A colored man during the 90's living in south chicago . aspiring to be victorious and successful like the elites of his time were. but his Race was a hindrance to his aspiring dreams. The bigotry was strong enough to kill his believes, including that his faith was labeled fatal to the society. forced to live and accept the discriminative society the nobles have made as a norm and tradition . but his ambitiousness was greater than the tradition of his people. knowing well that his decision is going to be a big plight he will bear alone. A pain that could be more than him to bear but he chooses to, just to change the segregative society he calls a home for the betterment of his kind that will come after him.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: PROLOGUE


They were not new residents of south chicago . Imran and hauwa have spent their whole connubial life there . A life that everyday brings forth a new pain . every chapter is written with tears and denied hope . A community where despise and condemnation is a pledge the affluent holds firm . they do not wish to raise their children in such a ghetto filled with so much pain and misconduct but fate has chosen it for them.

The community was divided into parts. A reserved resident for the whites and the ghetto for the blacks . but even this ghetto had restrictions as the locals were not meant to associate with the muslims or take them as allies . so they learn to adapt to the community that was far from neighborly . Amidst this hardship and antagonistic society they find happiness in the eyes of their children . omar, kwairah and Hassan .

The two elders that have accepted the fate they were born in and annul their desire for education or alteration . But Hassan was desperate, he sees no reason why he shouldn't get opportunities like the rest . But some sacrifices has to be made to achieve certain goals .

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