Chained (Romance)

Chained (Romance)

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Bound to a wheelchair the temperamental, driven and ruthless Rodrigo Olivares is compelled to seek a caretaker whose sole job is to tend to him when required. Unluckily for him he stumbles upon Chi, a Nigerian foreigner who migrated to the States in hope of a better living and will do anything to get under his favored grace. A man pronounce doomed, a lady with the hands of redemption. This unfolds a rollercoaster of courage, healing and romance of two unlikely pair who choose to write their fate themselves. Special thanks to Akonanya Chinedu for such a lovely cover

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Prologue


If you want to know the end, look at the beginning_African proverb



Third person's pov

"Daddy how much further" the little boy whines drowsily while emitting a yawn.

"How about we play a game of close your eyes and I count to 10" his father suggested, glancing through the front view of the driver's seat. Laughing, the little boy leans on the center console to whisper in his father's ear

"I've told you countless times that it's called hide and seek and not close your eyes".

"You don't have to whisper Rodrigo since there's no one around and besides I can take correction properly like a grown ass man"his father said while ruffling his hair with his dormant hand. "We also can't play hide and seek since I'm driving so your old man has to improvise"he continued.

"Ok daddy! game on" the little boy shouted in excitement from the backseat, eyes as bright as saucers and ears as sharp as a knife so the game began.

"4....5....6...OMG! don't open your eyes Rodrigo!!! his father cried from the driver's seat trying to shield the little boy with his whole body.

There were screeching sounds and lots of pain before the unmistakeable sound of the siren and everything went bleak.




A woman with disheveled hair and mismatched slippers  runs through the doors of St.Andrew's hospital crying in hysteria " where's my husband?"

"where's my son?" she runs to the counter, after supplying the necessary information to the lady behind the counter she was instructed to wait for the doctor since an emergency surgery has just began some minutes ago. After several hours of waiting, a doctor and some nurses in green scrubs emerges from the emergency unit. In a soothing voice the doctor said the words everyone who has ever loved hates to hear "He suffered severe brain damage, fractured bones,bursted arteries among others....  tried to stop the bleeding, regulate his heartbeat... unfortunately we lost him....and she passed out on the cold floor of the hospital.


A/N: This is not entirely a work of fiction, during the course of the story you may notice some real facts or detect some peculiarities attributed to a group of people. For example, My female lead will greet alot because she's Nigerian and Nigerians are known to greet alot. Please do Ignore typos, grammatical errors and misplaced punctuations you may come across.

I'll try to work on my editing. Thanks for reading guys.




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