Dave is happily married to his perfect wife but little does he know that not everything his eyes can see is real. he is faced with reality but can he get out of his head to survive it

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here story begins

Chapter 1: IN MY HEAD- CHAPTER 1

The early morning sun is hitting the bedroom windows allowing a ray of light to shine on Carl's' face. He scrunches his nose and turns away from the light, beside him is a slender lady with shoulder-length black hair laying on her side.

He scoots closer to her and hugs her waist, "enjoy this for as long as you can, it's nearly that time" she says as she turns to face him with a soft smile on her face. Likewise, he smiles and closes his eyes going back to sleep.

With a loud gasp Carl jolts forward out of his sleep, looking around the dark room and breathing heavily. "Not again" he says while getting out of bed, he walks to the washroom puts the light on and washes his face.

Looking into the mirror he sighs loudly, "look at what you have become" he says to himself with a look of disappointment plastered on his face.

A knock is heard at the door, a cold shiver runs through his body when he hears it, considering it's midnight, and he lives alone. He walks towards the door "who is it?" , the knocking intensifies then eventually slows down. Carl jumps out of shock and quickly goes to the kitchen to get a knife for protection.

"WHO IS IT!" he shouts while walking closer to the door. A tiny voice can be heard through the door, but it's not recognizable. "What?" he says while pressing his ear on the door frame. "Open up I'm cold" the little voice roars through the door.

Carl is taken aback by the loud scream and slowly opens the door. On the other side is a little girl who looks like she can be around eight years old, with long brown hair fair skin and wide brown eyes.

He lets her in and closes the door, she walks straight to his room stomping her feet. He just stands there in amazement, not knowing what to do, his face is in a confused state while his body is frozen stiff.


"What else do you see" an elderly man is sitting on top of a desk, swinging a black string connected to a gold circular coin. Carl is seated opposite the elderly man on a sofa, with his eyes fixated on the coin. "I can't move" his body becomes tense and his breathing quickens. The therapist stops swinging the coin and walks towards him, stretching his hands towards his face.

With a snap of his fingers he escorts Carl out of the trance. "Do you know the girl that you saw?" he asks while walking back to his desk, opening the draw to get a book and pen. " I have no idea who she is, first it was the woman, now it's her, I don't know what's going on." He sloughs on the sofa and lays his head backward in defeat.

" She's your child Carl, that's the only explanation, last week you told me that the woman you have been seeing is your wife or so she states," he begins writing vigorously in his notepad. "That's crazy!" he jumps up from his seat, "These are just dreams why is it affecting me so much" he paces back and forth aimlessly.

"It seems as though your dreams are becoming a reality" he puts his notepad on the desk and gives off a loud sigh. "I've seen a case like this before but sadly that patient didn't make it out alive" Carl stops in his tracks and looks at the therapist as though he is crazy, "Are you seriously trying to say I'm going mad? Do I look like I'm going mad!."

He rushes up to the desk and grabs the therapist by his collar. His face is crimson red and veins run through his arms like vines. He grips his collar even tighter and closes the gap between their faces. "I don't pay you to compare me with your pathetic patients, I pay you to fix me".

The therapist squirms under him, pushing his hands against his chest as a way of getting him off. "Don't let your emotions control you Carl, that's what has you here in the first place", Carl slowly lets go of him and walks towards the door with his hands rubbing his face.

"What's wrong with me?" he says under his breath as he leans up against the door, "Aaron why can't you fix me?" Aaron looks at him as though he has seen a ghost, he raises his hand to point at the side of him, as his hands shiver with fear. "Are you ok?" he looks at the side of him but sees' no one. "I think you need to leave" Aaron packs his belongings quickly and stands in the far corner of the room.

Carl is in complete confusion looking around the room, trying to understand what's going on. He then picks his jacket off the sofa and exists the room.


"Lana get back here, your father would be home soon" Tia shouts from across the street trying to alert her daughter who is picking flowers in the neighbors' garden. Lana quickly gets up off the floor, dusts her pink dress and runs towards her mother.

Tia hugs her and brushes her long brown hair away from her face "Your father doesn't like you wondering off like that, what if he saw you over there" Lana looks up and smiles brightly at her mother then holds her hand, they begin walking towards a house.

In the distance Tia sees Carl walking towards them, his brows are intensely knitted together and his eyes are piecing through the nothingness in the distance. His pace picks up as he glances at her. "Dad" Lana shouts with excitement running towards him.

He bumps into her, stops for a brief moment caressing his knee and watching around as though he didn't see what he bumped into. Shrugging off the incident, he continues to walk down the street like nothing happened, returning to his overly focused strides.

Tia runs to Lana and picks her up, "are you ok baby, daddy didn't mean that" she says while kissing her forehead. "Doesn't he care about me??, he didn't even look at me mom" she said sliding out her mothers' hand onto the floor.

"He just had a long day" she takes out the house keys from her pocket and gives it to Lana. "How about you go home before me and start preparing the living room for movie night" she smiles at her while placing the keys in her hand.

Lana nods her head and starts skipping down the street, Tia turns around and begins power walking in the same direction as Carl. She walks up to his front door and knocks loudly. On the other side of the door she can hear stomps getting closer to the door.

The door violently swings open revealing Carl in his pajamas. Tia has a confused look on her face while her eyes runs from his feet to his eyes, "Are you ok?" she asks while still scanning him. Carl rolls his eyes and leans on the door frame "what do you want Tia" he says in a frustrated tone while gazing over her head.

"Was that necessary, the way you bumped into Lana. Do you hate us that much?" she said with venom rolling off of her tongue. With a sly smile Carl looks directly at her "can you stop forcing yourself and your child on me, don't you think i know that it's all fake" he puts his hand on the door and slowly begins to close it. "ARE YOU INSANE!" Tia shouts at the top of her voice.

She drags her hands through her hair and takes a deep breath. "You need help Carl, you're going crazy". He ignores her and slams the door shut. Tia lingers in front of the door for some seconds then turns around, she notices an elderly lady staring in her direction through the window opposite Carl's' house.

The lady seems to be searching for someone in her direction as though she's not seeing her. Tia brushes it off and walks down the street towards her house.


As Carl slammed the door he quickly locked it and slid down the door with a deep sigh, his head is slowly leaning forward as his eyes are closing. "What have I done" he whispers to himself, tears are streaming down his face, falling to the floor like raindrops.

His huge palms go up to cover his face as his sobbing increases, "Why can't you just be free" another whisper escapes his lips as his body starts sliding sideways off the door and hitting the floor. A sudden grief explodes inside him and a scream that was trapped for many years escaped At that moment.

He feels hands on his shoulder tapping him vigorously. "Hunny are you ok??" the person is still shaking him with their panic intensifying "Carl! what's wrong". He opens his eyes and at the side of him sitting up is his wife Izzie in front of him with worried eyes.

Looking around frantically he realizes that he's on his bed with the sunlight piercing through the window hitting his face. "Iz, what just happened?, why were you shouting?", she leans forward inching closer to his face and places a kiss on his forehead. "I think you need therapy, you have been crying a lot in your sleep these days"

Sitting up on the bed he holds her both hands and caresses them. "I'm sorry for putting you through that love, but I think you forgot that I'm already getting therapy with Aaron". She looks down at her phone and back up at him, "sorry how could I forget, I'm just exhausted, uhh I have to make a call I'll be right back" she smiles while touching his cheeks. She then takes her phone and walks to the washroom, dialing a number and placing the phone by her ear while tapping on the sink. " Lana can you put mommy on the phone"


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