Ivy & The Two Vampire Brothers (18+).

Ivy & The Two Vampire Brothers (18+).


Fantasy Romance



Mature Content|18+ Rated|

A billionaire CEO, a beautiful but naive girl and a hot devil.

Ivy thinks she can get through college without the hassle of heartbreak and love as she is focused on getting out of college with a degree in her hand and a career ahead of her.

Little does she know that she's about to be pursued by two beasts who want her all to themselves. She catches the eye of the Billionaire CEO, Chase. And he is determined to have her under him, whether she wants him or not. Ivy can't help but blush at his every word. But then when Ivy bumps into Adrian at college, she's star struck by the hot devil and he's not letting her go anytime soon.

Chase and Adrian have no idea that they're after the same girl. Neither does Ivy know that Chase and Adrian are brothers.

What will happen when the two brothers find out they both desire Ivy, will they fight each other over her or do something very unexpected and share her maybe... Or will the story take the most unexpected turn?

To find out keep reading.

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Status: c2 1mth
[{"type":1,"text":"I like the story, The characters are interesting the premise was good. Aside from some grammatical errors, this is a great read. The story is compelling. Every chapter leaves wondering what happens next.\r\n"},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/91c3a78c91dfec60dfb49959d1ce57c4/tenor.gif","height":123,"width":220}]


Status: c2 2mth
Two vampire brothers one girl.One of my favorite scenarios. A steamy romance to wet your apatite. Im looking forward to seeing what happens to this love triangle.

Chapter 1: Prologue



He pushed me against the wall, kissing me so roughly, coaxing my lips for entrance.

My lips moved of their own accord to swirl with his own. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world.

His hands moved down from my hair to my neck, his one hand caressing the back of my neck and the other stroking my shoulder blade. I moaned into his mouth in ecstasy, letting a whimper escape me.

Chase continued kissing me hungrily as our lips moved in perfect sync. He trailed his hands down my arms, gently caressing. Even his simple touches in the most innocent places seemed to light my nerve endings on fire.

"Jesus! You are so fucking hot." He growled out as his grip on me tightened even more.

He made me feel so beautiful.

His touch made me forget my dark past, the secrets I was so ashamed of that I couldn't tell anyone. I could finally look at my future with Chase which didn't seem despairing in the least.

His hands made their way down to my hip, circling my hip bone. Chase started placing wet kisses along my jawline, making his way to my neck as he kissed me so passionately, like there was no one in this world but me and him.

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer to me. His.....thing accidentally brushed against my lower regions, causing heat to rush over to the already wet part of me, my cheeks must be bright red right now.

Chase suddenly froze up as he broke the contact of his lips from my body and I whimpered from the loss of contact.

I gave him a questioning look, still hanging onto him with my legs.

"Um, Ivy if we continue like this, I won't be able to stop. And it's completely fine if you're not ready yet, there's no hurry. " He said looking deep into my eyes as he cupped my cheeks, trying to assure me. The deep love in his eyes for me seemed so unreal, it made me feel things I'd never felt before for no one could ever love me like he did.

"Chase", I half spoke, half moaned his name, he never failed to make me breathless and he knew this very well since he smirked at my breathless state.

"I know you don't want me to feel like I have to do it for you. And believe me I've wanted this for so long but I wasn't sure. I'll always want you....forever and always. And believe me when I say this....I want you now...really want you, heart and soul." I said and meant every word of it. I've never felt so right about anything.

I was about to go on but he cut me off, bringing his hand to cover up my mouth.

"Believe me, I don't need much convincing. I've wanted to f**k you.....hard and rough since the day you fell into my office, wearing that tight little skirt." He said, his eyes darkening as he gave me a heated gaze. I loved it when he talked dirty, it made me feel so naughty.

His lips engulfed me in a heart-wrenching kiss, eliciting a surprised moan from me. And I responded immediately, moving my mouth with his.

But this kiss was different, more desperate, more frantic, his hands were stroking my thighs through the slit of my gown as I shivered with excitement. My knees buckled, he was the only thing holding me up now.

I was lost in him.

We were both lost in each other, lost in this sensational ride of emotions and passion. We were on fire for one other. His hands were reaching higher and higher, now on my upper thigh as my core got even wetter.

That's when I felt a sharp pain in my lip and I jerked my head back in a reflex. My legs unlocking from around his hips as I stumbled backwards.

A horrified look crossed his face as he looked me over. "Ivy, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to....I'm so sorry." He said, pleading me for forgiveness with his eyes.

Befuddled and confused, I touched my lip.

An aghast look marred my face when I saw blood on my finger.

"Did you just bite me?"

What the actual ****?