Nancy, 21 years old, freshly graduated and heading to a new phase in life, work life. Along the way set met many people, getting betrayed, love, gossips and made friends. But what happen when she falls in love with a wrong person at a wrong time? What will happen to career, her dreams? Hope you guys enjoy the ride she is in throughout her career as a Hotelier. It will be filled with happiness, sadness, unfairness, love and loneliness. (Novel updated daily)

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Chp #1 - Introduction

Nancy, 21 years old, freshly graduated from college. Finally done with school and off she goes trying to get her very first full time job to kickstart her career.

In college she studied Engineering but, that wasn't her interest, somehow? She took engineering because she loves maths.

But ended up mostly its about programming and physic related stuff. Eventually she passed though not that well for her college.

Nancy loves watching drama especially if its related to "overbearing ceo/boss". So one day she was watching korean drama called My Girl. Its about this overbearing ceo who owns a hotel / villa and met this the female actress who looks like his missing cousin and told her to act just for the sake of his grandfather.

Anyways long story short, because of that drama, Nancy was keen to work in a hotel. She even dreams to go as far as trying out all departments from front desk to housekeeping to managing a team, being empowered to decide on what to do for the team.

So from an Engineering student of 3 years to suddenly thinking to be an Hotelier must be quite a far fetch right? So while looking for jobs through jobstreet application, Nancy randomly applies for any hotel job opening in hope that someone from the hotel industry could accept her resume.

A week later, Nancy received a call from the Human Resource department from a Hotel!

"Good morning, I'm Mandy calling from LHP hotel. May I speak with Nancy"

"Yes, Nancy speaking. How may I help you"

"Hi, Nancy. Congratulations that you are selected for the interview for a front desk role in LHP Hotel. It will be next Monday 11am."

"Thank so you much! I'll be there on time!"

Nancy was thrilled that she finally get to do someone that she's been wanting to try on!

This is where Nancy's Hotel life will begin…

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