wish and I want to help my father..."

Lady Brianna sighed she has lost a good student, she wished she could trade Madeline with the other girls present.

"alright...do drop by from time to time."

Madeline nodded as she went out of the building , she didn't go home directly and instead she went to the Rose garden. It was the only place in Thornbury that roses grew, it was a quiet place, a place for solace.

It was Madeline happy place, it made her feel closer to mother, what Madeline did not know was that her mother was special and went back to heaven after she died.

She took her sketchbook from her pastel colored pouch bag, started drawing gowndesigns, she heard that the king was going to be hosting a ball, so they would need to create a lot of spectacular dresses.

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