The world where strong preys on weak , the knights who maintain peace in this world is given heavy responsibility to protect peoples from unknown threat.

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Zenier city

A boy having round hair, brown eyes & black hair, medium height and wearing workout clothes came into the kitchen.

*Cooking sound*

"Servin , the meal is ready ."A young man said .

He was a tall man having a round face , blue eyes & yellow hair , wearing a black hoodie .

"Don't tell me it's rice again," Servin said .

"No. It's a special dish .Take a look at this delicious food." The boy said, after opening the lid.

"It's rice," Servin said .

"Ha-ha ." The blonde boy said, by putting his hand on his face.

"Let me tell you about this dish . Its name is Risotto ai funghi porcini . "

Risotto ai funghi porcini is a traditional Italian type of risotto prepared with porcini mushrooms as the key ingredient. Apart from fresh or dried porcini, the dish also contains carnaroli or arborio rice, olive oil, butter, shallots, white wine, meat stock, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, salt, and pepper.

"What's with the name. Anyways, let's eat . I have to go soon ." said Servin .

"The weak Servin is actually going to take the knight exam , huh." Said the blonde guy .

"I may not be as strong as you, brother, but I am confident in my power . I have trained my flame magic to become strong ." said Servin, while eating .

" Oh, then shall we exchange fists before you take the exam . We may not meet after you take the exam ."said the blonde guy .

They both got out of the house & went to the open ground.

"Shall we start? "said Servin, smiling.


"Flame magic : Hono no Ken ." Servin shouted. Hono no ken – Fire fist

His fist was covered with fire. At extreme speed, he charged towards his brother.

"Let me show you what a taka knight is capable of ."said the blonde guy.

"There is no cloud today . How will you fight me. Your cloud magic might be very strong but it has a drawback . You can't use your magic when there is no cloud .?" said Servin.

"Yea . There is no cloud today but I can fight you without magic ."said the blonde guy .

Servin charged his brother . His brother dodged the attack .

"Flame magic : Minifaiabōru 'Mini fireball'" shouted Servin.

He made a small fireball in his hand & shot it .


"What's this pressure ." said Servin .

His magic was neutralized .

The whole area become dark due to mana pressure. The ground cracked & trees fell due to massive pressure & storm created by mana pressure .

"I...I g…I've up ." said Servin being terrified .

The pressure was gone .

"What was that ." said Servin.

"It's called mana pressure . You will be able to use it after you have controlled 30% of your magic. Good luck on your journey . Knights exam will be very hard . The theme will be change every year & this year's passing chance is only about 4% ."said the blonde guy.

"Thanks . I will make sure to pass knights selection exam , brother ." said Servin.

"You can stop calling me brother . Now that my duty of protecting you is over you can call me by my name , Nels Blackmore" he said .

"No brother means brother . " said Servin .

"Ok . Ok . Now go fast . You need to collect your exam card before 3 so hurry up , you only have an hour now ."

"Bye & thanks for everything ."said Servin .


"Bye ." said Nels .

After half an hour at Zenier city's gate

"I'm Servin Thompson . I am 14 . Nearly eight years ago I lost my mom & dad . Nels Blackmore who is one of the seven taka knights raised me .For achieving my dream , He trained me so I won't disappoint him & become knight which is my dream . I won't let other experience what I experienced when I was a child ." Servin murmered .

"Here we go , knights selection exam ." said Servin by being nervous as well as being excited.

The Zenier city had different vibes . It was very peaceful city as the center headquarters of the knights lied there . The people weren't a bit afraid of monsters & beast .

At the market :

Servin was walking around the market place .

"It's the only herb found in this whole continent . It increase your magic power . I will sell it to you for ten gold coins young boy ." The shopkeeper told to Servin.

"It increases my magic power you say . "said Servin by being very delightful.

"Yes . You have good taste , I will sell it to you for nine gold coins . How's the offer ."said the shopkeeper smiling .

"Nine gold coins . Thank you very much . Here is your coins ." said Servin by taking out coins from his pouch , it was covered with red threads & white dots .

