Misthic Dragon Vimpire system

Misthic Dragon Vimpire system





Yan Born After 5 Year His Father died And He Born without Bloodline In Caltivation world Everyone born With Bloodline They Need that for Caltivation.

 Because of it Yan Couldn't Caltivat he got Mock By Everyone But Seddenly One They Day He Found a system That Will Help Him Gain Power.

After he Found That He Got His Bloodline and the pay was extreme pain The System Don't Do Anything For Free the system Give Reward for the hard Work Yan was aiming To kill All the Demon An devil Because Of them His Father Got Died.

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I don't mind Author-san's book having grammatical mistakes. The important thing is your book is amazing! You have this courage to make a story.
You can use google docs to improvise this common mistakes. Humans are imperfect. You will improve day by day with practice and passion.
Fighting! c(・`ω´・ ○)


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It would help if you used Grammarly.  I don't know If English is your second language, but you’re spelling is horrible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Chapter 1: Bloodline and special body

A porson Need Bloodline To Cultivate. If he doesn't had that he can't Caltivat.

There Are Many Type Of bloodline like Wolf,Vampire, Dragon, Or A Davill Beast Like pig,Tiger, Turtles or phoenix.etc

They Have Deffrent kind of transformation like turtle if some had this kind of Bloodline their Body Skin will be as Hard As Turtle shell.

Tiger they Will Be As strong as tiger it is a body strength type bloodline it is best for to use heavy sword.

Dragon They Are Sarp like Deagon They Have The Eye to See Though lie or illusion.

Phoenix They Are Good At Fire Or ice tye martial and they can directly use fire because there are two Different phoenix.

Vampire didn't give any outsider their bloodline still some got them by any means about their bloodline they are good at curse Rune And Medicine.

There other

about the legendary Beast information i give they are only Non pure Blood People, Because a pure Bloodline are very or you can Say there a 1 trillion a chance to get a pure Bloodline.

If you can Have Pure Bloodline Then With The Qi you can Tranfrom in that things bloodline And you can summon scale or skin of that thing.

The special body is So call Martial Root You might know the more good you have that the more you can progress in Caltivation journey.

the low lvl root don't have name They only call in martial arts name but the medium one has.

medium class body.

like 1.grass vein low rank body.

( Can Control vein Type Things and caltivat speed increases 2x) Rank 7

2. white Moon body. {it has the ability in night you will 2x stong at day And the Caltivation speed increases 2x}(low rank}The More The Rank up the More The ability got double by 2x) Rank 6

3. Blood Moon Body ( ability speed increases 6x Understanding good at Rune 2x Caltivation speed increases ] Rank 7

4. Green Flower Body It has The Understing of Medicine and herb Caltivation speed 2x) rank 8

5. Metal Jade Body (ability Good Understanding of Swords,Spear,use and built)Rank 9

Six array Formation Body (Ability good understanding of array and Formation 2x Caltivation Spped Increase)

Greed Jade sword War Body ( ability king of war Can Slash 100 enemies with sword martial art and caltivatoin Speed increase 3x ) rank 9


1.ice Cold sword Body (Ability God lvl understanding of evey sword art and use them 5x Increase when caltivating) Rank 11

2. 1000 Flame Body ( ability god lvl Understanding of fire can use for alchemy and battle 4X increase when Caltivating) Rank 10

3. Red devil Flame body (ability Got Flame on Body attack Speed increase 5x master of all weapons like spear, Or sword. Bypass Fire Through all weapons make the weapon 2x stong and make ice type weapons weak.) Rank 10

4.Poison Body ( ability Got touch by her Get Killed if he or she can't control That body skill, Caltivation increase 6x can use poison evey way)

Legendary. pure body....

Flame Phoenix Body (ability master of Flame Bypass Flame by thing make it melt ot ahss Caltivation speed increases 6x)

ice Phoenix Body ability (Master Of ice, Bypass Ice By any thing make it freeze Caltivation increase 6x)

White Tigers ( master Of strength Caltivation distroye all things increase 6x)

Green Shell Turtle Body (Master of Defense Caltivation increase 7x)

dragon ( unknown)

Vampire (unknown)