[ Caution :Rated 18] Emir becomes a cold-hearted CEO after breaking up with the only girl he has ever loved Emma Griffin, He is a well known young man all over the world for owning the biggest companies and is the youngest and most successful,He is rude, cold-hearted people are afraid of him. Emma Griffin is now 21 years old sweet and innocent she is always smiling but lives with a broken heart. When they meet again will fate bring them back together or Will fate make them enemies?

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Chapter 1: Chapter: 1

I was so confused about boundaries it's been a while I realized the truth at an unexpected moment. I loved him for 2 years and planned the future with him, but I guess I moved on too fast I was sure he loved me back, he never made me feel vulnerable he was always good to me that it felt like a dream, he put meaning into everything and made endless metaphors, I always believed I was extraordinary to him,I gave everything I had without hesitation, I sacrificed my choices in my life.

Love gets trampled on and hopelessly melts away, all my relationships ended this way and I thought this one would be it, but this wasn't it until I found out Emir was proposing to someone else, I couldn't surmise it but this was right in front of my eyes, I needed answers to why he would message me and want me to see all that was in front of me. How horrible could this man be, He wasn't the guy I dated 2 years ago, could this be his way of getting me out of his way? Looking at the way he puts the ring on her finger tells me he loves her back.

Glancing at them I can't utter any words but to let my tears flow from my cheeks, He should have told me than to let me find out the truth this way, was I not worthy of being with him?, Was it something about me that he didn't like? He confessed that I meant everything to him and he always put me first, but this side of him was a side, I never saw this coming, I never expected this from him and now all that is left for me are his Souvenirs.


It's been 3 months after the incident and I can't believe everything that happened, I mean "Am I supposed to?". Doing things we used to do are now inscribed memories.

It's hard to do things without thinking of him because everywhere I look just reminds me of him, every song I listen to brings back the memories of us dancing and laughing for no specific reason. am intruded by the song coming from my TV it's called "To let somebody go by Coldplay ft Selena Gomez "

I chuckle to myself what a coincidence? and shook my head.

I wonder what will happen to me in the future, will I be able to find love and happiness again, will I be able to move on again?

Did he move on with her? What is he doing now? Is he really with her, Are they happy? I have a lot of qualms that are never going to be retorted.

There was never a time when I didn't think of him. After all, I always wish all the good things to happen to him. Since the day of the incident, I never heard from him. I know one day our paths will cross again and everything happens for a reason it's all I had to tell myself.

I don't recognize I was wailing until I heard a knock on my door "Who could be here at this hour?" I ask myself. I walk towards the door to unlock it and saw my best friend Jason standing by the door frame with a peal face he looked happy-sad, the Jason I know never looked this way he has always worn a plastered smile on his face, Jason is Emir's, close friend and at this point, I don't want to talk to him, I just need some time alone, but he insists it will only take a few minutes, letting him in and closing the door behind me.

I let him take a seat and let him know I was ready to hear what he would say.

He starts speaking "I knew nothing about it, Emma and I'm here to check if you are doing alright " he sighs and continues talking "I will stop contacting, Emir for you to be comfortable around me," he says, I know it hurts him a lot to make such a decision and I truly feel like he's a bad liar at this point but his expressions say it all.

I don't want the two of them to break their connection, I can't even let that happen and I can't be the one to end their friendship since I've known them to be close friends ever since I started dating Emir. looking back at how close they were together I can't let that happen and it's not my place to stop their friendship if Emir, was here he would have said the same thing, he was always good at solving things even if he was

caught in the entanglement.

I get lost in my thoughts " Earth, Emma" I hear Jason's voice and snap out of my thoughts. "Gosh, Jason did you have to scare me?" I chuckle.

"You are still thinking about him, aren't you?"

"It's just hard for me, not to Jay I loved him so much and you know it" I sigh.

" I know Emma and you can't let that break you, you've got a lot to be focusing on especially how you are going to get through this and focus on your dreams," he says.

" I know Jay but it's hard for me not to " I shout then burst out in tears.

He quickly pulls me into his arms hugging me "I'm sorry for being such a jerk and not being able to put your emotions first" he explains and continues to add on.

"Emma please just take all the time you need but don't let it break you, know I'll be always here if you need me, I'm just worried that you might end up losing every because of this, you need to be strong".

I feel guilty that I got him worried over me.

He knows what I'm going through.

" Now smile for me," Jason mumbles while scouring my tears.

it's been weeks since I last saw Jason, yes we've been talking on the phone and he said he is in Paris for a business meeting, he hasn't brought up anything about Emir, and honestly, I think he knows everything about his friend but he just doesn't want to break my heart even more by telling me about his whereabouts, I hope he doesn't either cause it will shutter me more even if I'm trying to forget about him, feelings just don't fade away in a blink of an eye and it is going to take some time for me to forget about Emir.

I leave my apartment, locking it behind me, I walk over to the elevator, I press the open button and it opens as I walk in. I sigh as I wait patiently as it goes down. It dings and opens. I smile at the security guard as I walk out of the building.

Sprawling in the park, I slumped on a bench where I used to sit with Emir, I can't help but start daydreaming of the wonderful times we had together.

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