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Red & Black


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(Warning: Mature content) 

The night queen, the queen of the dark- Ambrosia De'ville. The queen of her territory.

A venomous woman, adopted the only daughter of the famous gaming company president, Mr. Wayne Vladimir. A girl with the blood she dreads.

Darren Vladimir vows to do everything to get his sister back from the witch..... No, Blood sucking venomous woman. And to do that, he has to take his sister's place. They made a deal.....
A deal with consequences if broken.

*You will replace your sister and become my slave, and I will give her back to you..... If this deal is breached, the person you love the most will have to DIE*
*Yes I accept..... Just let my sister go.*

A dangerous deal.....

But the famous arrogant researcher, Darren Vladimir, had a different plan in mind.
The deal might backfire...... He is going to TAME HER, the forest vampire and send her to hell where she belong.

Ambrosia drew closer and raised his jaw using her middle fingers, staring at his grey orbs, never taking her eyes off or blinking away. The man was determined. He raised a corner of his lips, smiling at her lopsidedly. He wasn't blinking away too but staring at the gorgeous but cold woman who leaned so close to him.

 "Are you falling for me already?" he asked.

She raised a brow at the sudden question but her face went back to her usual deadpan state. "I see you are determined......Fine then, I give you fourteen days. Fourteen days to get me on your bed. If after the fourteenth day, and nothing happened between us, then I might end up punishing you severally. A punishment you will never forget."
His smile broadened, "Fine then, but if after that fourteenth day, I succeed, you will also be punished."
She smiled and moved back, "You are crazy, aren't you?" she said staring at him. "Fine then, let's make that part of our deal."

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Status: c3 8d
I'm not going to lie to you and tell you this is the most magnificent thing to ever be created in this world. Honestly, this is a read you can pick up when you're bored and slowly grow to love. Only complaint is the inappropriate use of commas in certain areas. Characters could use a bit more emotion but it's not too much of a deal breaker. A little bit of editing could go a long way. 


Status: c17 1d
This book is a 10/10! I was so interested and hooked that I didn't even realized when I finished reading all the 17 chapters . Will be looking forward to it! !


Status: c3 1d
The choice of vocabulary and the expressions are pitch perfect. Everything has been elaborately described that you don't miss anything. The story development is nice so far and it kept me hooked since it's so interesting! Not only can you understand the characters' way of thinking from text, the world background is also easy to imagine because of the clear usage of words. 
I like your way of writing author, keep it up!😊

Chapter 1: Ambrosia

Far away from the night sky in the middle of the forest was an old castle, dark and eerie. The old ancient castle was built centuries ago for a royal family, but it was lifeless now. The walls were built with old sun burnt bricks and some parts of it were covered with green ivy. Even though it have lived for centuries, it was still intact without a part of the wall breaking down.

A lady dressed in a black cloak limped and landed on the rooftop with ease. She cat-walked slowly towards a room on the rooftop humming to a song with a smile while rotating a bunch of keys round her fingers. The door opened paving a way for her to enter and she walked in, pulling down her cloak and hanging it on a bear statue by the room entrance. The room reeked of blood, but that didn't bother her as it was her favorite smell. The smell of blood.

Heavy groans could be heard in the room as she walked further and that made her smile broadly. The room wasn't so dark due to the full moon which shined with it glory, but it was bright enough to see the other person in the room.

Ambrosia stopped in front of a man tied to a chair, blood dripping from his forehead and some parts of his body, and his shirt wet with sweat. She picked up a golden cup filled with blood from the table and took a sip from it.

"Pl...please Ambrosia, forgive me,"

he said weakly and spat out blood from his mouth.

Ambrosia smirked and dropped the golden cup gently on the table. She walked to the window and looked at the moon. The full moon night, the nights she dreaded. The night she's always at her weakest.

She moved her eyes away from the moon and took them back to the man who was breathing heavily.

"Spare me Ambrosia, my wife is at the hospital. I need to be there for her," he cried, but the forest queen remained in her position like a statue, not blinking her eyes away from him.

Harry closed his eyes letting the tears gathered flow down his cheeks. Who was he kidding? Ambrosia doesn't have any sympathy in her. He should have known, he should have known not to go against her will. She is everywhere even though she was locked up in this castle. His poor wife was all alone in the hospital, trying to bring out their baby to this world. She had called him an hour ago to come over to the hospital and be with her while she bring forth their child, but here he was, captured by the forest queen.

"You were given a simple task, but you choose not to obey me. I hate men like you whose emotions always get the better of them. You are nothing but a piece of garbage I'm about to wipe out," she said, staring at him with a straight face. She wasn't moved with his tears a bit, but only wanted to finish him off at that moment. She was thirsty, thirsty for fresh blood and he will be just that.

Harry let more tears flow down his eyes as he cried out like a child denied a snack. He was worried about his wife and his child, because they would be all alone with him dead. His poor mother who has no one except him. He was the breadwinner of his family but now, he is going to die.

Ambrosia left the window and appeared in front of him raising his chin up so she could stare at him. She smiled and Harry knew at that moment that she has other things in mind. A dangerous idea.

"Or we could make a change of plan right now,"

she moved her hand to his neck and dip her sharp finger into his neck causing a scream to escape his lips. She brought out her finger and licked the blood stained on it. "You or your new born child," she dropped the bombshell.

