The Vial Of Hypnos

The Vial Of Hypnos





The Three Vials Of Deus are said to keep the balance of the universe. But mankind's greed has led them in search of that which is forbidden by the heavens for their own selfish needs.

One such human is an 18-year-old boy by the name of Avic. After losing his parents in the Great Spirit Disaster 10 years ago, Avic made the ultimate decision to find the Vial Of Hypnos and revive them.

Making this dangerous decision, Avic sets out on a perilous journey to find the Vial Of Hypnos, waging war against Sicarius, Demons, gods, Angels, Monsters, and Devils.


Avic: Eliisabet! Custos! Get over here! I'm in some dire need of help!!

Eliisabet and Custos: (Come running as fast as they can.)

Eliisabet: What is it, Avic?! Are we under attack?!

Avic: No, I can't reach my water pouch...

Eliisabet and Custos: (-.-) You do realize your pouch is just next to you, right..?

Avic: Yeah, but it's a few centimeters out of my reach... I think I'm going to die of thirst if I can't reach it soon..!

Custos: Sigh... (facepalms)

Eliisabet: Avic, you lazy idiot!

Avic: Aw! Don't be like that! I'm not lazy, I'm just highly motivated at doing nothing...


The update schedule is a minimum of 7 chapters per week with a likely increase. This book is also a part of the WSA 2022. If you like, please don't hesitate to shoot a power stone and a few Golden Tickets! Of course, the more support the book gets, the more I'll reward my readers. Best of all, I currently have no plans in locking my chapters, even if contracted, so good news to all you free-to-read readers! Please share the book and show your support if you like... Thanks!

The following days will have double chapter releases. This is subject to change:

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25 PS - 1 Bonus Chapter
50 PS- 2 Bonus Chapters
75 PS- 3 Bonus Chapters
100 PS- 4 Bonus Chapters (If I have time, I'll make it 5)

35 Golden Tickets- 1 Bonus Chapter
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Top Reviews



I love your book cover. your book cover is unique. the start of your story is amazing. your plot is strong no doubt. On the whole, your story is heart-touching.


Status: c3 14d
Writing quality: So far this is one of the best points of the novel. The author does a very good job describing things, making it very easy for the reader to imagine.
Story development: this is the only category I will give a 4. The first conflict of the book seems forced and a little bit unnecessary. I think the author may have plans to make it important but as of now it seems like it was an illogical fight for both parties to get into. 
Character Design: the character design is amazing. The author makes it very easy to imagine a characters physical appearance. The author also does a great job of showing the characters personality.
World background: The world building is also very good. The author slowly builds up the world around the MC without having to do massive info dumps. Most of the information we get about the world from the first few chapters is through dialogue, which I think is a very smart choice. 
Overall good job author and keep up the good work. 


Status: c19 14d
Let me sum up each point individually , the story is very well written and very easy to underatand, there are no issues with words and sentenses are well put  with almost negligible grammatical issues which make reading it very smooth.

The background is very well described and each thing is properly explanied. The characters are written after a lot of thought which makes reader imagine various scenes vividly in their minds .

The progression of story fill your heart with lots of expectations and suspense maybe its because of writing style of novel which is unique in its own way.
The build up to various events dont take extra time nor stretches over unnecessary chapters.
But at same time it gives reader to expect more and more as the storyline has lot of potential to do various things .

Would love to upgrade rating to 5 stars when more chapters get uploaded to get Better picture of where we are heading with story

To sum  it up i would only say - instead of reading those generic novels this is a real gem hiding waiting for you to unravel. 😊😊

Chapter 1: Introduction

Hello and thank you for choosing The Vial Of Hypnos! I promise you will not be disappointed with the content that lies ahead. However, before you begin, there are a few important things that I should point out about the story.

1. The story isn't necessarily modern or medieval. It's a slight mix of both. I'm straying from our real-life timeline with how things progressed with technology. There are powers and other abilities in the book so I always believed that technology should develop differently when compared to real life since there are different circumstances surrounding society. However, the timeline will seem more medieval than modern. Just with some tweaks.

2. You will come across a few strange words and phrases that you're not familiar with as readers. However, these aren't explained at the beginning to prevent an info dump. Instead, you learn more about what these terms mean as you continue through the story. But I also give hints to let the reader have a basic understanding of what the words mean so they don't get confused. It is readable so I believe everything should be okay.

Those are the two most important points for me to point out. Thank you for taking the time to read it through! Go ahead and dive in!

PS: I love using foreshadowing and hints in the story. A lot of these are hidden in some of the terms that I use throughout the story.

Hint: Some words are Latin translated. Translate them to English and there's a chance you'll get a hint as to what they're foreshadowing. (If not, that's fine if you want to be more surprised when plot twists and other important events come around.)