cursed with a little sunshine

cursed with a little sunshine


Fantasy Romance



19 years old sophomore student, Yun Juan Aka White Virus, just wanted to carry on with her life in Bieyang university of city G but ends up in a dangerous situation with the Most richest bachelor in China and country M, Gu Shen. Little does she knows that her life is not as simple as she thinks with unexplainable things happening around her and the mysterious Gu Shen who seem to have double identity after he stole her first kiss by claiming her to be his fiancée.

Turns out that they've met a long long time ago at a bitter circumstances that prompts him to leave her in order to save her from the evil he'd created.

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Status: c31 4mth
Okay, the story was really unique and the story line kept getting interesting with al, the characters in this novel. It was great. The first chapter and the synopsis are also nice. The title of the story also sounds really good. I gave is a nine for all that. But the cover isn't attractive enough yet. Good job author🔥💗


Status: c2 4mth
I loved the first chapter, the story truly did catches my interest, and the writing Is good, I don't have much a problem with it, it is readable and the plot is amazing plus the author is such a wonderful sweet person, I could feel it.


Status: c7 4mth
[{"type":1,"text":"Judging from what I was reading so far, I really enjoyed the story love the creativity the pace is okay, I would wish to have your discord we can talk there if you are willing . The character design is great and the plot is easy to read which is also good, keep writing and never stop! I'm quite impressed by your creative skills."},{"type":2,"text":"https://media.tenor.com/images/bcbc76a5513888c792d6cb03116714a5/tenor.gif","height":220,"width":220}]

Chapter 1: In the beginning

Destiny unchanged

fates enslaved,

Beware of the evil that binds you all,

Cursed with child of sun your reign shall fall