Her twisted fate

Her twisted fate


Contemporary Romance



Janet? he said, "that's your real name?" you never lost your memories? I knew it, all of you are the same, all of you!
 Samuel raged on as he walked into the street,
 " Sammy, I didn't trust anyone then, I didn't want to hurt you" Janet cried out, but Samuel has already left her, She stood up. She saw the black SUV again. 
Suddenly, two men in black masks, came out and carried her, she cries out effortlessly kicking the first man, the second man placed the handkerchief, he was holding on her nose
She passed out.

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Status: c3 2mth
Love this story! It's even so interesting from the beginning. It makes me curious and wanted to read more! The only thing is the chapters are too short. But it's fine as long as the story is good. good work author! keep up the good job! 😁❤


Status: c1 3mth
Great story and very interesting. One can't get voted even for a second. Everything is so well and it deserves a 5-star rating👍👍👍 Great work Author🤗 Waiting for more updates


Status: c7 3mth
Great story, very interesting but the chapters are way too short. About five your chapter should be made one.
Apart from that I think the story is great though.

Chapter 1: Saviour

Standing on the side of the road was a slim, fair-skinned girl, Her hair was shabby and dirty, her nose was bleeding and her legs were shaking. She was holding her abdomen which was bleeding profusely.

"Pick the damn call" She tried calling someone on her phone, but there was no answer, She walked to the middle of the road, waving weakly, Suddenly a motorbike ran past her almost hitting her, She flinched back in pain and fear, then the real pain came, her phone was crushed by the bike, she had mistakenly dropped it in fear

"No it is not happening" she cried out

That phone was her last hope in getting Eric, Why does life have to be cruel to her? What will she do in the big city?,

"But you are still alive"

A thought ran to the positive side of her mind. Yes, she shouldn't give up now!. If she had known, she would have not gotten down from that truck, But the driver had stopped, she overheard him saying he will take a nap and continue the journey once he wakes up, When will he wake up?' she thought.

She was bleeding badly, she needed help, so she sneaked out of the truck and started her journey to live.

She continued waving her hands with her last strength, but this time on the side of the road, she had learned her lesson.

Moving vehicles drove on the road, pretending not to notice the weak girl waving.


Coast city was known for its high rate of crimes, one of that crimes was called "Highway robbery". The robbers will lure you by pretending to be in pain, looking for assistance, once you stop, they will bounce on you. So perhaps that was the reason, they didn't help the weak girl waving.

Then, an old truck drove by, but this time it halted, The girl's eye was getting dimmer and hazy, her leg was going down against her will, She beat her lower lips, then her vision suddenly became void and dark


In the busy town, In a small but busy restaurant " Go get those tomatoes from Raymond's store now, Samuel," An old, elegant woman in her prime said

A tall, well built, brown-skinned guy eating an apple, came out of the kitchen, walked towards the old woman and kissed her forehead and said "Grandma why don't we leave it to tomorrow, You shouldn't stress yourself over those tomatoes, seeing that you look elegant today" He teased. Giggles were heard in the room, the customers who were eating were amused

"Oh, you!" Grandma's cheeks was bright red, it was visible even with the wrinkles.

"No, go get it this night, I won't be fooled by your words" She eventually said

"But you were flattered, look at your red cheeks" he smirked

"Go on, go get it, Dinah bring the receipt" she called out to a girl who was serving the customers

"Alright Mrs Tan, I will go," he whispered

Putting his earphones on, he drove out, reaching a sharp corner, he was humming the song he was listening to, then suddenly he stops, He saw a girl waving weakly,

"I shouldn't be bothered, right? she might be pretending?" He asked himself, Then he saw her falling, "well, I have to take the risk," he said going out, He carried her to the truck and kept looking at her as he turns back to the restaurant, He rushed into the restaurant, he drags Grandma out of the restaurant, "Come see, I found a girl"

"You what? Where is she?" She asked looking at Samuel wide-eyed,

"In the truck, follow me"

As Samuel opened the door of the car,

The girl's eyes widen a little, Samson? she thought, A new surge of strength rushed into her body, she quickly kicked the guy who had opened the door, she jumped out of the car and started running,

The two were startled by the way the practically dying girl kicked him and just ran out

"Did you keep anything in the truck, Money?"

"No, I didn't grandma" Samuel groaned in pain

"Oh dear," Grandma said flashing her torchlight to the ground,

"What?" Samuel said then narrowed his gaze on the ground, he bent down and touched the liquid on the ground, It was blood, real blood!

"We have to look for her, Samuel, I know you don't believe her, but maybe she isn't pretending, she didn't carry anything from the truck, right?

But Samuel wasn't listening to her, He rushed to the car, starting the engine.

" No, No, I am having the adventure with you,"

Grandma said entering the car quickly

"She didn't steal anything," Samuel said quietly

"Then we have to look for her".


"How did Samson find her here?" she thought,

She rather dies, than be caught by him, She continued walking in the street, then she had voices shouting "Lady"

Are they calling her?

How did they get here so fast? She walked near a building, there were cars there, She hid under one of the cars. Raindrops were falling from the Sky, it wanted to rain

"Grandma you have to go back to the truck," he said with concern

"Oh! Alright" Grandma said turning back, then she stop and hold Samuel's hand firmly "Find her, please".

" I will"

Samuel kept flashing his torchlight to the ground, traces of her blood was his lead-in finding her, but now the rain, he needs to find her fast,

"Lady!, Lady!" he called out

He then followed her blood traces to a car park, Phew! she was under the black car, He kneels and looked under the car.

" Lady, please come out, I won't hurt you, you are hurt badly and it is raining, let me help you" He pleaded

"Lady?" He called out again, looking under the car

She had passed out.

He then pulled her softly and quickly carried her to the truck and they drove to the hospital.


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