The Mafia's Gem

The Mafia's Gem


Contemporary Romance



The whole Mafia world is in a frenzy of finding the Gem. A Gem that is rumored to hold mysterious abilities that can wield remarkable powers to whoever comes in possession of it. 
When Anna Lin, a simple country girl, with no experience of the evils lurking outside her comfort finds herself holding the most priced stone ever, she either gives in to her fears or faces them and fights for what she truly thinks belongs to her.

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Status: c10 24d
[{"type":1,"text":"That was amazing 🤩🤩 and for the chapters that I have read so far, I could already start to imagine what a good story it will be.  Keep it up author."},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/f304b976ec7a786f548bda174bad8932/tenor.gif","height":165,"width":220}]


Great blurb and after reading the blurb, I'm curious about the story as it is not ordinary mafia story. Since from the blurb, I imagine it will be a gem searching kind of war. Good job, Author!🤗♥🥰


Status: c2 9d
to be honest, this isn't the type of story I am into, but even I was amazed by how good this was, can't recommend this enough! and this is coming from someone that typicly doesn't enjoy this type of stories!
great job author, wish you good luck!

Chapter 1: The Gem

"Where did you get this." The cold deep voice sent shivers down her spine. And she cowered with trembling limbs as the tall figure approached her.

The dim lights flickered. A metallic stench hung in the stale air, suffocating her lungs. Her breathing was ragged and she kept moving until her back hit the wall.

"Don't be scared, Little girl." The figure squatted down and she could now get a good view of his face. A deep scar ran from his right eye to his left cheek. His nose split into two. And one of his ears was missing. Raw fear clawed her heart and she quickly averted her eyes.

"Now, answer me," He continued and lifted his hand. His rough fingers grazed her tear-streaked face before he held her chin. "Who gave you this necklace?"

Anna tried not to have another glimpse of his monstrous face. He reeked of evil, and her sense shouted danger.


Her parched throat constricted and no words came out. "I..." her voice faded into the air. 

The man narrowed his eyes and clasped her throat. "Speak up! who gave it to you?" he thundered.

"I–I... I don't know," She said through quivering lips.

His fingers coiled around her neck, tightening their grip with each second, and she gasped for air. "Please..." tears flowed down her face as she tried to free herself in a futile attempt.

"If you want to live, tell me who gave you this," The man said through gritted teeth, his eyes turning red.

The little energy she had left gradually evaporated and Anna found herself hovering between life and death. She ceased struggling as her vision blurred. If only she knew the answers, she would wholeheartedly give it. The same question that had haunted her for as long as she could remember. 'I don't know.' was the only thing she could say when faced with such a question. Many people have marveled at the little stone around her neck but she could only provide the same answer. Even in this condition, she couldn't make up any lie and she hated herself for it.

"P–Please... don't."

Her plea fell on deaf ears as he didn't budge. "Y... You can have it... D–Don't kill me... please—"

A pang of regret hit her as those words left her lips. That necklace was precious to her.

"You think I'm going to let you go?" He paused suddenly before letting out a peal of ear-shattering laughter. Then he released her and she broke into a burst of cough.

"From the moment you came in here, the Gem is already mine." He stood up and started pacing in slow strides. "However." He halted in his footsteps and held her gaze. "I might consider letting you go if you tell me who they are. Finding them is as important as this." He opened his palm and revealed a tiny necklace whose little golden pendant flickered in the darkness.

"No." Anna rubbed her neck with a sniff. "I swear I'm... not lying."

Her gaze swept across the room as she shifted to a corner. Given a new lease on life, she wouldn't let go of the opportunity. She had to get out of there. "I–I can't remember how I got it."

"Nonsense." He snickered and lifted his head. "I will only give you one last chance." He retrieved a gun from his pants pocket and pointed it forward. "Answer me or this goes through your head."

Anna's heartbeat intensified at the sight of the gun. But she didn't stop moving. No, she doesn't want to die like this. Even though she had always been on her own, dying young, especially in the hands of these evil people was far from what she ever wished for.

Her hands wandered to her side and she grazed something cold and hard, all the while, being cautious of the man's movement. Her fingers paused and they trembled as she carefully wrapped them around the metal.

"Please believe me." Her voice rippled with slight confidence. And she raised it further to bid her time. "Y–You have to believe me—"

The man paced to the left corner of the room with his back to her.

In a flash, she rose on wobbly legs with both hands lifting the heavy metal wrench. Just then he turned around, and they came face to face.

Her hands froze mid-air as he let out menacing laughter. Every shred of humanity disappear from his face and the only image of him registered in her brain was that of a monster.

Her legs gave out and before she could land on the floor, he grabbed her neck and tossed her across the room.

"You little bitch," he growled.

Anna yelped as her body slammed against the wall.

Her back racked with pain and the little fragment of energy she had left evaporated.

Blood oozed down her forehead and the darkness returned, slowly consuming her vision.

Everything around her dimmed. His footsteps came from a distance. Even the dangers from the gun, now pressed against her forehead, did nothing to arouse her protective senses.

The darkness drowned her bit by bit and before she slipped into unconsciousness, her ears caught the sounds of gunshots. However, whether it was his gun that killed her, she died without pain.

She wanted to protect the Gem with her whole life, a promise she had broken in the nick of time. But, the divine providence has had mercy on her and helped her fulfill that promise.