Mie is a girl from middle class family, her parents died in an accident at her younger age. So her father's brother raised her. Her school life was so mess because there were so many students used to bully her . After she get into college, she got so many good friends and she had a crush on a boy named mike,but mike didn't loved her, he was in a secret relationship with a girl named Jennifer and she was also mie's enemy. That made her broken, with the help of her friends she tried to forget everything. After graduation she went to Korea for her masters. In there she accidentally met with her kpop idol ( Jeon jung mo) and they being in love. They get married secretly but they got exposed by a paparazzi. A sudden fall of his fame and so many hates make jeon jung mo lead to depression and he tried to commit suicide. Mie don't want to live in this world without him ,but before he lived her ,he gived a big responsibility to her. She was pregnant with his baby.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: My first crush

Today is mie's first day to college, she was so excited probably because her school life is a mess.

A girl with so many dreams but less self confidence. She never being in love before so her first mission after going to college is to find her soul mate.

Mie was in a bus on her way to college. She was hearing some music that day is so bright and beautiful .

After some time the bus stoped a guy entered in just like the day his face was so bright, mie can't help but stared at him. His visible white shirt with blue jeans and his abs were very visible. He came in and sat beside mie, she started gulp hard,

Gosh I can't even breath,mie are you idiot why are you blushing what if he notice she took a deep breath and waved at him ,hey I am mie.He looked at her and a wide smile, his eyes were glowing.

Mie smiled back, now the bus is already on her stop,

she felt sad because she don't know if she can see him again. She stood up from her seat and went out of the bus.

Mie is in her college now, she was quite scared becoz it's hard for her to mingle with people. she went to her respective class and started to introduce herself to everyone.

It was really hard for her at first ,after she tried to get know each of her friends, they became good friends.

It's been so long, she haven't met him again but her mind is full of his face, his glowing eyes and his wide smile.

to be continued...

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