Retired Playboy CEO Feisty Wife

Retired Playboy CEO Feisty Wife


Contemporary Romance



Hua Wumian blinded by her hatred for her stepsister and her family,

She sets up a entertainment company to go against them, she became naive and held grudges she wasn’t supposed to,

Then she suddenly got the realization, she had been going about it the wrong way, she had become transparent to her enemies.

At that time she thought if she went against them first, she will come out the winner.

So she became one word.....Unpredictable 


“No matter what family comes first, we can't ignore it even if we try to, because the blood still runs through our veins."

He nodded and smiled..

“Do you still hold a grudge....”

She smiled and nodded,

“Just one.... she took my family, she took my place in society, she took my fame...I want her to repay everything slowly...and this time i will not be blinded by anger or hatred...”

She had horns and stone wall around her but she only let them down for one person ...Su liangxiao.

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Status: c2 9d
[{"type":1,"text":"From the first start, this is a nice novel\nAwesome at the best\nAnd also it's interesting 😃\nAlready added it to library right away!!!\n[img=recommend]"},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/254c9ec99a02b690dfe0de2db145bd27/tenor.gif","height":361,"width":220}]


Not my cup of tea but im sure someone will absolutely love this! And while it may not be my favorite, I can tell when someone has put effort into a good book such as this one!!


Status: c4 3mth
Interesting idea that has a lot of potential. Characters have depth and feeling with which the reader can identify. I do think that the author can convey emotions well, and it is certainly a strength of this book. Keep going! 🎉

Chapter 1: Bright star lotus clothing line




Hua Wumian got up from the bed sluggishly, she desperately wanted to ignore this dreadful alarm clock but there was no way she'll be able to sleep through it . when her mother placed the alarm's ringtone on danger mode.

She looked at the time, 7:00am. It was this early. This was too early for a night owl like Hua Wumian.

Sigh..Monday mornings!

"So early..."

She sent a glare at the alarm clock before struggling out of the bed. Poor alarm clock it was just doing its job.

After taking a shower, she shivered when she came out, quickly wearing her clothes to avoid the cold before she came downstairs.

Country M was usually cold in the mornings, so Hua Wumian usually stayed in bed late.

"I thought you'd sleep through danger mode.."

Bai Zhi deadpanned as she placed the bowls on the table, Hua Wumian only grumbled sitting on the chair.

This was usually how their mornings started, Hua Wumian grumbling from lack of sleep, Bai Zhi sighing as she prepared breakfast.

"No human being would be able to sleep through danger mode.."

Hua Wumian muttered as she stuffed the breadstick inside her mouth. Munching it angrily. She really wanted to destroy that stupid alarm clock now!

"There there... eat up we're already late.."

Bai Zhi patted Hua Wumian as she walked into the kitchen.

Hua Wumian ate quickly, leaving Bai Zhi dumbfounded.

"You're not going for war, why are you rushing your food.."

Hua Wumian nearly choked, wasn't she the one who said they were late. This mom of hers, she'd say one thing and change her mind the next minute.

"Y..you never mind I'm done anyways.."

Hua Wumian carried the bowls back to the kitchen and washed them before coming out again.

"Hurry..we're late.."

Hua Wumian pouted, this woman was getting on and off her nerves this morning. Wasn't she the one who said she shouldn't hurry.

"Wipe that stupid pout off your face, you look like have wronged you.."

Bai Zhi said bluntly as she got into the car, pouting was for babies, Hua Wumian pursed her lips, at least she was more nicer than most mornings, she said in her heart as she entered the car.

Why did her mornings always start like this!


"Good morning...CEO Bai, COO Hua..."

The receptionist greeted as she walked out of the elevator, leaving room for Bai Zhi and Hua Wumian to enter.

Bright star lotus clothing line, Bai Zhi sweat and labor. Using the money she got from Hua Mocheng she made this clothing line, and nurtured it to where it was today.


They walked out of the elevator..

" Good morning, CEO Zhi and COO Wumian..." Bo Chen bowed politely at the two women.

" Good morning Xiaochen.."Bai Zhi said before talking about other things, Hua Wumian nodding briefly before going to the president office to drop off Bai zhi's bag, before heading to her own office.

It was smaller than the president's office, just the way Hua Wumian liked it.

It was neatly furnished, with French windows giving good view of the city, there was a little bedroom, where Hua wumian would take naps sometimes, a black swivel chair situated in the center of the office with a desk.

Hua wumian was far more harsher than her mother, the employees were afraid of her, entering into the office hua wumian flung her bag in the couch, as she sat on the chair lazily.

The pile of documents on the table made her even more lazy, there was just too much going on.


She was frustrated, she got off to work as the work load was much, in a few days bright star lotus, will be releasing their autumn break wear, and in those few days.

she will be modeling the most fashionable ones, when Hua wumian looked at the time, it was already lunch time, she dropped the pen and closed her eyes tiredly.

She didn't feel like going out so she ordered takeouts, her assistant Suo Dan placed the takeouts on the table before hurriedly leaving the room, but Hua wumian called him back,

"Assistant Suo, I'm I that terrifying that you're leaving in such a hurry.."

Hua wumian didn't look up when she said this, Suo dan expression paled as he didn't want to get into trouble with Hua Wumian

"Not at all ma'am, there is a lot of work to do as we are preparing for the autumn release..."

What Suo dan said was neither lie nor truth, it was true that they were preparing for the autumn release, but work load wasn't that much for Suo dan to be leaving in such a hurry, Suo dan looked at Hua wumian with his heart in his throat, as he waited in silence.

"Well since your work isn't much, you can over see this document for any mistake.."

Suo dan anxious face paled, when he heard what Hua wumian said, this woman never made mistakes, she just wanted to punish him.

Suo dan sat dejectedly in his desk with over fifty documents to oversee, he cursed hua wumain for being so cruel, the other employees looked at Suo dan with pity, the COO suffers him so much.

In Hua Wumian opinion, she always gave Suo Dan to review the documents, who knew they felt like she was punishing him. She wasn't that brutal.

Tell that to the person reviewing fifty documents!