His Unyielding Obsession

His Unyielding Obsession

shy_baby222 | Contemporary Romance


When the innocent and shy unemployed Nadia gets a mysterious email confirming her job application as a nanny for the Armando's, she risks her all and goes to the luxurious mansion. There she meets the devilishly handsome and obsessed CEO Ajax Armando, a man plagued with mysteries and rumors. He swore to taint the innocent Nadia, and leave her body with his marks of possession claiming her as his. What happens when work is mixed with pleasure and the blooming love comes into light. Will their love stand the test of time, or would it all come crumbling down? ~~~~~~~~ "you can't make me do what I don't want MR Ajax", "If I can't make you I will force you", before giving her a reason to refute, he pinned her to the wall with both of her hands above her head. His dark orbs and sphinx-shaped eyelids bore into the depth of her soul. "C...can you stop staring at me, it makes me feel as if I am some treasure", "that is because you are my treasure, priceless and beyond comparison", he spoke while caressing her jaw with his thumb and earns a gasp from her. Satisfied with her response, he captured her warm luscious lips and sealed them with his cold ones. ~~~~~~~~~ Word count 1k--1.2k words per chapter, update once a week.

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Chapter 1: Author's Thought

Hello readers,

This book contains mature content not suitable for people under the age of 18.

This book will sometimes be written in the character's perspective e.g pov, but sometimes it might be written plainly.

It contains smut scenes, gore, so readers' discretion is advised. There are no r*pe contents.

Positive criticism is allowed by the author, readers can voice their thoughts and contributions about the story through the comment section.

If you read and see the story is good to your liking, please add it to your library, comment, review, and share.

Since I am very shy, I will hesitate to tell you that I am very interested in your power stone, but vote if you like the story. It encourages me more.

Please not that this book will still be edited as I am a new writer and it's my first time writing on a platform.

This novel will be updated one or twice a week with chapters of 1k to 2k per chapter.


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