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IS LOVE WORTH THE RISK? "Don't get caught" The golden rule of success in an industry as competitive as the K-pop industry, but this rule only counts when one debut. After 10 years of training under GK Entertainment, Hwang Nari is let go by the company. She accepts an offer from the scandal-ridden Memphis Entertainment and joins the Company's new six members girl group "VIXEN" as the last member, It is easy to lose oneself in an industry as Illusive as the Entertainment industry. No one understands that more than Kim Ha Jun who has worked in the industry as both a producer and an artist for 12 years. For the first time in his 12 years career, Kim Ha Jun finds himself breaking one of his major Rules when he meets Hwang Nari. His Control is challenged by an idol but not just any idol but a member of the girl group he is assigned to as a Producer. Falling in love is the last thing on their minds, yet they find themselves falling deeper the closer they get. *************** This story is complete fiction and is not a recount of history nor in any way related to real-life K-pop Idols, groups, Celebrities, companies or events. Any similarity to real facts is just a coincidence and is a work of my imagination. Any similar names or place is completely coincidental as this work is fiction. *Enjoy !!!!!!!! ********* Book cover credits goes to the original Artist.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: GLOSSARY

Hallyu: The Korean Wave that globalized Korean culture.

Idol: A K-pop performer.

Bias: Your favourite. This applies to your favourite group and/or idol. Your ultimate bias would be your ultimate favourite.

Bias wrecker: The group/idol that makes you question your true bias.

Oppa: "Older brother;" is a term used by females to address older males.

Hyung: "Older brother;" is a term used by males to address older males.

Unnie: "Older sister;" is a term used by females to address older females.

Noona: "Older sister;" is a term used by males to address older females.

Maknae - the youngest member of the group

Dongsaeng: "Younger brother/sister;" is a term used by both sexes to address both younger males and females.

Sunbae: A term used to describe peers with more experience. Sunbaenim is another form of referring to peers with more experience.

Hoobae: A term used to describe peers with less experience.

Jondaetmal: Honorific language; formal language is often used by hoobaes towards sunbaes.

Stans: Extremely dedicated fans who are devoted to the idols and their work.

Anti-fans: Those who are against an idol/group and sometimes even their fans.

Saesang: A fan who is overly obsessed with the idols. Their behaviour may include harassment, mobbing, and even stalking.

Daesang- It is the most prestigious award at Korean award shows. It is awarded at the end of every show.

Aegyo: Cute gestures, voices, and actions

Selca: A selfie

Hwaiting!: "Fighting!" This is an exclamation used to support another.

Nugu: This term is most frequently used towards groups from smaller agencies who are not that well known to the general public.

Netizens - the Citizens of the internet.

IMO - In my opinion

IMHO - In my honest opinion.

Daebak- It is an expression for 'Woah Awesome!' or something related to awesome. When an idol sings very beautifully, the audience can go 'Daaeeebaak!'

Saranghae- I Love You.

Omo!- It is used when you are astonished.

CF- Commercial Film. It is like an advertisement which features idols. More CFs for a particular idol indicate his popularity.

Fansite Masternims- They are the admins of the main fanbases of various idols/ groups. These Masternims are the main reason we get all kinds of HD pictures in all the events of the idols. They attend fan signs and are present at almost all the events of their idols.

Delulu Fan - Delusional K-pop fans that believe an idol belongs to them. They often see their idols as their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Solo Stan - Fans that support only a single member of a K-pop group.

Light stick - a device that is used by the fans to light the dim crowd during concerts and live performances of their favourite k-pop groups. It is another medium of cheering aside from banners and placards. Each kpop group has their design of lightsticks.

Ocean - "stars in the night sky"-like view of combined lightsticks inside the arena

Fan chant - a song fans use to sing along with their k-pop idols.

SNS - stands for social media network services and encompasses all social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social networks.

MPE - Memphis entertainment.

GKE - Gk entertainment

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