Harry shivered at the mention of his child. The world around him froze that moment as he tried to digest what she said. His new born child? He can't lose the child immediately it was born. Ambrosia is so heartless that even little kids aren't spared from her. If only he had just killed the chairman of the power corp as she requested, then he wouldn't be in this mess right now. His emotion got the better of him and now It was too late. Too late to regret his action.

Him and his wife have waited anxiously for his baby to be born and now, the forest queen want him to choose between him and that child? He won't be able to live with that guilt for the rest of his life. Maybe dying would be the best thing, and he will be freed from the multiple killings he have done for Ambrosia. His wife and his child would be able to live a peaceful life and wouldn't get entangled in his world of crime.

Ambrosia left his chin and appeared in her formal position by the window, staring at the man who was about to sacrifice his life for his child.

"Impressive. Sacrificing for a kid who wouldn't know about it when he is old enough. That is foolishness."

"It is not foolishness. It is not foolishness to sacrifice because of the love I have for my child. You don't know what love is that is why you show no mercy to people. All your life, you have been locked in this forest without leaving so you wouldn't know what love is."

Ambrosia appeared in front of him again and raised him up along with the chair he was tied to, by his neck. Harry struggled to free himself from her grip but he wasn't able to push her away. She is at her weakest every full moon but the little strength she has can kill a thousand men.

Her bright red eyes glow in the dark as she flung him across the room, making the wooden chair to break on him.

Harry coughed out blood as he tried getting up but couldn't as all his strength were gone. She approached him with a menacing look as black veins appeared on her neck in a chain like manner, and her fang grew out.

"Love? I hate that word,"

she said and raised him up again. She pinned him to the wall and leaned closer to his ear, "You are an emotional fool and you don't deserve to live." She drove her fang into his neck, sucking out his blood. Harry slowly closed his eyes and gave up. It was the end for him.

Ambrosia dropped his lifeless pale body on the floor and licked the blood on her lips. He was gone, good riddance. She is the owner of the castle and the queen of forest. For centuries, she's been in the forest with a spell blocking her from the outside world. The forest was covered with a spell stopping her from leaving. She can't leave the forest, it's impossible. To do her outside business, she had to hire humans. Harry is one of them. The others are all dead too and now, she has no human to work for her.

She looked towards the window and smiled. Just as she wanted, a human was in the forest.

A young girl kept walking deep into the forest, looking back every minutes, frightened and fidgeting, not knowing the danger she was taking herself to. The Young girl dressed in a white hoodie jacket and a pink trouser with a school bag on her back, was so terrified been in the forest. The forest was dark and the only noise that could be heard was the noises of the whistling sound caused by the wind blowing the leaves on the tree. She can't find her way back to the road and was lost in the haunted forest. Her loud breathing could be heard by anyone who stood beside her as she kept walking further. She was trying to be brave and find her way out, but her brain and legs kept failing her. She heard a footstep approaching her making her to stand still on her spot not daring to make another move. What if it was a wild animal or the forest witch people talked about? That means the end for her. No one has ever come out of the death forest alive and she might not too.

As the footstep kept approaching her, she swallowed and slowly turned to face the threat behind her.

"Hello." Ambrosia said smiling widely.

Isabel eyes almost popped out of it socket. A beautiful brown-haired lady was standing right in front of her smiling mischievously. Isabel moved back as more tears flow down. Ambrosia also took a step making Isabel move back again.

"Wh...who are you?"

"She don't know me," Ambrosia to no one. She looked at Isabel and smiled, "I am your worst nightmare."

Immediately she said that, Isabel wetted her pants and fell to the floor. "Please, don't harm me…." she cried, but Ambrosia paid no attention to her pleas, coming closer to her. She raised the human girl up, controlling her with her hands, and brought her closer to her so there wasn't a breathing space between them. She leaned towards her neck and sniffed it. Without a warning, her long fang went deep into the female human skin, causing a loud scream from her.


The alarm beside his bed rang again annoyingly, causing a groan to escape his lips. He raised his hand and hit it severally before it went off. He turned his head to the other side of the bed going back to sleep, but his phone rang out.

"Damn it," he said and removed the pillow he had used to cover his ears.

He stretched his hand towards his phone, and picked it up from the drawer beside the bed. Without looking at it, he picked the call and placed it on his ear, "Hello....." he said in a husky voice, with his eyes shut. The reply from the caller at the other end forced him to open his eyes. He brought the phone to his face and when he saw the caller, placed it back on his ear. "You are kidding, right? Why was she abandoned at the forest? Not just any forest but the death forest?" he sat up, "This is a joke which is not funny," he said.

"No, I am not kidding. The whole search team are at the forest searching for her, but no trace has been found yet. Not even a lead to where she is now," his caller responded.

Darren squeezed his eyes shut as his throat went dry, and his powerful jaw tightened. He brought his phone down and tightened his hold on it. With the fear and worry in his brother's voice, he had no reason to doubt the disturbing news he just received. His sister, Isabel, is missing in the death forest. A place of no return.

Not able to control his anger, he threw his phone at the wall, breaking it into pieces, but he cared less about it.

He got down from the bed and went to the bathroom.