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Three or more acquaintances who unravel the mystery of various ghostly problems based on a story and a narrative. 
They solve problems in the light of various mysterious puzzles. 
Where people of different professions explore that mystery with their intellect. They face various dangers. 
This mystery related to the terrifying ghoul mystery and treasure is explored through various puzzles. This book is full of exciting and scary stories.
There are mysterious puzzles that solve their intelligence. There are also added historical tragedy. 
They also go to foreign to solve mysterious problem. Become famous to solve many horrible story.

Main characters name:- 1.Colonel Niladri Sorkar
2. Private Detective K K Haldar and
3. Journalist Jayant.

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Status: c2 12d
Nice books and its story. When I read this book I enjoy it. It's language is very simple and understandable. This book is very beautiful. Please keep updating.


Nice book..very interesting can’t wait for more[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Status: c14 12d
Wow! Wonderful book cover and all chapter story. When I read this I enjoy it. I think I feel it from core of my heart. Mr.Colonel character is very nice.

Chapter 1: Leisure time.

Private detective K.K. Haldar reading newspaper. Drinking cup in his hand.

Suddenly said," Vampire!" with surprisedly.

As soon as Mr. Haldar gets excited, this gentleman of pride becomes more pride. The tip of his mustachetrembles. He said that he has been working for the cops for 34 years.

Walking around the crematorium in the dark forest, I never seen a vampire. Colonel aren't you looking?

Colonel Niladri Sorkar was reading an old book. Cigarette's blue smoke was playing on his shiny bald spot between his teeth. A piece of cigar ash was stuck in the sage's cheap white bread. It fell as soon as I raised my face. Said, "What Mr. Haldar, vampire? Didn't see but I heard."

Colonel said, "Vampire do live around the crematorium, eat the dead body. In Chandragarh, a vampire has eaten a dead body."

Mr. Haldar took a little cigar again. It is his habit to talk to the countrymen during times of tension. Jayant was talking if he did not write in the paper.

500000 circulation, so not Jayant . Today is Sunday 500000, the other day 300000. The news in 'The Daily Satyaseba Newspaper' is not exclusive at all. News sent by the news agency. So, it is not right to give importance to this news. In fact bad news is often printed to fill the page. Again, journalists also make interesting news from political point of view. Especially today Sunday, the holiday, what is the joy of evil to the readers. Mr. Haldar will not listen to my words.

In the crematorium but the river there is indeed a demon's abode. The demon has eaten the heart out of a dying stomach. The detective hurriedly got up.

Then as usual, he got up and said," Here it is". Isn't Mr. Haldar really going to spy in Chandragarh? It would have been a thrilling experience. If you could hold his company, you could. What a surprise! Don't you believe in cannabis news? I do. There is no end to mysteries of world nature. Colonel, what are you saying? The vampire man's primitive beliefs, superstitions and what not. You are forgetting Darwin's evolution information, Jayant. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. That is why missingling is spoken.

May be the vampire is not that missingling. Especially the terrible place I saw. There may be something mysterious about the mountain forest and the ancient ruins. The crematorium there is also historic. The Colonel placed the book on the table. At that moment, the royal story of Chandragarh was written in golden letters on the cover.

Oops! then it is understood that the story of the demon is also in that book. No, it is the story of the ancient dynasty of Chandragarh. Family history written by the king John Bahadur Singh in 18AD. The matter is doubtful.


The news of Chandragarh's vampire came out in the paper and the book also got into your hands immediately.

Vanu Charan brought another round of coffee.

With a kiss on the coffee, the Colonel said, "The book did not fly in my hand. Last month I went to Chandragarh in search of orchids. At that time there was a conversation with Ranbir Singh, a descendant of the kings there. He told the story of the long reign of the dynasty in words. He gave this book to prove that the story is true. I got up in a bungalow. There is no electricity. I started reading the book by candlelight. It was supposed to be returned in the morning. Suddenly, Ranbir Singh appeared at noon. I thought you came to see if the family history book was being cut. But it is not. The gentleman quietly said a strange thing. There is a puzzle inside the book. If you can untangle it, you will rewards me as much as you can."

Puzzle is-- "Never hold the foot of the Bull, father, what a blow to the head!"

I said to Colonel "In the old days, people used to hear puzzles. But this puzzle is absolutely a sphere puzzle."

What! What if the sphere puzzle?

The Colonel stood up. Then he went to the telephone and got a response by dialing and said colonel Niladri Sorkar to Sanjay, " Is your uncle gone?"

Um, ofcourse.

Yes , I know this. Why it's something known advance? Leaving the telephone, he looked at me with a bright smile and said," Brilliant darling! brilliant. At this time your lunch is invited to my house."

What's the matter? Why do you praise me so much in your face.

A comlex question has been solved from your mouth. Now one of the tasks is to find the vampire. So, Jayant understands that we have to go to Chandragarh.