Excel is one of the best colleges in the world and the dream of every teenager. Aylin Brown is a simple girl but topper of that college in the first year whose having one of the best dancing skills in the whole college. She lost her mom at an early age and lives on her own. Before the first day of college in the cold chilly night on the street while walking she accidentally bumps into a stranger whom she was not able to see but fall for his deep black eyes. She started to find him but on the first day of her college she had an Encounter with the college hunk Erick Windsor who had good looks as well as was elegant, arrogant, cold-blooded, and rich. They both cross path as a rival but doesn't know what the faith wants. They both are stubborn from inside with memories of their dark past. Would Aylin be able to find Mr mysterious or will create feelings for Erick?

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here story begins

Chapter 1: "Saw a stranger!"

A girl who was not too tall, with fair skin, Brown eyes was standing near Excel college and waiting for someone. "Hey, Aylin! Are you coming with us or gonna stay here only." She said, " l am not coming and l will wait for my friends you all go."

"Ok, Aylin but remember they both are dumbo and pabo like you." She said " You better shut your mouth. You are not allowed to call them pabo or dumbo.l only have the right to call them with these names. Just get lost.' After listening to what Aylin said That group of people went away and behind her were two more creatures who listened to these things. Aylin turned and saw them." Hey! Dumbo and pabo how many years does it take to fill a form? I am waiting here for 1hr." One of them said "l am not pabo! At least take my name as l have respect on the campus." That girl was Matilda. A childhood friend of Aylin and the prefect of her school. "Aylin, You should not call me dumbo. My name is James. Do you understand?" Aylin said, " l will call you both dumbo and pabo only. Let's go and celebrate getting admitted to one of the best colleges in London".

They all went to Blue moon bar to celebrate.

Matilda asks "By the way now we are in college so do you have a plan to make bf or gf and enjoy college life?" James said," Yes l would enjoy my teenage life and Vampire (Aylin)What about you?" Aylin said"Dumbs l also want to enjoy my college life but not having a bf to whom l would be a timepass. I want someone who can truly love me." In between Matilda interrupted "True love and you? Never. You should remember that last year only you rejected one Male prefect of our school who proposed to you. Yaar he was so handsome and intelligent but you said no to him without giving it a try."

Aylin said," No Pabo, l told you before also that he is not of my type and l didn't have any other feeling for him except a friend." James said"Ok ok come and Start drinking. Cheers for the beginning of our new teenage life!Hurray!" Yes, Cheers! " Aylin and Matilda said.

They all were very drunk, especially James and Matilda. Aylin called a cab and made them sit inside it. She decide that she will go home walking through the streets as her house was nearby. She was walking on a cold chilly night. Suddenly she saw a man wearing a cap bump into her. He stood up without saying sorry. Due to this Aylin got angry she said "Hey you! How can you leave without saying sorry?"

She hold him from the back but suddenly she studs over the mysterious guy and was stiffened after noticing him.

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