I Choose You For Eternity

I Choose You For Eternity

Wishful_thinker1 | Fantasy Romance


He caressed her smooth and soft cheeks and with a deep and husky voice he said "Now you listen to me Miss Katherine Kenneth, there is no way in hell I would ever let you go! You are mine to love, mine to cherish, mine to touch, mine to hold, mine to grow old with, and even if we grow old and die, my soul would still search for yours and make you mine, you are mine and mine alone, and I would have it no any other way." There was dangerous edge in his tone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Katherine Kenneth was an innocent sweet and naive girl who wants nothing but to be loved and happy, having grown up as a neglected child, she always craved for love and affection from her parents and siblings but she never got it, so ever since she was a child she learned to hide her true feelings and how soft her heart was by distancing herself and acting tough, one day she met a handsome rich man who married her only to annul their marriage before their wedding night and sell her off to the monsters who experiment on women, trying to create something they called (BEPBU). No woman has ever survived their experiments but Katherine did, she was luckily able to escape and vowed to seek revenge on the people that harmed her. On her journey to revenge, she came across a man who calling him beautiful was an understatement, but he was a beast and a ruthless king of the underworld, Katherine and Xander Ling fell in love with each other, but Katherine was too afraid of being betrayed again, so she shut out her feelings and refused to accept his love. This novel is under editing, all the R18 content will be removed from the chapters in order to make it safe and readable for everyone including the underage. --------------------------------------------------- This is my original work Cover not mine, credit goes to the owner

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Chapter 1: Useless Brat

Munching happily, watching a romantic Kdrama whilst holding a bowl of popcorn that she tossed and served to her mouth. She was smiling from ear to ear when the confession scene arrived at her front gate, the two characters of the drama shared a passionate kiss. She smiled and out from her mouth she said, "aww, that is so sweet", she believed that it's cliche yet it was sweet nonetheless.

She blushed and slightly covered her eyes with her left hand because her right hand was filled with popcorn.

She was happily watching her drama when she heard a loud *bang *bang *bang coming from outside her bedroom door, she heard her mother's voice yelling at her before she even opened the door, she sighed and paused her drama and opened the door, as soon as she did, her mother started screaming at her.

"You useless brat, come out and wash the dishes! Your brothers are done eating and the house is untidy but here you are doing nothing but watching movies, you ugly, hateful, useless brat!"

Katherine coldly looked at her mother and said "Mom, I'm not a maid and it's not my job to clean up after my brothers. Why don't they do the dishes and clean up since they are the ones who created the mess in the first place? They are not children, mom, they are grown up adults with wives and children, yet, they abandoned their homes, come here to eat, and make a mess, and then I'm expected to clean this big house alone."

"Remember mom, I used to clean this house to the best of my ability before i got a job, and, right after I finish cleaning, my elder brother, Noah, will make a mess, and when I complain he will, curse at me to hell and back, but not once did you defend me in any way, and when I got tired of the insults and stopped, all of you were cursing me and calling useless."

"I'm not an unpaid servant mom I'm also your child, I can't be working my ass off every day just to be repaid with hurtful insults."

Samantha was furious hearing her daughter's complaints, how ungrateful of her to dare complain about anything when she was being fed and has a roof on her head? she refused to accept that she or any of her sons was at fault in anyway, she wanted to beat the hell out of her daughter but she wasn't strong enough to do so, because of her health issues, so she resorted to insults that were more painful than a beating.

Katherine stood by her door and listened to her mother insulting her, but she refused to cry and she refused to go out of her room and slave away only to be verbally abused by her narcissistic mother and siblings, after her mother was done insulting her, she slammed the door shut and went back to watching her drama.

No she refused to cry, she was already used to all this as it was an almost every day occurrence in her life ever since she was little but damn it still hurt like hell, she couldn't believe her own family who are supposed to love her were the ones doing this to her.

But she was more hurt by her mother's words and actions than anything else.

Katherine couldn't watch anything anymore so she shut her laptop and lied down on her back on her bed, remembering that she quit her job three months ago because it was so toxic and she had an awful narcissistic boss and very toxic coworkers who were always gossiping and slandering her because of her weight and introvert personality, she was forced to quit.

Even though Katherine was overweight she was still beautiful, so her boss really wanted to have his way with her, but, she always flat out, maintained her distance from him, so he chose to bully her to make her surrender, and her coworkers were no better because they are always gossiping about how arrogant and rude she was when in reality, she was just an introvert and a little bit anti social so she doesn't waste her time with them gossiping and flirting around.

She always focused on her work and because of that, they actually disliked her very much.

When she couldn't handle it anymore she quit her job and was looking for another one but she's been unlucky to find one because it's so difficult to find a job nowadays and she wasn't really that talented or very skilled.

The job that she quit was her first job after she graduated from the university and she lasted only for one year so it's been very difficult to find a job.

Katherine sighs again, she thought maybe she shouldn't have quit, maybe she should have just been more patient until she found another job before quitting, but damn she was losing her mind in that place because of the toxicity, she was so miserable that she felt like going insane.

Now she's jobless and urghh depressed, is her life really always going to be like this? At home she's surrounded by toxic, verbally abusive and narcissistic family members and at work she's surrounded by toxic coworkers and a womanizing narcissistic boss.

Katherine couldn't hold back her tears anymore, she just couldn't believe how sad and miserable her life was, she was heartbroken and depressed but Katherine being her optimistic self chose to not dwell on it and chose to be hopeful that one day she would be able to save enough money to move out of her parents house and one day she would be happy.

So she opened her laptop again and searched for jobs that she could apply for online, after applying for as many jobs as she could online, she closed her laptop and laid back, she closed her eyes and sighed again.

She missed her father dearly, at least he was the only one that never abused her and would always take her side, it's just too heartbreaking that he passed away when she was still a teenager, ever since his passing she never had anyone on her side again, no one, all her friends were backstabbing hypocrites so she couldn't really trust anyone, she was all alone.

But she wasn't going to accept defeat, she would work hard to find a job so that she could leave there and go somewhere far away and start a new life, she definitely wouldn't give up on her happy ending.



Hello my lovely patient readers. I have edited all the chapters to make the writing more neat and enjoyable. The writing quality improves as the story progress. If you have any more suggestions please let me know.

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