"It's the highest level pouch in this whole world , Saiko pouch . It can store infinite thing in it. I can take the pouch from this guy." Shopkeeper murmured.

Saiko pouch , It is the highest level of pouch in this world . It can store infinite things in it if the user is a wizard . It's very rare pouch in this

"Since you are a good guy , I will be giving you this herb In exchange for that pouch , how's that? " said the Shopkeeper.

*Eyes glowing*

"Really .. Really." said Servin.

"Yes but where did you find that pouch ?" said the shopkeeper.

"Well , I was coming here & it was lying on the ground & I picked it up . Is it valuable?" said Servin.

"I can't let him be suspicious ." Shopkeeper murmured

"No. No . It isn't ."said the shopkeeper .

Servin gave the shopkeeper saiko pouch & shopkeeper gave him the herb . Servin left after that .

"Ha-ha . I fooled him . I am luckiest guy on this world . He was the biggest fool . He exchanged the most valuable thing in the world for the fake herb. Ha-ha." Said the shopkeeper by laughing.



"He was a real fool . I am the most intelligent person . I made a fake saiko pouch while I was coming to Zenier city . I got valuable item . Now I am gonna be strong .Ha-Ha ." said Servin.

At the center headquarter,

Many peoples were gathered at the center headquarters for the knights selection exam .

"What's with the crowd . Uff." said Servin.

A person came in the stage & said "Welcome to the headquarters . The knights have been protecting this world since the fourth century . It's eighteenth century & the knights has always been protecting this world. You will get entrance card today . You shouldn't lose you entrance card , if you lose it you won't be able to take the exam . This is your first test . Protect your exam card till tomorrow . If you lose it you won't be taking the exams . After getting the card you will be sent to different places so don't be confused . Tomorrow the exam will take place on the beast forest so , Everyone be there on 10 A.M."

Everybody got exam card . It was plain card having headquarters name & magic emblem .

Magic emblem is the identity of something . It is unique emblem created by one's magic so it can't be duplicated even with copy magic .

After getting the card everyone was sent outside the headquarters in random places .

"Where is this place ?"said Servin.

"Anyways gotta find a hotel & sleep it's already late ."

So , I will explain the ranking of knights . The newbie knights are known as hiku knights . The intermediate knights who have the ability to defeat magic beasts and low level demon are known as hanba knights . The most experienced & powerful knights are known as taka knights . They can take down high level demons and are the most powerful . There are only seven taka knights and the most powerful knights who controls all three level of knights is known as shitaka which means the mightiest . There is only one shitaka and is respected by all people and also known as emperor . His name is Abreas Drakos.

Morning At the palace ,

*Opens the door*

"Long time no see , Nels ."said a young man .

"Yeah , three years I guess." Said Nels.

"No it's been 3 years ,21 days , 13 hours and 31 seconds ."said the young man .

"Ha-ha no it's been 3 years , 21 days , 13 hours and 39 seconds now. OK enough with the jokes , why did you call me? "said Nels.

"You have a mission ." Said the young man.

"Mission?" said Nels.

"Yeah . Mission . The Diavolikí prison , mysterious energy has been releasing from that prison since a year . It's not human energy nor demons , elves , fairies , giants , werewolves' energy . Your mission is to investigate the unknown energy from the prison without revealing your identity." Said the young man.

"Ok I understand . But how can I enter the prison. Only those who do heavy crimes can enter the Diavolikí prison . It's the most dangerous prison where S-ranked criminals are kept ." said Nels.

"S-ranked criminal huh ." said the young man.

"Yes. "said Nels.

"Then you should become S-ranked criminal yourself." Said the young man .


"Change your appearance . I give you permission to go rampage in the palace though don't kill any people & you will also get to fight with me . "said the young man.

"Ha-Ha . That would be considered as a serious crime ."said Nels.

"If you don't like this plan then I can recommend you different plan." said the young man.

"No this plan is the best because my mission can also be completed & I can also have the opportunity to fight the most powerful person in the world , Abreas Drakos."said Nels.


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