Striving To be a billionaire

Striving To be a billionaire

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Struggling to make His Lifestyle better,Aiden. Was Frustrated. He attempted many ways to Make His Dream Come True. But none Of his attempt was Enough to Archive his Dream. His Dream was to Become a Billionaire. ---------- (On a particular day) "Aiden, Honey, could you please check the mail box?" Aiden's mother calls out to him. After hearing his mother's request, he replied, "Okay, I'll go check it." When he arrived at the mail box, he reached in and found a golden-colored letter that was gleaming. curiosity arose In His Mind,And He Opened the mail, and find a letter, Mentioning him. They contents were Simple "Do U want To Be a Billionaire.Then Come To Radford Richmond university" ____ Watch Aiden How He Overcome the Obstacles and Strive to Become a Billionaire.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: The unexpected mail

I was told since I was a child that bad times would pass and good times would follow.

Hoping For Good Days,I Spent My Life's 10 Years.

Guess what happened?


The curse called "poverty" never leaves our house.

from the time I was 12 years old. I realized the reality in front of me is cruel.

My father used to say to me, "Good times are coming." But in reality, good times were never really coming. Those were my father's consoling words to keep us motivated to live.

I don't blame my father for our current circumstances.

My father is a night guard at a pharmaceutical lab.

He only makes $110 per month.

which is insufficient for living in a 21st-century society.

And it is difficult to keep up with a family of five.

My family consists of my parents, myself, the only son, and two sisters, one of whom is my elder and one of whom is my younger.

My elder sister married at a young age. Due to our financial crisis,

I recall her leaving our home. She whispered in my ear and said, "Aidan, I couldn't fulfill my desire, but I'd want to see you live the dream that I buried beneath me. "Become Someone Who Will Be Recognized Around the World"

When she was finished telling me that, I looked at her face and noticed a single tear drop falling from her eyes.

But she swiftly wipes it away and bids us by.

That day, I cried until my mother came in and put me to sleep in her lap.

My Elder sister had always expressed an interest in becoming a teacher.

When we were younger, she would frequently assume the role of a teacher, assign me as a student, and instruct me while mimicking a teacher's behavior.

It brought back fond memories of my childhood.

She was constantly worried about me.

"When I become a teacher, I will make sure that you and our family live in a better environment than the one we are now in," she says.

Despite this, she was unable to archive her dream.


It's due to financial constraints.

It hurts me to recall her words.

But it was also because of her remarks that I didn't give up on my quest to become wealthy.


When I turned 21, I began working part-time while studying for the admissions test.

My father became ill unexpectedly when I was preparing for the entrance test, which caused a big shock to our family members.

As a result, I have to start working part-time.

But, to be honest, it was difficult for me to work part-time and study, and it had a significant impact on my studies. However, in light of my father's illness, I sealed my feelings and continued both.

My father's illness, according to the doctor, was caused by overworking and a lack of sleep.

I know the doctor's statements were true since I've witnessed my father working nonstop and without taking a single break.

I've advised him several times not to overwork himself.

He constantly said, "There are just a few years left for you to graduate, and then I can rest all I want, but for now, let me work for you guys."

If you question whether I have any resentment towards God,

The answer will be none.

I don't blame anyone since I know it won't make a difference.

I started saving money from my salary while working part-time and giving the rest to my parents.

After two months, I placed my savings in the stock market with the hopes of making a fortune.

Unfortunately, lady luck wasn't on my side.

The company I invested in was bankrupted. Thus, my money was lost.


It was the day of the admissions results.

I awoke early and rushed to the university to check on my status.

However, the institution was empty, with only clerks present.

I was so excited and nervous that I didn't notice that it arrived an hour earlier than scheduled.

When the students had gathered around the auditorium,

The scoreboard was brought to the middle.

The students then proceeded to the board to see their results.

After a 20-minute struggle through the mob, I arrived at the board.

I began nervously searching for my role number to see what came up.

And then I discovered my role and saw it in the right corner.

"ROLL-26789: WAITING LIST" was written.

I was disappointed to learn that I was on the waiting list.

I studied so hard, but I couldn't get through in one go, so I'm stuck on the waiting list.

It was uncertain if I would be admitted to the university.

According to what I've heard, being on the waiting list is the same as not being qualified to attend university.

After the waiting list, students were summoned to the headmaster's office, where they would pick a few of us to attend the university.

I followed the clerk who was escorting us to the headmaster's chamber with trepidation.

We were a group of roughly eight people.

We get into his office to find a burly man in his forties seated in front of us.

He was the headmaster of Linkovia University of Science, Robert Almacni.

Standing up, the headmaster looks at us as though assessing us.

The eight individuals surrounding me were extremely wealthy, and they had an atmosphere of grandeur.

I, on the other hand, was dressed simply in a t-shirt and jeans. My face was noticeably better than theirs, but it didn't really matter. People in this civilization are assessed by their wealth rather than their appearance.

He called the adjacent clerk and handed him a file after observing us.

Then, after paying our respects to the headmaster, we exited his room.

and led to another corridor.

Then the clerk announced the results.

"Those who have successfully joined the university are Roll Number 27568,

Roll Number -28960,

Roll Number -27680.

And for the last one who will be

Selected is... Roll Number-26790 "

My dreams were shattered. My life's hard work

It was all in vain. In the end, I couldn't keep my promise to my sister.

In this world, if you didn't graduate from a prestigious university, no one will recognize you.

Those words keep ringing in my head.


After my family learned the shocking news,

They came to me in this manner.

"Don't be dejected, son, try again next year," Mom said.

"Son, I can still work well; you only need to focus on your academics properly; try again next year, and I'm confident you'll pass."

They tried to conceal it, but I could see the sorrow in their eyes.

What a fucking disappointment I am.

I screamed inwardly.

But I could see my father's health deteriorating day by day.

He tells me he's OK, but I know he's lying.


I considered suicide after becoming depressed.

But I didn't do it because I was afraid of what would happen to my younger sister and parents after I died.

I was their only hope to see light in their lives.

but I couldn't bring myself to say that I was tired.

Even if I say this, they will tell me to 'take rest, son. If you're tired, you don't have to struggle for us. We will manage somehow'


I wanted them to say how much of a disappointment I was to them. but they didn't say it.

I noticed I was crying.

And then my mom called out to me from the drawing-room.

"Aiden, Honey, could you please check the mailbox?"

Aiden's mother calls out to him.

After hearing his mother's request, he replied, "Okay, I'll go check it."

When I arrived at the mailbox, I reached in and found a golden-colored letter that was gleaming.

Curiosity arose In my mind, and I opened the mail to find a letter, mentioning my name.

The contents were simple.

"Do you want to be a billionaire?" Then Come To Radford Richmond University. "

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