Unsatisfied with the Douluo Dalu aka Soul Land,  I downloaded a mysterious game - Duoluo Dalu. But after completing the game to a certain degree, something unexpected happened!  I found myself getting reincarnated as Tang San. Accompany me, as I set out on A journey to do what the main character of Soul land wasn't able to do. Link - https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/21126292406516605?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4316074994 (webnovel) https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/46509/soul-land-douluo-dalu-the-game (royalroad)

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Chapter 1: CHAPTER 1

Welcome to Douluo dalu games.

Downloading .... 1 / 800 GB

As the downloading progressed, the silhouette on the screen started having a soul ring every 10%.

Downloading .... 800 / 800 GB

Extracting Resources ...

Installing ...

Loading ... 1%

A soft tune was being played while the loading screen progressed in the same way, downloading screen did.


"Tap anywhere on the screen to continue"


A new tab opened asking me to sign-up with my Google id. Since, I don't have an in-game Douluo Dalu account , I sign-up with my Google id.


Welcome SHADOW

After agreeing with the terms and conditions and closing the Google play sync tab, I filled some requirements such as date of birth, giving concent, etc.. Honestly, it was getting very much annoying. But never mind since the fun starts now!


Select language

[ ] English

Select server region

[ ] Asia

"Tap anywhere on the screen to continue"


「 The rain was making a heavy, rhythmic tapping sound. A youth in twenties was running, trying to escape from the grip of death, trying to last as long as he can. He wore a grey robes with a "tang" symbol in his back which clearly showed his status as the outer discipline of the great Tang sect.

In the history of Ba-Shu, there was the most famous sect that was never surpassed: Tang Sect.

Since it's foundation, Tang Sect was, divided into the two courts - inner court and outer court. The outer court disciples were all from external families or perhaps conferred the Tang name. While the inner court were all directly related to Tang Sect members, passed down through family.

Swish, swish, swish.

A masked elder in white robes threw hidden weapons at the youth.

"Mysterious Jade Hand" the youth blocked the hidden needles with his bare hands. He then used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to avoid the incoming attacks and rushed to the top of the mountain.

Tang Sect's location was a mysterious place. Most people only knew that it was halfway up a mountain, and that the mountain where Tang Sect was located had a place with a terrifying name, — Hell's Peak.

A rock thrown from the top of the precipice at Hell's Peak would take a full count of nineteen before the echo of it hitting the bottom could be heard, thus its height could be imagined. Also because of these nineteen seconds, even surpassing the eighteen levels of hell in legends by one, gave it its name.

Right now, the grey robed youth with a long, brown ponytail and brown eyes, wore an abundance of expressions, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but in all cases unable to mask the excitement stemming from his heart.

For twenty nine years, when grandpa elder Tang Lan had brought him to Tang Sect as an infant and named him Tang San, Tang Sect had been his family, and Tang Sect's hidden weapons had been everything to him.

Suddenly, Tang San's expression abruptly changed, but then very quickly relaxed again, somewhat bitterly saying to himself:

"In the end, which should happen will still happen."

Seventeen silhouettes, seventeen white silhouettes, leapt up from halfway up the mountain towards the mountaintop just like shooting stars, these silhouettes were masters of Tang Sect, even the youngest were five decades old, each and every one with serious expressions, their white gowns represented the inner sect, and the golden Tang characters on their chests were the symbols of Tang Sect elders.

Including the sect head, Master Tang Da there were altogether seventeen elders, and right now they had surrounded the mountain. Even a general assembly of the martial society wouldn't have been able to rouse all the Tang Sect Elders at the same time, one must know that among the Tang Sect elders, the oldest had already surpassed sixty years twice.

All of these Tang Sect elders had already reached the pinnacle of cultivation, and in only a moment's work they had already reached the mountain top.

When outer court disciples meet the inner court elders they must kneel in greeting, but right now Tang San didn't move, he only calmly looked at these serious faced elders arriving in front of him. They blocked all routes of escape, and behind him was only Hell's Peak. 」

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